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C.O.R.E Creating Opportunities that Result in Excellence.

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1 C.O.R.E Creating Opportunities that Result in Excellence

2 What is C.O.R.E.? C.O.R.E. stands for Creating Opportunities that Result in Excellence. This initiative is a collaborative venture by the Duval County Public Schools, Duval Teachers United, and business partners to assist in turning around schools not meeting state academic expectations through the empowerment and support of school based academic and leadership teams.

3 Why Is the C.O.R.E. Initiative Necessary?  Stable, highly qualified staffs are needed in all schools but most of all in academically challenged schools. Over the years, it has been difficult to place and retain high quality staffs at academically challenged schools. This initiative provides the opportunity and incentives for instructional and leadership teams to voluntarily transfer to schools where they are most needed.  Provisions in Florida’s A+ plan as well as the new federal government’s ESEA “No Child Left Behind Act” address educational accountability. Both pieces of legislation allow for public school sanctions and state take over where students are not meeting acceptable levels of performance. C.O.R.E. Is an effort to prevent such negative consequences in Duval county.

4 C.O.R.E. Mission Statement: Our mission is to recruit and retain the best instructional and leadership teams in order to improve student performance in challenged schools.

5 C.O.R.E. Vision Statement Within four years, the academic performance of students in seven select elementary schools will meet or exceed the average district performance on key academic indicators. This will be accomplished through the creation of individual school communities where all stakeholders are competent, committed, caring, and held to a higher standard.

6 C.O.R.E. Program Highlights Rigorous screening procedures for selection of instructional and leadership teams for schools Teachers and leaders will agree to teach in identified challenged schools for four years Yearly leadership and instructional staff performance assessments with staffing adjustments made as necessary

7 Program Highlights (cont.) Coalitions with community stakeholders to encourage parental and community participation in the educational process. Higher performance standards for leadership and instructional personnel Intensive training in team–building and best instructional practices Collegial, culturally sensitive school environment nurtured to facilitate student achievement

8 Program Highlights (cont.) Contract waivers for initiatives that may interfere with objectives Close monitoring of schools including feedback from stakeholders on what is and isn’t working Single DTU staff consultant assigned to address needs and concerns of all C.O.R.E. Schools Wellness checks for staff

9 Program Highlights (cont.) Monetary incentives of up to $2500 yearly for teacher and leadership personnel who demonstrate their contribution toward improving student achievement Technological support for teachers Additional perks as available through vendors

10 Selection of C.O.R.E. Schools Criteria for selection: Past and projected school performance (school grade) Level of difficulty in maintaining quality staff Educational load factors (free and reduced lunch percentages)

11 Criteria for Teacher Selection Preferred background experience: Prior experience in urban setting or teaching low performing students National Board Certification Professional services contract or tenure Formal training in literacy, math, or possess other special certifications

12 Additional Teacher Criteria Required teacher criteria: Certified in area of instruction Four- year commitment Acceptance that continued placement at the CORE School is contingent upon outstanding performance in the annual teacher assessment and annual progress of student achievement

13 Additional Teacher Criteria Show measurable academic student gains each year Document evidence of student growth in academics through use of portfolios. Integrate subject areas Utilize current research, implement standards based instruction, and best instructional practices effectively

14 Additional Teacher Criteria Effectively manage student discipline in the classroom Effectively involve parents and volunteers to assist students in the educational setting Demonstrate sensitivity to cultural differences Committed to problem solving resulting in win-win solutions

15 Additional Teacher Criteria Experience in participating in the shared decision making process Willing to waive identified contractual language Willing to attend meetings and participate in training beyond contractual limitations

16 Criteria for Principal Selection Proven evidence of leadership in instruction Knowledge of best instructional practices, current research, and effective implementation of standards Able to effectively use data, assess student progress and teacher effectiveness

17 Additional Principal Criteria Team builder – able to create an effective and professional learning community Able to effectively use the shared decision making process for school governance, building consensus, school improvement planning, and the change process Committed to problem solving resulting in “win win” solutions

18 Additional Principal Criteria Able to organize and manage an effective school wide discipline plan Able to involve all stakeholders, especially parents, community organizations, and businesses in the school improvement process Acceptance that continued placement at the C.O.R.E. School will depend on annual progress in student achievement and maintaining a positive school climate

19 Selection of Staff A memorandum of understanding will be in place to allow for transfers beyond the regular transfer process deadline Instructional and leadership staff will be selected through the interview process using the criteria set forth Principals will be selected first by the Superintendent with input from the Regionals and DTU. Interview teams for instructional personnel will include DCPS, DTU, and selected C.O.R.E. School Principals

20 Commitments to C.O.R.E. Schools Commitments to C.O.R.E. Schools: In order to ensure C.O.R.E. Schools are effectively meeting the requirements of the program and the needs of the students, we will review the budget and program of each school for adequacy in the following areas:

21 Commitments (cont.) Guidance counseling and /or behavioral intervention staff to assist students who are not complying with school conduct expectations Administrative and/or professional development personnel to support teacher training and coaching (TIS, Vice-Principal, or lead teacher)

22 Commitments (cont.) Paraprofessionals to work in self-contained exceptional education classrooms to help students meet academic and behavioral expectations and to help in the cafeteria and other general supervision of students Class sizes to ensure that teachers can effectively assist all students in meeting high standards.

23 Commitments (cont.) School-wide discipline plan for effectiveness to ensure the behavior of students meets high expectations Testing and placement procedures for students being considered for special programs to ensure that the process receives priority status

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