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Introduction to C Programming

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1 Introduction to C Programming
ET2560 Introduction to C Programming Introduction to C Programming Unit 6 Midterm Review Unit 1 Presentations

2 Review of Units 1-5 Unit 6: Review for Midterm

3 Unit 1 Review Introduction to Programming
Pervasiveness of Programmable Devices Importance of studying and understanding programming Processes of creating a program Creation of an algorithm Representation of algorithm using a flowchart

4 Unit 2 Review Introduction to C Language
Creation of C at AT&T Bell Labs by Ritchie, et al ANSI and ISO Standardization of C Language Structure of a C program Exacting nature of C syntax Concepts of Variables and Data Types Nature and Syntax of a String Constant Use of printf() and scanf() Functions The Pelles C IDE

5 Unit 3 Review Assignment Statements Arithmetic Operators
Operator Precedence and use of Parentheses Advanced printf() Formatting Math Library Functions Enumerated Data Types Coding Standards - Professional-Looking Programs

6 Unit 4 Review Conditional Operators Conditional Expressions
The 'if' Statement The 'switch' Statement Tips for Creating Good Programs Input Validation Programming with "Change" in Mind (Always use braces with if statements, even one-liner statements) Common Programming Errors '=' vs '=='

7 Unit 5 Review Hand Tracing of Programs
Logical Operators and Short-Circuit Evaluation Increment/Decrement Operators Loops Principles of Structured Code

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