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Things you might not know about El Paso Unless you attend this session.

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1 Things you might not know about El Paso Unless you attend this session

2 By: Kevin Collier Erika Liebel Saul Martinez

3 El Paso: 1880s-1910


5 Sin City Sporting Center – Gambling, dance halls & prostitution Vice for a Price The Line

6 El Paso Herald "Here amid the clinking of beer glasses and vulgarity, drunken men, reeling and yelling, danced with Mexican women to the strains of the devil's music, staggering between the dances to the bar for liquid refreshments and enthusiasm. Women, long since sunk from respectability, joined the terrible brawl. Hair streaming in masses of disorder, dresses rent by the yanking and howling of the intoxicated men, and lending their shrill voices to complete the chaos of debauchery. Here and there were stretched out men overcome with liquor, while the wooden benches surrounding the apartment were occupied by burly sons of toil holding upon their laps these women of prostitution."

7 Six Shooter Capitol Guns Gambling Gunfighters

8 Sin City Lariats Lawmen Ladies

9 The Guns Winchester RifleCoach Gun Colt Peacemaker Smith & Wesson No. 3

10 The Gambling Saloons Faro Poker Dice

11 The Gunfighters John SelmanBilly the Kid John Wesley Hardin

12 More Gunfighters Butch CassidySundance Kid Sam Bass

13 The Cowboys

14 The Lawmen Pat Garrett Dallas Stoudenmire Texas Rangers

15 More Lawmen? John Selman Sr. ? George Scarbrough ? Bass L. Outlaw ? El Paso Constable US Deputy MarshallTexas Ranger

16 The Ladies The Big Five

17 Tillie Howard Arrived early 1890s Mansion on The Line Poor German immigrant Orphaned young Rode the rails for years Kind-hearted, well-mannered Died April 9, 1911

18 Gypsy Davenport New York Native Raised in Davenport, Iowa 1894 – Framed Alice Abbott Lawsuit – Alice wins back property Unscrupulous business practices Disappeared after 1900 Returned to El Paso in 1920 to settle property Died January 22, 1920 of morphine addiction and edema

19 May Palmer Born 1867 – Wealthy Chicago Family Mary Elizabeth Eisenmenger Lucrative brothels – Chicago, Salt Lake City, Tucson Opened Madame Palmers Gentlemens Club on Utah St Married James Harlan Pete Adams Died March 24, 1918 of pancreatic and pelvic cancer Buried in El Pasos Evergreen Cemetery

20 Big Alice Abbott Arrived with RR – age 27 Thought to be from Kentucky Reasons for coming to El Paso – unknown 6 tall, 195 lbs Owned Mansion on Utah St Died April 7, 1896

21 Etta Clark The Pistolier of 1886 Voluptuous, hot-tempered, red head Prominent French-Canadian family Mansion across from Big Alice

22 The Stories Hired girls away from other madams Tension and Anger between Madams Bessie Colvin – left Alice Alice stormed to Ettas house Etta shot Alice El Paso Herald Public Arch Story Sensational Trial Case dropped Etta Clarks Parlor

23 2 Years Later Alice burns Ettas house down Evidence inconclusive Alice released – No consequences

24 Results P aved Streets S alaries for Police and other Civic Officials P ublic Library P hilanthropic Activities T heaters G entlemens Clubs - Business

25 Mexican Revolution and El Paso

26 Mexican Revolution

27 Three Presidents Porfirio Diaz Francisco MaderoVenustiano Carranza

28 Three Revolutionaries Emiliano ZapataPascual Orozco Francisco Pancho Villa

29 Three Generals Alvaro Obregón Victoriano Huerta John Pershing

30 Alhambra Theater (209 S. El Paso St.) Catered to Mexican exile community

31 Shelton-Payne Arms Company (Merrick Building, 301 S. El Paso St.) Supplied arms and ammunition to all factions of the revolution.

32 La Patria Newspaper (317 S. El Paso St.) Silvestre Terrazas operated revolutionary newspaper Helped Pancho Villa smuggle arms 1914 Villa appointed Terrazas interim governor of Chihuahua

33 Teatro Alcazar (506 S. El Paso St.) Owners Ike & Frank Alderete stored weapons in basement for Huertistas Alderetes, Pascual Orozco & Victoriano Huerta were tried in Federal Courthouse in El Paso for violating US neutrality laws.

34 El Paso Laundry (901 S. Santa Fe St.) Rooftop provided front-row seats for major revolution battles Bullet holes in walls Presidents William Taft and Porfirio Diaz met in front and were given keys to the city

35 El Paso del Norte Newspaper (609 S. Oregon St.) This newspaper disseminated the propaganda of the revolution from to El Pasos Spanish speaking community

36 Caples Building (300 S. San Antonio St.) 1911 Francisco Madero used offices as the official headquarters of the Revolution Pancho Villa was recruited by Chihuahua Governor Abraham Gonzalez from this office.

