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WELCOME TO UNI!! Student Health Clinic and Student Health Insurance.

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1 WELCOME TO UNI!! Student Health Clinic and Student Health Insurance

2 Student Health Center

3 Where do I go for health services UNI Student Health Clinic Hours Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00 Call to make an appointment (319)273-2009 UNI Resource nurse –Available to talk with students on the phone or for in-person visits for health-related issues. –Available Monday-Friday 8-5

4 Student Health Clinic Staff 3 Physicians 2 Physicians Assistants 1 Psychiatrist 1 Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Six Nurses Licensed Pharmacist Certified Medical Technologist

5 Student Health Clinic Providers DeAnn Parsons, PA-C Sheryl Hansel, MD Bruce Forystek, MD Gina Ellingson, PA-C Martha Ochoa, MD

6 Medical Care –Illness and injury care No additional charge for office visit. –Treatments and procedures –Women’s services Annual exams –Immunization & travel clinic –Physical examinations –STD testing –Mental health care –Allergy injections –Health Education

7 While some services are not charged Fees will be assessed for the following services: Annual gynecology physical Laboratory services Pharmacy services Immunizations & TB testing Allergy injections Minor surgery/procedure

8 Seasonal Flu vaccine clinics The Student Health Clinic will offer 2,000 FREE flu vaccination to students this year. We encourage all students to take advantage of this opportunity. Check our website for additional information

9 Student Health Pharmacy Located in the Student Health Center. Prescription medications Medicine that can be purchased with out seeing a health care provider –Help with symptoms: Cough Pain or fever reducer Stomach aids

10 Health services when Student Health is closed Call Nurse-on-call The phone number is listed on the Student Health Clinic’s website Student living in the dorms talk with your Resident Assistant. Urgent care centers located in Cedar Falls More information is listed on our website Sartori Hospital and Emergency room

11 International Health Screening All UNI students must provide documentation of TWO measles, mumps and rubella (MMR)vaccinations. TB screening for all new international students. Enrollment for Student Health Insurance Plan

12 Health Requirements If students are not in compliance, a hold will be placed on the students’ accounts preventing them from registering for future classes. A $30 late fee will be assessed if MMR documents are not received by September 10th.

13 Student Health Insurance UNI has a policy requiring all international students to carry health insurance coverage while a student here at UNI. You will automatically be enrolled in the UNI Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) unless you have a government sponsored policy that meets the university requirements.

14 Student Health Insurance You will be billed on your UNI U-bill for $650 for Spring 2014. CIEP students will be billed for each session that they attend. You will receive your insurance card in the mail so please make sure the international office and Student Health Clinic have your local address.

15 Student Health Insurance If you are enrolled in SHIP your health insurance card will be mailed to you in February If you move from your current address you need to let the Student Health Clinic know OR Email your new address to so that I can update your billing information.

16 Student Health Insurance Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield –Coverage includes: –Inpatient & Outpatient hospital services –Office visits, lab, radiology –Annual gynecology exams –Prescription medication coverage –World wide health insurance coverage –Repatriation and medical evacuation coverage Dental coverage is also available separately but not required –$21 per month

17 Student Health Insurance Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield –If you go to a health care facility other than the UNI Student Health Clinic you will need to show your health insurance card in order for them to file a claim for your services. Always carry your health insurance card with you.

18 Student Health Insurance Once you have enrolled in the SHIP plan you will have your coverage until you are no longer a UNI student. If you go home for the summer your coverage can be temporarily suspended. Ross sends an email in April to remind you to contact me.

19 Questions related to: Student Health Clinic services Student Health Insurance Visit our website:

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