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Robin Kennedy, SPHR My HR Department

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1 Robin Kennedy, SPHR My HR Department
Work Made Fun Robin Kennedy, SPHR My HR Department

2 Catch the Energy - Release the Potential
FISH! Catch the Energy - Release the Potential Welcome to The FISH! Philosophy The FISH! Philosophy is a set of simple, practical tools to help you create the work culture you’ve been looking for. It’s a way to build stronger relationships that equip you to face your challenges more effectively. The FISH! Philosophy fulfills the most basic needs of human beings who, in turn, fulfill the needs of the organization—more connected teams, better communication, extraordinary service and higher retention.

3 Re-Energizes the workplace Fosters teamwork Enhances productivity
Boosts employee morale Creates memorable experiences for customers What is the FISH! Philosophy? The FISH! Philosophy includes four simple, interconnected practices: Be There is being emotionally present for people. It’s a powerful message of respect that improves communication and strengthens relationships. Play taps into your natural way of being creative, enthusiastic and having fun. Play is the spirit that drives the curious mind, as in “Let’s play with that idea!” It’s a mindset you can bring to everything you do. Make Their Day is finding simple ways to serve or delight people in a meaningful, memorable way. It’s about contributing to someone else’s life, not because you want something out of it, but because that’s the person you want to be. Choose Your Attitude means taking responsibility for how you respond to what life throws at you. Once you are aware that your choice impacts everyone around you, you can ask yourself, “Is my attitude helping my team or my customers? Is it helping me to be the person I want to be?” Through The FISH! Philosophy, we build stronger relationships with the team members we work with, the customers we serve, the students we teach and the people we love.

4 Work Made Fun Gets Done! Is anyone here today a PROCRASTINATOR? Are there tasks that stay on your to-do list because you dread doing them? Or, maybe you have employees who perform their work, but not in the quality manner that you need. Maybe they rush through their work because they don’t enjoy it. Maybe we can find a solution for that!

5 Play Be There Make Their Day Choose Your Attitude
The Philosophy Play Be There Make Their Day Choose Your Attitude

6 FISH Principle 1 Play

7 PLAY Go to work and have fun with it
Throwing fish, kidding with customers, yelling after each other Invent new ways to enjoy the experience and make others enjoy it with them Play Everyone can benefit from a little lightening up during the day. People who find ways to incorporate “play” into their daily lives approach their work, responsibilities and challenges with energy and enthusiasm. In fact, some of the best innovations in the world are a result of playing with ideas. And some of the most serious environments can also benefit from a sense of playfulness. It is this that allows us the freedom to tap into our inner, innovative being –– unearthing that which helps our organization fly forward into the future. Successfully. What is playing? Hide and seek? Tag? Well, in some cases, maybe! But overall, “play” speaks to that kid we all still have deep inside of us. That person who never hesitated to ask “Why?” or “How come?” That person who looked at the world creatively and openly. And who never hesitated to see the humor in it all. EXAMPLE: Pam Zeller cooking for others in her office on Fridays … Gives a party atmosphere … Gives others a connection to her.

8 PLAY Ideas Bulletin Board with employee photos (kids, pets, hobbies)
Centralized point for sharing good news: weddings, births, new home Candid photos at work Cartoon of the day Tell a funny story about yourself Have “silly” days: NASCAR Day, Christmas in July Bubble wrap under someone’s desk chair Department of the Month: Highlight them, Activity for them Toy Box: stress balls, paddle ball Fun screensavers Music Adopt a cheer or code phrase to start each shift

9 FISH Principle 2 Be there

10 Be There Actively Listen
Make the conscious effort to be engaged no matter where their minds are Living in the moment and not being a “feather in the wind” React to others and work with others Be There To “be there” for another person has a powerful effect. Think about how good it feels when someone gives you her or his undivided attention, focusing on your needs and feelings. Now think about how it feels when someone with whom you are “interacting” barely looks at you. Listening is a big part of being there, but it’s more than that. Too often we listen like we are in a debate: Our minds are focused only on gathering information for the brilliant comeback we are determined to make. But it’s difficult to hear what another person is saying if our minds are stuck on what we want to hear. Being truly present means suspending judgment while you’re listening. What’s more, given all of life’s distractions, to “be there” can be a challenge. Cell phones ringing, s coming in, many people vying for your attention. But, there are many costs when you aren’t fully present: You’re likely to miss important moments if you’re not “there” for your friends, family, coworkers and students. You may be physically present, but you’re emotionally absent. Relationships start to feel empty and people seem like temporary stops on your way to some other destination. In FISH!, a fishmonger says that when you aren’t present, you simply bring yourself back to now. There’s nothing magical or mystical about it. All it takes is awareness, commitment and practice.

