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MARVIN 2003 AD MARVIN 2003 AD Planning meeting RCUR/T/D 27 may 1997.

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1 MARVIN 2003 AD MARVIN 2003 AD Planning meeting RCUR/T/D 27 may 1997

2 Overslept!

3 The alarm clock rings at 7.00 and my flight to stockholm leaves at 7.20! Arghhhh.. When I stop the buzzer, Marvin tells me that I am on the next flight at 8.35. I was on the waiting list for that one See you in 5 minutes...

4 A Wired Clock Wireless Home network Internet Marvin PTT

5 Please to Meet You Marvin is our home server. It manages most of the chores of life. He is fully wired in the house and connected to the internet

6 The Construction Marvin is a very rugged computer. It is normally placed in a closet. There are no parts to open, everything is sealed. Units can be clicked on the side and will automatically receive power and connect to the FireWire bus. Tampering with Marvin will automatically send a warning to a the SecureGuard service.

7 The Construction Locking system FireWire connection Power 110+220 Internet ADSL Slider Way to insert a new unit Ideas partly Maarten Legene

8 Connections To communicate with the 30 to 40 devices in the house, it uses a modified DECT system. Transceivers for this system have become very cheap. Even the coffee machine has one. The connection to the PTT is secured. Breaking it will automatically raise an alarm at the PTT.

9 Construction Marvin does not require any user maintenance and administration. The system is administered by special service houses. Information is always backed up at the DataSafe service. Software is automatically updated when a new revision comes available

10 ISDN? Ha Ha! Yehh, a couple of years ago the PTTs understood that the copper in the local loop could be used on ethernet speeds. Somebody figured out to reuse the existing line card. This made a connection real cheap. Today most homes have an internet connection instead of a telephone

11 The Lifeline Time/Space Switch Line Card Router PCM / IP converter XMarvin Internet POTS

12 Hurry! I have to dash, Marvin just told me that if I went on rambling like this I miss my plane... Marvin is a bit sarcastic sometimes, I guess his diodes hurt again

13 Oops! When I started the car Marvin told me through the board computer that I had again forgotten my BBox This BBox is not just a phone. It is my life line to Marvin when I am away from home GSM over CDMA + XSRW 480x640 full color touch sensitive screen Lens for laser projector Battery life 180 hours Speaker behind display. Camera lens Microphone behind display

14 Parking I lock the car. This tells Marvin that to guard it. Only me and my wife can use it now. If somebody else wants to use it, Marvin will contact me. The BBox frequently sends positioning information to Marvin so it knows exactly where I am. (Except when I do not want him to know) Marvin remembers where I parked the car so he can sarcastically tell me where I parked it when I cant remember.

15 Tickets! I go to the ticket counter and get my ticket. The BBox has replaced the credit card and debit cards. It supplies the identification over an eXtremely Short Range Wireless network (XSRW). This computer then contacts Marvin with a request and the BBox id. Marvin will then approve the transfer to Visa. Visa will transfer the money to the airline and I will get my ticket.

16 Cashless Society Marvin Visa KLM Counter BBox Extremely Short Range Wireless (XSRW) Identification & request Approval Transfer

17 Cashless Society When you have a Marvin, you get extra points on every buy you make because it is so secure All providers must guarantee the authenticity of the IP address according to law. This makes it possible to use the IP in identification. Marvin can request a voice identification if it is suspicious. Usually it makes me say a text from Kafka. He knows I get depressed from Kafka.

18 On The Plane When I get on the plane, the BBox signals Marvin and switches to nap mode. Today, planes can handle the radio waves, but the highly optimized cellular networks dislike transmissions from great heights. When we land, Marvin asks if I am too lazy to walk and need a taxi. I do. When I walk to the door, a taxi stops in front of me and opens the window. The driver asks if I am mr. Kriens.

19 Services Marvin WW-Taxi service Secure Smalltalk Taxi Kurir Bromma BBox Taxi M. Gandhi

20 Services Services like this taxi are not programmed in Marvin. Instead, I subscribe to a large number of services that are available on the net. Marvin is aware of these services and uses them when appropriate. Finding the right taxi company is a yellow page service Actually some services run partly inside Marvin and are maintained by the service providers.

21 In the Office They finally fixed the revolving door last year. Now it detects my BBox and will automatically unlock the door. No more pushing in the wrong rythm! When I get to my office, I just see the name tag next to the door change. This is the really nice Gossip system. Electronic name tags! They are updated with information about where you are and when you will be back.

22 Gossip server Peter Kriens at Vinga room till 12.00 Marvin Uses broadcast channel in DECT Glued on the wall, no cables. 10 year battery Vinga room 10.00-12.00 Marvin project 13.00-15.00 Course Dutch Clickable to large displays e.g. meeting rooms BBox Emergency & personal directions WWW Plans & position Position Ideas partly Petr van Blokland & Holland Processing Overviews & reservation s

23 The Phone The expectation in the previous millenium was that everything should be wireless. But the air is a limited resource. Today all phones are IP. First they used modified CD/MA Ethernet to connect phones. This CD/MA/ST (Statistical Timeslots) is giving phones a good QOS Today we use 1 Gb FireWire as the main cabling. Some companies are already using the 8 Gb PlasmaWire but the $5 per connection is a bit steep, still.

