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EMC 101 New Employee Training.

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EMC 101 New Employee Training. Welcome to Edgewood Management Corporation. It is Edgewoods philosophy that our people are our greatest strength. In fact.

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1 EMC 101 New Employee Training

2 And the Tools to help you do your job
Welcome to Edgewood Management Corporation. It is Edgewood’s philosophy that our people are our greatest strength. In fact it is in our company motto…Performance, People and Pride is the cornerstone of our success! So as you start, what we hope will be a long career with us, we would like to provide you with some valuable information and tools to help you be more successful in your career with us. Edgewood as you will see in our presentation believes heavily in promoting from within and a great many of our top executives and managers started with the company as community managers, porters, and maintenance technicians and have worked their way up through the ranks as they say. In this training you will learn about Edgewood’s History People Policies And the Tools to help you do your job

3 MISSION STATEMENT We are dedicated:
to providing superior real estate management and financial services to property owners to creating quality housing in a service-enriched community for our residents to offering our employees a safe, productive and supportive environment which embraces change and diversity to strategic growth while providing a reasonable return to the management company. Performance, People and Pride is the cornerstone of our success!

4 VISION STATEMENT A company built on People, Performance and Pride
People = A continuous relationship with exceptional people who share our values Performance = Exceeding customer expectations Pride = Excellence in what we do and how we do it

5 VALUE STATEMENT Edgewood Management Corporation’s Values are built on Integrity, Trust, Teamwork, Dependability and Competitiveness. Edgewood Management Corporation’s forthrightness, honesty and high principles are the stepping stones to our most important value – integrity. We commit ourselves to the highest of standards and do our utmost to personify the quality of trust among not only our clients and residents but also our employees. We realize our strengths are a result of the teamwork and skills of our employees, who have been a constant in this organization. As a result, we excel in competitively meeting a large part of our society’s needs by providing the best possible housing managed in all departments by skilled and dependable staff.

6 Edgewood Management Corporation
A Brief History In 1972, Eugene F. Ford, Sr., founded Edgewood Management Corporation to provide quality property management services for Owners of multi-family housing. Through a unique combination of hands-on management, sophisticated accounting/reporting systems and enhanced resident services, Edgewood has become an industry leader in residential property management. Edgewood’s Philosophy is simple. As management agent, we have the responsibility to meet the needs of both the Owners and the residents of the property. Whether for a conventional, tax-credit or federally assisted property, residents want a comfortable home at a reasonable cost - as well as a lifestyle that offers opportunity and variety. Edgewood is more than just a caretaker and has developed specialized programs and services that are designed to enhance the resident experience and support the ownership goals. Eugene F. Ford, Sr. - Founder

7 President & CEO of Edgewood Management Corporation
Mr. A. Scott Jones President & CEO of Edgewood Management Corporation Telephone: (301) Scott Jones began his career in real estate property management as the Community Manager of Bolton House, a property now managed by Edgewood. From this position, he was promoted to a Regional Property Manager, then to a Senior Property Manager and eventually became the Assistant Vice President of CRICO Management. In July, 1990, CRICO Management’s owners formed a joint venture with Edgewood and Scott joined Edgewood as a Senior Vice President. While at Edgewood, he supervised a portfolio of properties, and a number of Regional Property Managers. Scott left Edgewood in January 2006 to become President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Landex Management. In September 2008, he became President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Edgewood after the retirement of Jack Murray, former President & CEO. The moral of this story is, that Edgewood firmly believes in promoting from within. There is a great deal of opportunity for promotion and advancement within Edgewood.

8 Email –
Mr. George C. Caruso Executive Vice President of Edgewood Management Corporation and its Affiliates Telephone – (703) A thirty year veteran of the property management and real estate development business, Mr. Caruso has extensive experience in all types of residential management and development. Mr. Caruso is responsible for the operation of Edgewood’s portfolio of Assisted and Affordable properties in Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia and parts of North Carolina. Prior to joining Edgewood, Mr. Caruso was Executive Director of the National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA) in Alexandria, Virginia. As Executive Director from 1997 to 2002, Mr. Caruso was integrally involved in the development of legislation and policy for assisted and affordable housing on a national and regional basis. As the premier voice for Affordable Housing, NAHMA has been centrally involved in all major legislative and regulatory issues affecting affordable housing. Within the Washington advocacy community, Mr. Caruso is known as one of the most knowledgeable and tireless advocates for housing.

