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Membership Excellence Seminar

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1 Membership Excellence Seminar
b2b partnerships Ltd MemNet Membership Excellence Seminar Ali Heppenstall , February 2012

2 what are our assets?

3 value

4 community

5 key drivers for success
value proposition strategic plan key drivers for success value assets community delivery platforms and channels

6 delivery platforms & channels
web events reports social media publications webcasts research podcasts forum Institute TV e-learning

7 assets: understand what we have
content special interest areas sectoral work topics key themes industry insight segment specific activity

8 setting up business for success

9 implementation strategy value why who
asset identification, proposition planning development of relationships why who how what delivery, development and renewal

10 07792698530
questions what are the barriers to success? do we have a clear understanding of our organisations value proposition? what relationships do our organisations have or what activities do we run that would benefit from either; a different approach or a partner involved

11 07792698530

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