24 Statistical Timeslots When a phone gets access for the first time, it sends a special header with a timeslot specification. Other devices increase their random wait around the time slot. t Timeslot Others will not start transmitting

25 Old Phones In 1999, many people were using their PC as phone. Then Nokia came out with an ethernet phone that looked like a traditional phone. This was an instant success. Video screen Video camera Traditional keypad Ethernet

26 Virtual Neighbours When I wait until the computer warms up (my BBox already logged it in) I see my neighbourhood appearing Everybody has a residence somewhere in cyberspace. Through a window you can see what happens to the people you work with or care about. The Marvins of the world inform their virtual neighbours about your none privacy sensitive day to day activities

27 Virtual Neighbours Marvin Work Station You can see the public activities of your neighbours. And they can see yours * Flying to Singapore * Kids are playing games * Working late on the computer* At the opera * Has a baby sit * Looking at the neigbourhood

28 Virtual Neighbours Virtual Neigbourhoods become necessary when the mobility of people increased. People would like to stay in touch with their old friends but the distance made this hard. The neighbourhood has a low treshold and is very non intrusive. It is easier to chat when you see the neighbour idle than to send him a mail while he could be busy.

29 Meeting Marvin reminds me that I have a 10.00 meeting. I walk to the Vinga room while my Gossip door sign changes to indicate where I am. In the meeting room there are some new people. We shake hands while our Bboxs exchange our public addresses. Since last year, everybody has a single address for phone, business card, fax etc.

30 Minutes I am the chairmain of the meeting so I am responsible for the minutes. I place my BBox on the table so that Marvin can record everything. Marvin is not powerful enough for full speech analysis of a meeting, but it outsources this to Lawrence Livermore Labs. They have too much time on their super computers.

31 Presentation Halfway through I have to present the results of a previous project. Unfortunately, the projector in the room is broken. Ill open the BBox and point it at the wall. A built in laser projects the results on the whiteboard. 480 lasers Projection area Piezo Electric prisma

32 Lunch It is lunch time. We use the Bboxs to project the closest restaurants on the wall. A few years ago we could also see the dagens rätt menu. However, the restaurants have become more European today and just serve a very wide range of dishes á la carte. Though Marvin felt he had to remind me about my slimming diet, we will eat Taiwanese.

33 Back on the airport In the afternoon I fly back home. When I start the car Marvin tells me to take another route. The BBox had picked up on the GSM cell broadcast channel that there was an accident and a heavy queue close by. It contacted Marvin that found another route with the RouteExpress service.

34 RouteExpress service Marvin Police GSM provider Cell BBox Route Express Accident occurs, police is called location & expectations select all cells in area Cell broadcast Location & accident New route Location & accident & destination

35 In the queue While I am waiting in the queue (well, even RouteExpress is limited in what it can do) I read my messages. Mischa, my daughter, is doing well according to the monthly school report. She needs to work on her writing. Ah, the minutes of the meeting are ready. Hé, It looks like I will sell my car tomorrow.

36 Open Markets Marvin and the OpenMarket service found a match in the open car market that is optimal for me. The OpenMarket is a service that trades anything. Tell them your wishes and they match these wishes against everybody elses. If there is an optimal match, even between many parties, they will tell you. Real estate agents and second hand car dealers went out of business ages ago.

37 Open Markets Marvin Open Market Requirements Marvin Give option Get option Inform

38 At home One moment, just finishing my capuccino. Marvin put on the machine 3 minutes before I was home. I sit on the couch and read the newspaper on my SurfBoard. Speakers Dockable Camera and microphone 1600x1200 120 dpi screen XSRW SurfBoard

39 Marvin SurfBoard Wireless image & sound Touch & voice * very flat display * no cpu power * very similar to flat TV * High resolution * Can handle many surfboards * is in full control

40 Newspapers The paper I am reading is not personalized. I used to have one but I found that I liked to be surprised somehow still get confronted with uninteresting news. The large publishers are gone. Most newspapers are now cooperations between journalists.

41 Television The kids are watching an original Jim Henson Muppet show on TV, directly over internet from the studio. Thomas just stopped the TV because he had to go to the toilet. The low cost distribution made it possible for small studios to enter a market niche. Marvin usually suggests a program together with the TVGuide service. We had to use TVGuide because Marvin preferred Ingmar Bergman a bit too often.

42 Television Cable TV Marvin Antenna inputs Satellite Ch 29 Receiver Living room Bed room Mischa room Studio Local antenna system Ch 31 Ch 35Ch 40

43 Control Remote controls are fortunately gone. At the end of the nineties the average family had 12 remote control units per residence. Today the televisions are always tuned to the same channel. Marvin transmits on this channel and can route internet TV and satellite TV to each TV or SurfBoard. Control is through voice. Marvin has a large vocabulary. This part of Marvin is maintained by the TalkToMe service.

44 Working late I go up to my study. I have to make my bills tonight. I take my SurfBoard with me and place it in a stand next to a keyboard. I select Philip Glass Akhnathon on my Music Player. Directly from his own company. Akhnaton, Philip Glass2:20

45 Working late Marvin shows me an overview of my activities. I make some small changes and mail the bills. All in a days work. In the neighbourhood window I see that Petr is at home. I start a chat with him.

46 Software MARVIN ? MARVIN ?

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