9 Chairman of Knowledge Management Communications Committee
Ms. Pat Shumaker Regional Vice President for Edgewood Management Corporation and its Affiliates Chairman of Knowledge Management Communications Committee Telephone – (757) Pat started with Edgewood in August 1987, as the Community Manager of Langley Square Apartments.  In 1999, Pat was made the corporate trainer as Edgewood transitioned to Rent Roll and HUD Manager.  In 2001, she was promoted to Regional Property Manager with a portfolio of properties in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia as well as one on the Delaware peninsula.  .   In January 2007, Pat was promoted to a Regional Vice President of Edgewood Management .  She is also the Chairman of the Knowledge Management Communications Committee. 

10 Regional Property Manager
Today’s Presenter Mr. Pete Clark Regional Property Manager Edgewood Management Corporation and its Affiliates Telephone – (410) Pete Clark grew up through his teen years in an Edgewood managed property. He began his career in 1979 as a maintenance tech. He worked his way up to a Maintenance Supervisor and in 1985 was promoted to Community Manager. As a CM he assisted the Regional Property Manager with special projects and capital improvements throughout southern Virginia. In 1995, Pete became a Regional Property Manager and moved to the Washington, DC area.

11 IT Dept – What you need to know
Mr. Mike Davis Director of Information Services (IS) Edgewood Management Corporation and its Affiliates Telephone – (301) IT Dept – What you need to know Personnel Hours Who to call first for specific problems When to Call PC, network or internet is down Question about AP Entry Scanning and use of EMC Genie When NOT to Call Onesite procedural issues Payroll hours or earnings questions EMC Intranet How to login Computing tab L to R: Mike Davis, Mario Pareja-Lecaros, Terrance Doles

12 EMC Intranet Access
To Access Intranet: 1. Enter User Name. Typically first initial and last name. 2. Enter Password. This is the last 4 digits of your social security number.



15 Email –
Ms. Traci Wallace Director of Compliance for Edgewood Management Corporation and its Affiliates Telephone – (301) Welcome! Be on the look out for a Welcome from your Compliance Training Specialist Compliance Intranet◊ Resources: Income Limits, HUD , Forms, Training Guides, State Agency Links, REAC Secure Server Connection Information and more! Compliance Department Technical Assistance: File Reviews, Telephone Training, One-on-One Training, Tax Credit Training and Calculation Workshops, Site Visits, Audit Preparation & Response, Annual Report Submission, Income Limit Updates, HUD and State Agency Policy Updates. Compliance Dept. Contacts: Gloria Armstrong (301) Rhiandra Graye-Green (301) Joyce Wilson (301) L to R: Rhiandra Graye-Green, Joyce Wilson, Traci Wallace, Gloria Armstrong

16 Training, Development & Support Team
The Training, Development and Support Team is responsible for developing comprehensive training programs for Edgewood Management. This team also provides technical support for OneSite. If you have issues with OneSite and have checked with your Community Manager and Regional Property Manager FIRST! contact Ana Shkurti (contact info below) for assistance. Members of the Training, Development & Support Team include: Pat Shumaker Joyce Border Brian Berube Mary Sweeney Ana Shkurti Tracie Wallace Benita Spencer Kiersten Downing Cindy Maldonado Ana Shkurti Telephone – (301)

17 Edgewood Management Corporation and its Affiliates
Ms. Mary Sweeney Controller Edgewood Management Corporation and its Affiliates Telephone – (301) Staff Accountant contacts: Brian Berube Joyce Border Tracey Brown Chris Care Elena Cetean Ron Pucciarelli Jodi Reeves Eva Tee Janice Zhang Accounts Receivable Contacts: Debra Coleman Benita Spencer Accounting Executive Assistant Contact: Katie Lamb L to R, F to B: Ron Pucciarelli, Chris Care, Jodi Reeves, Brian Berube, Annette Smith, Elena Cetean, Janice Zhang, Benita Spencer, Eva Tee, Joyce Border, Traci Brown, Katie Lamb, Mary Sweeney (seated). Not pictured Debra Coleman.