37 Elite Confectionary (201 N. Mesa St.) 1911 Pancho Villa and Pascual Orozco sat for the last photo of them together. Villa visited this establishment daily and ordered chocolate-covered ice cream baseballs and strawberry soda during his exile in the US

38 Roberts-Banner Building ( Mills St.) 1912 housed more than 200 Mexican spies working for 3 different agencies under the direction of Sgt Powell Roberts

39 Anson Mills Building (303 N. Oregon St.) Rooftop provided a safe place to watch the revolutionary activities 1913 Junta headquarters for constructionalistas Huertista federal forces threatened to blow up the building if the US granted Pancho Villa permission to import arms to Mexico

40 Popular Dry Goods Company (301 San Antonio St.) Provided non-munition supplies to both sides of the revolution Once both revolutionaires and federales were shopping at the same time in the store.

41 Toltec Club (602 Magoffin Ave.) Francisco Madero was toastmaster in 1913 Victory banquet for Madero in 1911 Pancho Villa rented 1 st floor for smuggling munitions

42 Sacred Heart Church (610 S. Oregon St.) 1912 Orozquistas counterrevolutionaries kidnapped Fr Carlos Pinto – demanded $3000, then $2000, then $500 finally Fr Pinto paid $100 for his own release.

43 Civil Rights In El Paso

44 Salt War Denied Access to salt Texas Rangers side with Anglos

45 1888 Dr Ida Bishop was first woman to practice medicine in Texas The Sheldon Building housed Dr Bishops office until 1910

46 1915 First NAACP branch established in Texas, El Paso Became civil rights advocate after 10 lynchings – 1909

47 1921 C.C. Kellog set up 1 st KKK office in the Sheldon Hotel Anglos became frightened by anti-American sentiment in Mexico after the Revolution Klan controlled the Herald Post & published an editorial on the Klans goals in El Paso Focused on eliminating crime Klan members ran for the school board Renamed schools after Texas heroes.

48 1924 Lawrence Nixon denied right to vote in primary election 1927 Nixon v Herndon (Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes) 1932 Nixon v Condon (Justice Benjamin Cardozo) July 22, 1944 Finally voted in primary

49 TWC 1 st Public University to admit blacks (Thelma White) TWC 1 st University in the Confederate South to allow African-Americans to play a major sport (Charlie Brown)

50 1957 Raymond Telles elected 1 st Hispanic mayor of a major city in the US Ambassador to Honduras

51 1961 TWC trains first Peace Corps volunteer

52 1962 Bert Williams introduces first Anti- discrimination law in public places in Texas (US) 2 years before Civil Rights Act was enacted in US

53 1966 TWC 1 st major University to start an all African –American lineup Defeated all white U. Kentucky team Don Haskins NCAA basketball champions

54 1968 El Paso based golfer Lee Trevino wins US Open First minority to win a major golf championship

55 1970 Chesley Karr sues EPISD Denied enrollment due to hair below collar US Supreme Court sided with Karr Set precedent against Uniform policy

56 1971 MECHA members take over UTEP Administration Building Chicano studies dept. established 1 st Mexican-American faculty hired

57 1981 El Paso native Sandra Day OConnor appointed 1 st woman on US Supreme Court

58 2009 Homosexual couple ousted from local eatery for kissing in public El Paso City Council approves anti- discrimination ban on sexual orientation by businesses open to the public

59 2010 July – Gay and unmarried heterosexual partners of city employees given benefits by city council Nov – Voters rescind benefits to gay and unmarried heterosexual partners

60 Contact Us Power point available at: (power point presentations – El Paso Presentation)

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62 References (Mexican Revolution) df df volution.htm volution.htm 1910 Metz, L El Paso Chronicles; A record of historical events in El Paso, Texas. Romo, D Ringside Seat to a Revolution; An underground cultural history of El Paso and Juarez: Worthington, P Images of America; El Paso and the Mexican Revolution.

63 References (Civil Rights) content/uploads/2008/09/1966.jpg&imgrefurl= don-haskins-dies-at- 78/&usg=__xyMy7P7lWL5mNIJcYfpbreztCus=&h=792&w=1024&sz=118&hl=en&start=0&zoom=1& tbnid=Lcmj- rlUfM1KqM:&tbnh=143&tbnw=197&prev=/images%3Fq%3D1966%2Bminers%26um%3D1%26hl% 3Den%26sa%3DN%26biw%3D1241%26bih%3D735%26tbs%3Disch:1&um=1&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx= 139&vpy=85&dur=4694&hovh=197&hovw=255&tx=173&ty=142&ei=Ff33TNC0MoaKlwfXwYmMAg &oei=Ff33TNC0MoaKlwfXwYmMAg&esq=1&page=1&ndsp=24&ved=1t:429,r:0,s:0 content/uploads/2008/09/1966.jpg&imgrefurl= don-haskins-dies-at- 78/&usg=__xyMy7P7lWL5mNIJcYfpbreztCus=&h=792&w=1024&sz=118&hl=en&start=0&zoom=1& tbnid=Lcmj- rlUfM1KqM:&tbnh=143&tbnw=197&prev=/images%3Fq%3D1966%2Bminers%26um%3D1%26hl% 3Den%26sa%3DN%26biw%3D1241%26bih%3D735%26tbs%3Disch:1&um=1&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx= 139&vpy=85&dur=4694&hovh=197&hovw=255&tx=173&ty=142&ei=Ff33TNC0MoaKlwfXwYmMAg &oei=Ff33TNC0MoaKlwfXwYmMAg&esq=1&page=1&ndsp=24&ved=1t:429,r:0,s:0

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