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NIAs New iVO Program 25.00. Registration/Home page

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1 NIAs New iVO Program 25.00

2 Registration/Home page


4 Click Host Meeting


6 You have now successfully launched a meeting

7 Inviting a participant Click on invite….

8 Enter email address to invite, and click web meeting email

9 When you click the invite link and use Microsoft Outlook, it sends you the invite email to forward to your client from your email.

10 Client Notification… Your client will receive an email asking them to click to join, and this screen will populate, prompting them to enter their name and to join the meeting.

11 System scan to make sure theyre computer is web conference capable…

12 If you do not use Microsoft Outlook You will need to email your invite link to your client/agent to join your web conference. It will always be : n?meetingRoomName=memberid n?meetingRoomName=memberid ** Your Member ID goes at the end of the link

13 Always click share computer screen

14 And, they are in….. And you may begin your conference call!!

15 3 Sections of Conference Call Live video feed Screen Sharing Live Chat

16 Once you have completed your sale, Click End Meeting

17 Attn Managers – you can now get monthly overrides by referring iVO to your agents/consumers On each you have a referral link to get credit for referring a new iVO client. This is paid by iVO

18 Enjoy! Please email, or for any support on this program. You can always call 888-243-5026 for any help.

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