18 Staff Accountants Staff: Reconcile books to the bank statements (A/R)
Brian Berube Joyce Border Jodi Reeves Chris Care Ron Pucciarelli Janice Zhang Elena Cetean Eva Tee Tracey Brown Reconcile books to the bank statements (A/R) Re-class expenses as requested by CM/RPM/SVP/EVP (A/P) Review and finalize financial statements that go to the owners Report to investors, lenders, federal and state agencies

19 Accounts Receivable (A/R)
Staff Debra Coleman Benita Spencer Tracey Brown (HAP) Staff Accountants also perform these tasks by property Our job includes: Reviewing Cash Batches Reviewing Final Account Statements (FAS) and processing refunds if applicable Assisting with month end close (AME) by advancing the date to the new accounting period

20 Accounts Payable Supervisor Edgewood Management Corporation
Mr. Sonny Mitchell Accounts Payable Supervisor Edgewood Management Corporation and its Affiliates Telephone – (301) Accounts Payable Contacts: Anna Chen Sharon Ford-Carraway Kim Nguyen Christopher Chase Asha Abyankar L to R: Sonny Mitchell, Anna Chen, Kim Nguyen, Christopher Chase, Asha Abyankar,

21 Accounts Payable (A/P)
Reviewing batched invoices that were processed at the site level. As part of their review, they: Verify billing property Verify proper invoice number was entered into the system Verify proper amount has been entered into the system Generating available cash reports Staff Sonny Mitchell Sharon Ford-Carroway Michelle Roberts Asha Abyankar Chris Chase Tracey Brown Anna Chen Kim Nguyen

A/P Bookkeepers 1. Processing of A/p batches imported from properties - checking completeness and correctness. 2. Review received batches each day for utilities bills to make sure they are paid on time. 3. Determine what properties has in available cash and releasing invoice relative to the available cash for the check run. 4. Selecting properties for payment of invoices on check run day. 5. Assembling and reviewing printed checks for mail out. 6. Updating mortgage standard invoices file each month. 7. Maintaining files for replacement reserve checks and invoices. Then competing replacement reserves requests at the scheduled times or whenever they are needed. 8. Assisting the Property Managers and the properties with A/P problems, providing cancelled checks when needed. 9. Setting up vendors numbers when set up paperwork is received from A/P Manager or A/P Supervisor. 10. Setting up utility meters on intranet site. 11. Sorting of A/P mail. 12. Routing vendor calls to the Property Managers/properties when received at the Main Office. A/P Supervisor 1. Supervision of the A/P bookkeepers. 2. Review of A/P bookkeepers time sheets. 3. Review of mortgage standard invoices before the printing of the checks. Mailing out the mortgage checks insuring they are received by the mortgage companies on time. 4. Upload and initialized the CDs to log file for cancelled checks. 5. Maintain and updated all other standard invoices. 6. Maintain log of COD checks and insuring that the backup is received from the properties. 7. Selection of Demand checks for printing. 8. Assist A/P Manager in the review of Replacement Reserve Requests. 9. Assist the A/P Manager with the processing of 1099s and 1096s. 10. Training of the A/P bookkeepers and resolution of A/P problems. 11. Review new vendor set ups and give to assigned A/P Bookkeeper to setup; review the setup and make the vendor active. 12. Act as backup for the A/P Manager.

