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Generation 21 Learning Systems Total Knowledge Management.

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2 Generation 21 Learning Systems Total Knowledge Management

3 Total Knowledge Management TM A Single Integrated Software Solution TKM TM

4 Who We Are / Our Philosophy Dynamic Learning Objects Tailored Learning Fully Integrated Solution New Model for Learning System Requirements and Architecture Why Generation21 How To Buy Generation21 Agenda

5 Who We Are 12 years in Development Dale Zwart – Generation 21 CTO, creator of original technology Developed for Cape Canaveral and govt. training environment Install Base of 25 Fortune 500 Companies Corporate Offices in Golden, CO Acquired by Advantage Learning System (Nasdaq:ALSI) in 1999

6 Business Model Mike Watkins President and COO of Generation21 Learning Systems

7 Web Based Learning Is Part of a Total Solution Learning Should Be Tailored for Each Individual Learning Should Be Adaptive for Each Individual Real Time Performance Support Is Readily Available Technology Should Bring People and Knowledge Together Solution Should Be Easy to Implement and Use Our Philosophy

8 ISD and TKM ISD - the proven method for subdividing learning outcomes into their components and arranging those components in a hierarchy from simple to complex.

9 Assembled Dynamically to Meet Learners Needs Small Educational Chunks Highly Efficient Development Consistent Information Reusable Dynamic Learning Objects

10 Assessment Identifies Specific Learning Gaps Competency Learning Objects Are Assemble Dynamically to Create a Tailored Learning Unit Diagnostic & Tailored Learning

11 Nine Integrated Modules Affordable and Efficient System Requirements for Today and Tomorrow 24/7/365 Support Strategic Partnerships for Content Manage In-house and Commercial Courses Fully Integrated /Enterprise System

12 Structured Learning Performance Support On-line References Change Notification Collaboration Assessment Accountability Options A New Model for Learning

13 Integrated Modules

14 Development Publisher Distance Learning Management The Learning Center

15 Development Object Oriented, Relational DB Tab and Form Driven ISD / Learning Objects Multiple Media Capabilities The Learning Center

16 Publisher Electronic or Hard Copy Product Generation Consistent Look and Feel Easily Deployed The Learning Center

17 Distance Learning Inter, Intra, Extranet Pre and Post Testing Embedded Quizzes Tailored Learning Online Registration The Learning Center

18 Management Record Keeping Extensive Reporting Student and Course Tracking Information Tracking Manage All Courseware E-commerce The Learning Center

19 Update Center Update Notification Collaboration Streamed Media Assessment Survey,Profile,Build Curriculum Resource Library Content Portal,Reference,Procedures,etc. Performance Support Just-in-time Support Extended Learning System

20 Video (QT, AVI, MPEG, Real) Audio (QT, AU, AIFF, WAV, Real) Animation (QT, GIF) Interactive (DHTML,Director,Authorware,Java,Flash,Shockwave) Virtual (QTVR, SuperScape, Cosmos) Graphics (GIF, JPEG, PIC, WMF, BMP) Supported Media

21 Macintosh, Unix, WindowsNT Servers SQL Databases No Plug-ins Required / Uses Standard Browsers ODBC, Oracle, Sybase Connectivity Site Mirroring Local Style Sheets COTS Mail, Messaging, and Media Servers Serving It Up

22 Open Architecture / Multiple Platform / Published API Scalable for global enterprise-wide use Client / Server Development and Administration IEEE Compliant (P1484) AICC Level 2 compliant Metadata-tagged to lowest level of competency model Supports full XML tag set specified by IMS Growing With Technology

23 Fully Integrated Enterprise System Power of Dynamic Learning Objects Tailored and Adaptive Learning Experience Efficient, Template-driven Development Total Training and Knowledge Management Solution Affordable – Manageable - Controllable Why Generation21 TKM System

24 TKM License (price per user) – One Time Cost PRICE INCLUDES: Installation,Customization,Training,Integration,Project Manager OPTIONS: Professional Services Content / Re-purpose partners Site Hosting Available Consultation How to Buy the TKM System

25 Generation 21 Learning Systems Total Knowledge Management

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