11 Be There Ideas Smile more often Look them in the eye
Say ‘Good Morning’ Listen to what others have to say Don’t interrupt Ask how someone is, and really listen Restate what you heard … for clarification Give your undivided attention Act glad to see people Support someone’s idea Notice another person’s mood and respond appropriately Pay attention – no matter what is distracting you

12 FISH Principle 3 Make their day

13 Make Their Day Engage customers in a way that creates memories, good feelings and stories Focus on them, let them know they are there and they are appreciated Form connections both physically and mentally Make Their Day “Make their day” can be a big production—giving a present, taking someone out to dinner—but it doesn’t have to be. It might be as simple as holding open a door for someone, asking about a person’s family, saying thank you. It might mean telling a friend, from your heart, how much you appreciate all they do for you. It moves past just being civil or pleasant—it’s taking that extra step you didn’t have to take. And that makes all the difference. At a deeper level, “make their day” means taking a genuine interest in the unique gifts of others. Spontaneous or planned, when you make the effort to brighten someone’s day—not because you want a reward, but because that’s the person you want to be—you receive an internal gift that makes life even more meaningful as well. No matter what, making someone’s day is a win-win. Every single time.

14 Make Their Day Ideas Every 100th customer gets something
Give an extra effort Host a customer (or employee) appreciation event Deliver an unexpected kindness Hug someone Laugh with someone Take a wildflower to a client Write a note Managers wash cars for employees Birthday or Work Anniversary celebration/acknowledgement Random act of kindness … Pay it forward Lunch together Popsicles on a hot day


16 FISH Principle 4 Choose your attitude

17 Choose Your Attitude Choosing to stay positive and engaged is a decision you can make Not easy when there are other distractions You control your attitude and how you want to respond Choose Your Attitude Most of us believe our attitudes are caused directly by outside influences like unpleasant experiences or negative people. But while external pressures may trigger our feelings, we are the ones wearing those feelings like a suit of clothes. We can either be subservient to external events, few of which we have any control over, or we can take charge of our own response. “Choosing your attitude” is not always putting on a happy face or feeling pressure to adopt the outlook that’s “officially” acceptable. Sometimes angry or sad are what’s called for. That’s why choosing your attitude is about being aware of what your attitude is, and that it does affect you and others. Once you are aware of the impact, you may view your attitude differently, even if the situation or person that upset you hasn’t changed. Then you can ask yourself, “Does my attitude help me or others? Is it helping me be the way I want to be?” “Choose your attitude” asks only that you make your own choice and not try to pass it off on something or someone else. Once you accept that you are the only one who is choosing your attitude at this moment, you can decide whether to keep it or shape it into an attitude that’s more satisfying. You control your attitude, not the other way around. As Bear says in FISH!, “You gotta choose where you’re gonna be as soon as you get out of bed. I consciously make that choice every day.”

18 Choose Your Attitude Ideas
Count your blessings, not your troubles Be grateful for every day – every client – every opportunity Write down things you like about your job Celebrate your successes Start fresh every day Each morning – decide to be happy Don’t gossip Surround yourself with inspirational items: pictures, quotes Enjoy the moment – Whale photos Don’t sweat the small stuff Stop complaining and blaming others Distance yourself from negative people Positive thought for the day or Daily devotional Look for the good in everything “This too shall pass”

19 Play Make Their Day Be There Choose Your Attitude
…is synonymous with work. It’s about having fun, enjoying yourself, being spontaneous and creative. Life is too short to spend it frowning… and FISH! brings a smile to your face! Make Their Day …It’s about doing something special for your customers and co-workers. When you make someone’s day, you have given them a special gift they won’t soon forget. Be There …It’s about being focused on the moment and on the person or task with which you are engaged. When we are fully present with others, we are actively listening and important opportunities won’t escape us. Choose Your Attitude …It’s about accepting responsibility for all of our choices, even our attitude at work. A positive attitude is a decision we make.

20 This idea’s fine for the fishmarket … but I work in healthcare!
FISH! in Healthcare This idea’s fine for the fishmarket … but I work in healthcare! View FISH! Vital Signs video

21 FISHing Practice I usually sigh and roll my eyes when …
The next time I want to roll my eyes I will … I really hate it when … happens at work. My normal reaction is to … For fishing practice I will try … The worst part of my job could become at least tolerable if I could … I think my fellow employees and/or patients would love it if I … Based on what we have discussed … Let’s practice: If you would normally ________________ -- NOW what will you do?

22 Envision An Ocean of Opportunities
If my workplace were more fun and playful it would … I could help make my workplace more fun and playful by … I can see myself ‘making someone’s day’. This is what it looks like … I can ‘be there’ for my clients. The best way I can do this is … Handout

23 FISH! gets into the hearts and minds of everyone at work, empowering them to be alive and engaged.
New attitudes develop. Performance improves. Customers notice. Trust increases. These practices give people a common language that inspires new conversations about what’s possible.

24 “Other people and things can stop you temporarily
“Other people and things can stop you temporarily. You’re the only one who can do it permanently.” Zig Ziglar

25 For more on this and other training programs for your workplace, contact: Robin Kennedy, SPHR Human Resource Consultant My HR Department

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