A/P Manager/Cash Manager 1. Supervision of A/P Supervisor and A/P Bookkeepers. 2. Initiation of wires at request. 3. Review and update positive pay files each day, adding new issues when necessary. 4. Retrieve daily cash balances and sending cash position report for the properties to the SVPS, RPMS and the properties. 5. Do ACH transfers for central disbursement and central payroll. 6. Maintain and update mortgage standard journal entries. 7. Do wires for mortgages not paid by check. 8. Insure the timely payments of tax and insurance invoices where EMC holds the escrows or the payments are to be paid from operations. 9. Review and submission of Replacement Reserve Requests. Review RR report. 10. Processing and submission of 1099s and 1096s. 11. Review new vendor set ups and give to assigned A/P Bookkeeper to setup; review the setup and make the vendor active. 12. Act as backup for A/P supervisor. 13. Do the bank reconciliations for the central disbursement and central payroll accounts. 14. Retrieve and give to A/R the daily report of HAP funds received. 15. Has overall responsibility for the operation of the A/P Department.

24 Administration Department Tasks
Ms. Angela “Angie” M. Bowen Senior Vice President of Administration Edgewood Management Corporation and its Affiliates Telephone – (301) Administration Department Tasks Advance and Periodic Replacement Reserve Requests (GS) Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan (PB) Annual Adjustment Factor Rent Increase (PB, GS) AT&T Long Distance Code (PB) Business License Renewals (BP) Community Manager Responsibility Checklist Monitoring (MC) Corporate Newsletter (AB) Excess Income Retaining Requests (PB) Federal Express Account (MC) Guernsey Office Supplies/ Invoices (MC) Policy and Procedures Manual (BP) Tracking of REAC Inspections, Management Reviews and Violations (BP) Rent Schedules (GS) Resident Complaint Line (MC) Review of Real Estate Tax Assessments (BP) Washington Post Account (PB) Administration Staff Paula Bahamonde – PB (301) Maria Carantes – MC (301) 562–1768 Bill Pinner – BP (301) Glynis Steffy – GS (301) Megan Camden (301) Paula Bahamonde Office Manager L to R: Glynis Steffy, Paula Bahamonde, Maria Carantes, Megan Camden

25 Ms. Maesha McNeill HR Benefits Coordinator Edgewood Management Corporation and its Affiliates Telephone – (301)

26 This summary highlights important details about EMC’s Employee benefits programs. All regular, full-time employees who work a minimum of 30 hours per week are eligible to participate in the company sponsored benefits programs. The information contained here in is intended as an overview only. If you need clarification or additional information on the programs or employee eligibility requirements, please contact Human Resources Department, Maesha McNeill at (301) The benefit programs are subject to changes, additions, deletions and amendments at any time, without prior notice, and at the discretion of EMC management. Effective January 1, 2009

EMC’s Group Health Insurance program provides major medical, preventative care, hospitalization, and other services under the program’s Schedule of Benefits. Employees are eligible on the first day of the following month, after 60 days of continuous employment. EMC provides three options for medical coverage for you and your eligible dependents. Enrollment forms for new employees must be completed and submitted to Human Resources within 31 days of your hire date to be eligible for coverage. If you miss this deadline, you will not be eligible to enroll until the 2010 Open Enrollment period, which will be held in October 2009. Option A (PPO Plan) provides (In-Network) a low deductible of $100 for an individual and 90% co-insurance for both in-patient and out-patient hospital and surgical benefits. An office visit co-pay is $20. Option B (PPO Plan) provides (In-Network) a deductible of $400 for an individual and 80% co-insurance for in-patient and out-patient hospital and surgical benefits. An office visit co-pay is $25. Option C (PPO Plan) features the HRA fund ($400 for Individuals) to be used for eligible medical expenses. Participants will receive reimbursement for qualified health care services from your HRA fund. Such as: medical, dental and vision deductibles, office visit co-pays, eyeglasses, contact lenses, orthodontia, prescription drugs and some over the counter drugs and medical supplies. When all the funds are exhausted, the plan participant is then responsible for the highest deductible of $1,000 (individual, in-network) before the plan’s co-insurance (80% In-Network) begins. An office visit co-pay is $25. The associated bi-weekly cost per plan:    Plan A Plan B Plan C Individual $49 $27 $16 Employee + 1 $172 $157 $149 Family $206 $188 $179  Our insurance provider is United Healthcare, Choice Plus and may be reached at (866) or On their website you may search for providers, get a claim status, print a claim form or request a duplicate card.

