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Geographic Information Systems

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1 Geographic Information Systems
Solutions Overview Proprietary and Confidential

2 Proprietary and Confidential
About VIA Consulting VIA Consulting Group is a leading technology services company, delivering innovative solutions that help clients manage change and drive performance to achieve desired end results. Utilizing a depth of expertise across multiple disciplines, our team of experts connects the most critical components of solutions while creating new efficiencies that equip domestic and international entities for growth, better decision-making and increased profitability. Proprietary and Confidential

3 Geospatial Business Intelligence
Common business intelligence platforms provide access to enterprise-wide data, but only GIS has the power to present this aggregated data in content rich visualization. Our unique geospatial representations of business intelligence results in greater value for both applications. Proprietary and Confidential

4 GIS Technology Integration
VIA’s GIS solutions leverage innovations in GIS technology to deliver powerful enterprise applications that integrate traditional and non-traditional forms of data, providing avenues for greater depths of analysis and understanding. Reporting and Queries Data Mining Advanced Analytics Dashboard Driven Interface (KPI) External Content Integration (web services) Proprietary and Confidential

5 Data Integration and Visualization
Data Integration through Semantic Discovery VIA takes traditional mapping a step further through “semantic” discovery technology. We combine your internal data with the location processing power of geospatial databases to create visual representations of intelligence. Our data integration solutions leverage powerful, metadata-driven ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tools dedicated to the aggregation of different data sources in data warehouses. Proprietary and Confidential

6 Integrated GIS Solution
External Web Services Cloud Data Mapping & Analytics Reporting Performance Enterprise Applications Enterprise Data Warehouse Proprietary and Confidential

7 Complete GIS Technology Stack
Performance Reporting, Geo-spatial Reporting, Dashboard Services, Analytics External Content (PDFs, textual sources) Enterprise Portal Data Services (cleanse, analyze, aggregate) External Content (services, CMS) Transformation Services Existing Data and Data Warehouses (SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata) Proprietary and Confidential

8 Proprietary and Confidential
Contact Information Jeff Street, President & CEO VIA Consulting Group,LLC 1000 Peachtree Industrial BLVD Suite 6 PMB 371 Suwanee, GA (business) (cell) ( ) Proprietary and Confidential

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