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Mobile Technology Solutions Overview Proprietary and Confidential.

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1 Mobile Technology Solutions Overview Proprietary and Confidential

2 The Situation in Todays Global Workforce 800 million mobile workers perform their work in multiple locations such as customer sites, company offices, their homes, vendor offices, planes, and hotels 92% of all mobile workers still fill out paper forms and only use their mobile devices for calls or email Proprietary and Confidential 2

3 The Paper Problem 3 Proprietary and Confidential

4 Paper is NOT the Future YesterdayToday Paper Airline TicketsE-Tickets Paper Bills in the MailElectronic Billing Statements Paper ChecksElectronic Checks Paper Job ApplicationsOnline Job Applications Paper Loan ApplicationsOnline Loan Applications Paper Medical RecordsElectronic Medical Records Paper FormsElectronic Forms Proprietary and Confidential 4 Paperwork requires several touch points throughout its life from the employee who fills it out, to the data processing clerk who enters the data into back end systems, from the people who store and re-pull the paperwork in the future. Does anyone really believe paper forms are the future ?

5 Paper Problem Implications Forms in the Marketplace Today 1/3 of all forms used on a regular basis are outdated the day that they are printed A typical 500 person mobile workforce in the delivery industry can utilize up to 120,000 forms / month Cost and Productivity Paper forms are becoming more EXPENSIVE The cost of office paper has been growing at 14% annually Lost Productivity 20 min/form on average to enter form data into back end systems 20 min/form on average to locate and pull original form paperwork for reference Minutes turn into hours to correct errors on forms Pennies turn into dollars to handle, storage, and distribute of forms Environmental Impacts Cutting 10% of the U.S. office based paperwork would equate to taking 280K cars off the road for a year. 5Proprietary and Confidential

6 The Future Is….A Smart Solution for Smart Phones Equipment Repair Mobile Salespeople Client Surveys Inspectors HVAC Repair Government Forms Public Safety Maintenance Personnel Real Estate Teams Construction Teams Insurance Personnel Drivers Logs Proof of Delivery Proprietary and Confidential

7 Limitless Mobile Form Applications Typical Forms Utilized by Industry Accommodation and Food Services Agriculture and Natural Resources Arts, Entertainment & Recreation ConstructionEducationFinance & Insurance GovernmentHealth Care & Social Services Order Forms Feed & Pesticide Forms New client forms Time Card Tracking Supply TrackingNew Client Forms Inventory tracking Visiting Nurse – New Patient Forms Delivery trackingSite SurveysClient SurveysMaterial TrackingParent FormsNew Claim Reports Safety and Security Medical supply tracking forms Quality Inspections Vehicle & Equipment Inspection Sales order forms Work in Progress Tracking Safety and Security Forms Issue/Damage Inspections Vehicle & Equipment Forms Meal order forms Inventory trackingInventoryTicket purchasesVehicle LogsSchool Bus InspectionsH.R. Paperwork Inspection forms Phlebotomist paperwork Customer SurveysSales FormsMuseum Forms Supervisor / Job Management Forms Repair FormsSales Order Forms Forms for citizens Home health care paperwork ManufacturingMedia & ITMiningPro ServicesReal EstateRetail Transportation & Warehousing Utilities Maintenance Forms Service Reports Material Tracking and Delivery Legal FormsHome Inspections Pre-Sales Paperwork Proof of Delivery Forms Meter Reading Forms Work in Progress Forms Autograph Book Personnel & Equipment Forms Contracts New Client/Home Set- Up Customer Satisfaction Cargo Pre-Load Paperwork Service and Maintenance Forms Service FormsSite Inspections Image capture of Product Service Agreements Customer Surveys Sales Order Forms Inventory and Vehicle Inspection Reports Vehicle Reports 7 Proprietary and Confidential

8 8 Install Application Send Mobile Forms to Phone Send Form Results Review/Analyze

9 Go Paperless in 30 minutes Proprietary and Confidential 9 1. Create New Account 2. Mobile Form App emailed to mobile phone 3. Install Mobile Form App on mobile phone Mobile Form App Install 1.Convert old paper forms to mobile forms 2.Begin using mobile forms Use Mobile Forms Tool Review/Analyze Results 1.Retrieve and analyze form data 2.View form and survey results

10 10 Proprietary and Confidential Current Product Availability Currently Available Phone AT&TVerizonSprintT- Mobile Other Storm Bold Curve Pearl Flip Pearl 8800 8700 Currently Available Phones AT&TVerizonSprintT- Mobile Other Samsung* Motorola Moto Q HTC* Palm Treo LG Incite T-Mobile* * = select models Canvas will support Windows Mobile 5+ Canvas will support BlackBerry OS 4.2+ = Device Doesnt Exist

11 11 Proprietary and Confidential Future Product Availability Q4 2009 / Q1 2010Q1 2010 / Q2 2010 New Mobile Phones iPhone, Android, PalmPre Web-Enabled Mobile Phones: Laptops / Netbooks

12 The Perfect Solution 12 Proprietary and Confidential No other technology offers more flexibility in device and carrier options Flexibility makes simple mobile form solutions possible for a broad audience Maximum solution flexibility Other mobile form providers have complicated requirements The technology is simple to use An easy way to replace paper forms Minutes not weeks or months to deploy Timeliness of delivery allows for quick access to data, which increases speed in decision making Speed of Implementation Limited internal cost to run and maintain ensures maximum profitability Robust, easy to use solution Economical and Robust

13 The Return on Your Investment Proprietary and Confidential Productivity Eliminate the costs associated with handling paper forms More time to focus on your business More efficient office and back office operations Data Rapid access to data for decision making Share data or integrate data into existing databases Quickly communicate results to a global audience Simplicity User friendly forms that can be customized to meet your needs Mobile platform allows easy access to commonly used forms without having to mail or fax results Going Green Greatly reduce environmental impacts associated with creating, duplicating and storing paper forms 13

14 Proprietary and Confidential 14 Questions and Answers

15 See a Live Demo Today! Proprietary and Confidential 15 1. Create New Account 2. Mobile Form App emailed to mobile phone 3. Install Mobile Form App on mobile phone Mobile Form App Install 1.Convert old paper forms to mobile forms 2.Begin using mobile forms Use Mobile Forms Tool Review/Analyze Results 1.Retrieve and analyze form data 2.View form and survey results

16 CONTACT US Proprietary and Confidential 16 For Sales Information and Live Product Demonstrations Jeff Street VIA Consulting Group, LLC (direct) 678-492-7518 (email) Barbara A. Scarlette VIA Consulting Group, LLC (direct) 678-656-1640 (email)

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