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Tensions Grow Gutierrez-Magee Expedition –

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2 Tensions Grow Gutierrez-Magee Expedition – 1812-1813
A filibustering expedition to “take over” San Antonio from Spanish control. Battle of Medina – August 18, 1813 The bloodiest battle ever fought on Texas soil. Between the republican forces of the US backed Gutierrez-Magee Expedition and Spanish royalist army – 20 miles south of San Antonio Spaniards won

3 Jose Gutierrez de Lara Leader of the Gutierrez -Magee Expedition


5 1821 Where is Texas? Who lives in Texas? Who are the Tejanos?

6 Sparsely populated Mexican government Little control

7 P E O L

8 What is an Empresario?

9 Land Agent

10 Moses Austin Permission from Spain Baron de Bastrop Father of Stephen F. Austin Died too soon

11 Continued father’s work
The Old 300 San Filipe de Austin

12 Erasmo Seguin Helped Stephen F. Austin
Promoted interests of Texas settlers Father of Juan Sequin

13 DeWitt colony Settled 160 families

14 The only Mexican Empresario to found a colony
Founded Victoria, Texas Encouraged cattle industry in Texas First registered cattle brand in Texas

15 Mexican Constitution of 1824
Term Limits for Pres and V Limits on Presidential Power 3 Branches of Government Bicameral Legislature Federalist Government 19 States & 4 territories Texas – Coahuila y Tejas Catholic religion is the state faith

16 Colonization Law of 1825 Opened Immigration from US and Europe
Only permanent residents could receive land grants Limit of 48,708 acres per person No colony could be established within 30 miles of the coast and 60 miles of an international boundary

17 Permission for 800 families
Mexicans, Anglos & Cherokee Proof of ownership Mexico revokes permission Fredonian Rebellion

18 Fredonian Rebellion December 21, 1826-January 31, 1827
Dispute between Mexican Government and Empresario Hayden Edwards and brother Benjamin Declared themselves the “Republic of Fredonia” All rebels were killed or jailed by Mexican officials

19 Coahuila y Tejas outlaws slavery
News Flash 1827 Coahuila y Tejas outlaws slavery

20 Mier y Teran Report January 16, 1829 Several Recommendations
That the US NOT take control of Mexico Additional Spanish Military to protect settlements Strengthen trade with Mexico Encouraged European and Mexican settlement All recommendations were incorporated into the Law of April 6, 1830

21 Law of April 6, 1830 Limited immigration from the US
Suspended incomplete Empresario contracts Prohibited Slavery

22 Turtle Bayou Resolutions
June 12, 1832 Resolution - a formal expression of opinion or intention 4 Different Resolutions Federalists v. Centralists Opposed violations of the Constitution of 1824 by Centralists (Bustamante) Supported Federalists (Santa Anna)

23 Arrest of Stephen F. Austin
February 13, 1834 Turning point in sentiment for the Texians Once released – Austin calls for war

24 How does this relate to Manifest Destiny?
Manifest Destiny- American belief that the United States was destined to expand across the continent. US Supported American immigration to Texas Anglo-Americans immigrated for free or cheap land and opportunity

25 Growing Tensions Gutierrez-Magee Expedition Jose Gutierrez de Lara Battle of Medina Mexican Independence Immigration Empresarios Land Grants Mexican Constitution of 1824 Colonization Law of 1825 Fredonian Rebellion Mier y Teran Report Law of April 6, 1830 Turtle Bayou Resolutions Arrest of Stephen F. Austin


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