Our Prescription Drug Plan administered by MEDCO. and it offers easy access to retail pharmacies, provides mail order and on-line prescription drug services. We offer a three tier Prescription Drug Plan which enables you to choose the most clinically effective, affordable prescription drugs available.   Generic Preferred Non-Preferred Pharmacy $10 $25 $50 Mail order 90 day supply $20 $50 $100 DENTAL COVERAGE EMC’s Dental Plan encourages preventative care which is covered at 100% with no deductible. After a $25 (individual) deductible, basic restorative services are covered at 80%, major restorative services at 65% with a calendar year maximum of $2,000. Our plan also covers dependent orthodontia at 50%. Employees may visit any dentist of their choice.

29 VISION COVERAGE EMC’s Vision Plan offers an eye examination once every 12 months which are covered at 100%. Contact lenses and lenses are covered up to $100 maximum per 12 months. Employees may choose any eye care professional of their choice. LIFE INSURANCE Our life insurance plan through ING, is effective on the first of the month after 60 days of continuous employment and covers you at two times your annual earnings up to a maximum of $400,000. In addition, the plan includes additional benefits payments in the event of an accidental death or dismemberment. SUPPLEMENTAL LIFE INSURANCE Employees may purchase supplemental life insurance for themselves, in increments of $10,000 to a maximum of $500,000. Child/spouse supplemental life insurance is also available for an additional cost.

 Our LTD insurance is offered through ING at no cost to employees, who are eligible to participate on the first of the month following 60 days of employment. For a qualified disability, there is a 90 day elimination period, and the plan pays 60% of your salary up to a maximum of $10,000 per month.  401(k) PLAN  Employees must be 21 years of age and work 1,000 hours per year to be eligible to participate in EMC’s 401(k) Plan. Employees are eligible on the first day of the following month, after 60 days of continuous employment. Employees may contribute either a percentage amount or a dollar amount, on a pre-tax basis, up to the annual IRS limits. (2009 Limits: $16,500, $5,500 catch-up). Employees may increase or decrease their contribution on a quarterly basis. Employees may stop contributing to the plan at anytime. Employees are vested in the Company contribution according to the following schedule: Period of Service Percent Vested 1 year 0% 2 years 20% 3 years 40% 4 years 60% 5 years %

31 Loans and hardship withdrawals are allowed under the plan
Loans and hardship withdrawals are allowed under the plan. Contact HR to determine eligibility. DIRECT DEPOSIT All employees of the Company are REQUIRED to have their paycheck directly deposited into a checking or savings account. Employees who do not have a bank account may enroll in the Bank of America CashPay card system. Your paycheck will be loaded onto a debit card and you utilize the debit card to access to your funds. PAID HOLIDAYS EMC offers 10 paid holidays per year: New Year’s Day Labor Day MLK Birthday Columbus Day Washington’s Birthday Thanksgiving Day Memorial Day Day after Thanksgiving Independence Day Christmas Day

32 VACATION LEAVE Employees will begin accumulating leave immediately, but it will not be reflected on your paycheck until after your 90 day Introductory Period has been completed. You may not take vacation during your first six months of employment.  Years of Service Days 0-4 years 10 days 5-9 years 15 days days The maximum amount of vacation hours you may carry over into the next year is 160 hours. PERSONAL/SICK LEAVE Employees will begin accumulating leave immediately, but it will not be reflected on your paycheck until after your 90 day Introductory Period has been completed. This leave is accumulated at 10 days per year. You may carry over a maximum of 480 sick hours annually.

