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Management Skills (Day 1) Workshop >. LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT.

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1 Management Skills (Day 1) Workshop >


3 Management & Leadership? Leader - Where are we going? Have a Vision of where they want to be and can communicate it Are inspirational - people follow them willingly Manager - How do we get there? What do we need? Achieve their objectives by using the available resources effectively - including their people

4 A Question? What do the worlds top tennis players, golfers and athletes all have in common? Answer - They all have a coach - But why? To build on their successes To sharpen their skills To plan tactics for forthcoming events To stay on top in a very competitive world Excellence is never an accident

5 Question Detective A wheel spins slowly to a stop. Beside it, two bodies slumped on the ground. A small crowd is gathering as uniformed figure crouches over to inspect the bodies. What has happened?


7 Features of Good Objectives Example 1: To improve telephone manner Example 2: To answer telephone promptly Example 3: To answer telephone promptly within 3 rings, each and every time.

8 Objectives Achievable – What barriers in their mind to achieving it? How do you feel about what weve just talked about? Realistic - How realistic is this objective? Is it the most urgent and important at this moment in time? What else is on their plate? Timed - Do they know when you plan to review?

9 Delegation Involves entrusting another person with a task/project (responsibility) for which the delegator remains accountable

10 Feedback - The HOW Example Effect Change


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