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XxxxERICSSON Application Research Services using SIM Application Toolkit Services using SIM Application Toolkit Experiences gained from GemXPlore Case.

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1 xxxxERICSSON Application Research Services using SIM Application Toolkit Services using SIM Application Toolkit Experiences gained from GemXPlore Case by John-Olof Bauner & Peter Kriens ERICSSON Application Research Phone +46 8 757 0000 Fax: +46 4047020 e-mail:

2 xxxxERICSSON Application Research San Francisco New York Raleigh Stockholm Aachen Singapore Gothenburg Wasa Montreal Lund Helsinki Karlskrona Linkoping Applications Networks Consumer Mobility Media New concepts Usability Over 800 persons world wide Goal –Gain understanding of our customer problems –Develop markets for our systems & terminals ERICSSON Research

3 xxxxERICSSON Application Research T/KA ± 25 persons Research projects –PA/Mars, a personal assistant –e-box applications –marvin home server –open phone running general Java applications –configurable phone, a project to test new telephony concepts Akhnaton, Philip Glass 2:20

4 xxxxERICSSON Application Research Services architecture POTS IP GSM Service Provider Akhnaton, Philip Glass 2:20 ? ClientsServicesCarriers

5 xxxxERICSSON Application Research Example Service: Parallel Ringing Ring the bell on many phones simultaneously –reachable in different locations –use cheapest channel Requires setup information which phones to call –Conveniently from the client –Changes depending on time and location Service Provider Bob: Call Alice Alices Office phone Alices Mobile

6 xxxxERICSSON Application Research Example: Shared phone book Update the phone book from web More info than just phone number –e-mail, address, fax etc. Automatically change all phone books of people in a group Everybody has correct info! IPService Provider GSM Alice Bob Alice Bob ESMS

7 xxxxERICSSON Application Research Example: Home automation Control devices in your house from the phone: –Heating, light, sauna, oven etc. Get alarms when somebody breaks in –activate/deactivate e-box empowered solution GSM e-box Service Provider Access Netw. e-box gateway Local Netw. SMS to turn on the light and get alarm messages

8 xxxxERICSSON Application Research Technology setup ESMS is a program downloaded to the phone Dynamic on the fly generation of ESMS in Java –checksum, header, security, byte codes Use context information to create program GSM Byte code ESMS generation Event: modify db Generate SMS PDU IP Listen to SMS PDU

9 xxxxERICSSON Application Research Use case: Profile change A profile contains information how to use services Profiles can change by –choice from the web or telephone –Automatic depending on time or location For example: –Office profile »call your office phone and mobile in parallel, no SMS notification of e- mail –On the road profile »call mobile, second voice mailbox, SMS notification of e-mail –Lunch profile »forward calls to secretary, store SMS notifications, allow intrusion

10 xxxxERICSSON Application Research Example: Profile change Query the phone to detect location –Automate profile change using position id –Cell ids are globally unique location identifiers –Cell ids are kept secret by operators –Could be done by ERICSSON Mobile Positioning Center (MPC) as well –Works for every operator GSM Service Provider Ping SMS (silent) Cell identity info Profile database

11 xxxxERICSSON Application Research Profile change Service pings customer by sending a ping SMS –silent SMS, not seen by customer The provider updates profile in system –Profile can be changed from mobile menu –Profile can be changed from the web Profiles can also be selected from the menu –list of profiles is downloaded by provider through an ESMS

12 xxxxERICSSON Application Research Use case: Mobile Zapper Program your video recorder from your phone! Select your TV viewing preferences on the web –Channel, Program types GSM Service Provider IP TV-Guide Web site e-box gateway Akhnaton, Philip Glass 2:20 preferences record cancel start stop TV guide TV guide

13 xxxxERICSSON Application Research Mobile Zapper, TV Guide download Get the personal guide loaded in the night in your SIM card The Service Provider gets the HTML pages with the TV Guide

14 xxxxERICSSON Application Research Mobile Zapper It sends 1 ESMS per TV program –Title –Start time + duration + description Information is stored in 2 files in the SIM card

15 xxxxERICSSON Application Research Mobile Zapper, selection Select the program from the SIM Application TV Guide menu –get more information –select the program to be recorded by the video recorder at home The phone sends an SMS with the program ID to the e-box The e-box schedules the start/stop of the video recorder

16 xxxxERICSSON Application Research Problems After initial beta, the GemXplore Case was very usable. –we succeeded! Operator support required: Not an open market –card needs to be programmed by operator Only Comviq did support SIM data download on the SMSC Lack of documentation of GemXPlore Case –8 bit SMS is also treated as data download –Many parameters are only documented in standards –high priority for display necessary in certain cases Use of prototype phones –interaction between SIM card and mobile equipment

17 xxxxERICSSON Application Research Problems No debug tools, all testing is done on the phone –long edit/compiler/debug cycle –lack of simulator –disassembler for PDUs Script language is extremely limited –hard to use syntax –lack of instructions (swap arrived too late in the update) –no variables Suspect card to miss ESMS processing when phone is busy Instruction set SIM card and security info is kept secret –we reversed engineered it partly at great cost of time

18 xxxxERICSSON Application Research Future Limited application area for SIM Application Toolkit in the future after 3-5 years: –WAP –IP connectivity Very convenient today for accessing many different services Operators need to make it more open to make it useful for third party developers Cell identifier is a very interesting possibility for location based services

19 xxxxERICSSON Application Research Questions?

20 xxxxERICSSON Application Research Thank you for your interest.

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