33 Administrative Training Specialist Edgewood Management Corporation
Ms. Colene Winston Administrative Training Specialist Edgewood Management Corporation and its Affiliates Telephone – (301) Administrative Training Guide ∆ Resident File Set Up ∆ Vendor Set UP Ж Resident File Checklist Review ∞ Colene – “I’m available for in town and out of town file audits.” ∆ - Ж - ∞ - (HUD / Tax Credit) (Conventional)

34 Email –
Mr. Frank Winston Vice President of Purchasing Edgewood Management Corporation and its Affiliates Telephone – (301) Sealed Bid Instructions ж Asbestos Procedures ж Think Green Check List ж As Vice President of Purchasing, Frank Winston logs and tracks all sealed bids for the properties. Any proposal over $5, for HUD properties or $2, for New Jersey properties must be in sealed bid form.  Frank reads and writes specifications for various types of contractual jobs relating to apartment communities.  Frank also deals with conflicts relating to contract issues between the property and the contractor.  Frank will assist you in seeking and administering landscape contracts for the local metro properties for grounds maintenance and fertilization.  Frank is the Asbestos Coordinator for all pre-1981 properties.  Frank also has 30+ years experience in all phases of property management and is willing to assist you with answers to most questions. Ж Available in Edgewood Management Corporation Policy Manuel under the Maintenance Section. Available at :

35 Email –
Mr. Frank Martin Custodial Training Specialist Edgewood Management Corporation and its Affiliates Telephone – (301) Topics to be Covered Custodial Checklist 2 ¤ Building & Laundry Room Report ¤ Cleaning Schedules/Chemical Information Sheets ¤ Custodial Monthly Planner/Cleaning Reminders ¤ Technical Specifications-Custodial ¤ Maintenance Tips for Power Custodial Equipment ¤ Pest Control Policies & Procedures ¤ Cleaning Specifications for Common Areas and Vacant Apartments ¤ Market Ready Procedures ¤ Market Ready Apartment Tips ¤ Painting Standards for Apartment Units ¤ Landscaping Policies & Procedures ◊ Landscaping Calendar/Planner ● ¤ - Can be found at ◊ - Can be found at Volume III, Section E, Maintenance, Landscape ● Can be found at

36 Email –
Mr. Jamal Abdul-Wali Total Maintenance Service Training Specialist Edgewood Management Corporation and its Affiliates Telephone – (301) Review of Difference of Rent Roll and Onsite Emergency Work Orders Importance of Filling Out Corrective at Time of Repairs Preventative Maintenance Assets List Resend Move In Work Orders REAC Inspections

37 Vice President – Construction & Maintenance Telephone – (301) 704-5216
Mr. Robert “Boo” Nickle Vice President – Construction & Maintenance Telephone – (301) Mr. Nickle is responsible for overseeing engineering and construction projects for Edgewood managed properties. Mr. Nickle also assists in the preparation and solicitation of bids. Mr. Nickle has been with Edgewood Management Corporation for over thirty-two years. Mr. Nickle began his career as a Porter and was promoted to Community Manager through several positions including Groundskeeper, Maintenance Person, and Maintenance Engineer. In 1984, Mr. Nickle was given the responsibility for overseeing all the on-site maintenance systems and performed both maintenance audits and grounds keeping inspections. Mr. Nickle supervises the A-Team which is a specialized crew of maintenance persons that assist on-site personnel. The A-Team also trains new maintenance personnel. Because of Mr. Nickle’s extensive maintenance background, he is responsible for recruiting and interviewing new maintenance persons.

38 Thank you for attending today’s EMC 101 New Employee Training
Thank you for attending today’s EMC 101 New Employee Training. It is our sincerest wish that today’s presentation will help you as you begin your career with Edgewood Management Corporation. If you have any questions, please raise your hand and we will be happy to answer them. If you have questions in the future do not be afraid to ask your Community Manager, Regional Property Manager or Executive Staff. If you can not get your question(s) answered please contact the corporate office at (301) and we will be happy to find someone who can answer your questions. After our training session ends, a brief survey will be displayed please take a few minutes and complete the survey on your experience with this training session. Again, WELCOME TO EDGEWOOD. Pat Shumaker, Knowledge Management Communications Committee Chair

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