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Introduction to the Local Community Network for Member Organizations Think Globally! Act Locally!

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1 Introduction to the Local Community Network for Member Organizations Think Globally! Act Locally!

2 © 2009 GS1 2 Agenda What is the Local Community Network (LCN)? The Value of LCN to Local Users Member Organizations (MOs) Global Standards Management Process (GSMP) How LCN Works Participants Global Agendas Surveys Other Useful Tools How does an MO Get Involved? Readiness Criteria Joining LCN

3 © 2009 GS1 What is the LCN? … a way for local users to get involved in global standards development and … work on whats important to their company (better ROI on companys time) be a part of global decision making process represent specific Supply Chain expertise (Retailer, Supplier, etc.) protect legacy implementations built on existing standards 3

4 © 2009 GS1 4 What is the LCN? … turns known barriers into opportunities … Unequal access to GSMP Language Geography Time Zone Culture/MO perspective Unknown local requirements/ impediments Standards creation dominated by Big companies Difficult for MOs to keep up… communicate uniformly

5 The Value of LCN to Local Users MOs GSMP

6 © 2009 GS1 The Value of LCN Global Enterprises Win Get the Big Picture across geographies! Small and Medium-sized Companies Win Get to influence standards creation! Member Organizations Win Play a Key Role! GSMP Wins Gets Improved Standards Development!

7 © 2009 GS1 The Value of LCN to Local Users An opportunity to directly participate in the GSMP process in real-time influence the outcome of issues relevant to them be formally recognized for their participation reduce the burden of participation for users who are interested but who are challenged by time and travel resources receive an up-to-date summary of work-in-progress draft standards give feedback to the Global Groups easily via the On-line Survey Feedback Form if desired, get access to –Business Requirements Analysis Documents (BRAD) –Business Message Standards (BMS) –Technical Message Standards (TSD) through your LCN MO 7

8 © 2009 GS1 The Value of LCN to the MO provides MO with opportunity to engage Small and Medium Enterprises links core GS1 GSMP activity to their Local User Group provides a real opportunity for communication broadens MOs and GSMP collaboration adds value to MOs meetings with users Organizes core work activity – 400 CRs yearly - into a manageable load Fixed monthly forums with GSMP Staff to ask questions on complex work items 8

9 © 2009 GS1 The Value of LCN to GSMP increases validity and correctness of standards enhances the legitimacy of standards helps Small and Medium Enterprises become involved in GSMP helps GSMP understand and integrate local implications and issues into standards creation grows GSMP user community encourages participation from more business experts brings immense opportunity to understand market conditions and implementation concerns 9

10 How LCN Works Participants Global Agenda Survey Other Useful Tools

11 © 2009 GS1 How Does LCN Work? Participants * vvvvvvvvvvv Colombia CanadaBrazil Australia Germany Netherlands Global Agenda ----- ---- ---- --- ----- ----- ------- --- ------ -------- --- ----- ---- ---- Global Agenda ----- ---- ---- --- ----- ----- ------- --- ------ -------- --- ----- ---- ---- France New Zealand

12 © 2009 GS1 How Does LCN Work? Participants 3M Agiro Comércio de Produtos Industrializados S.A. Albert Heijn Almacenes Éxito Alpina Aperiogroup (NZ) Ltd Flexipac Division Atlanta AG AUCHAN August Storck KG B&C Products B.V. BASF AG Bavaria BENEDICTA SA Bluhm Systeme GmbH Brookland Plus Products BV Bunnings Group Limited Cafam Calcados Marte Ltda CAMIF Campbells Germany GmbH Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited Carrefour CASINO Carter Holt Carulla Vivero S.A. Calcetines Crystal CBD - Cia. Brasileira de Distribuição - Grupo Christian Strobel Lebensmittelgroßhandel GmbH CHU DIJON C.I.V. Superunie BA Coca Cola Deutschland Coca-Cola Enterprises Nederland B.V. Colgate Palmolive Ltd COLGATE PALMOLIVE S.A.S.U. Coles Group Ltd Colsubsidio Compañía de Galletas Noel CONFORAMA MANAGEMENT SERVICES CORA Crystal Vestimundo DA Retailgroep B.V. Dalli-Werke GmbH & Co. KG Datalogic GmbH Datalogic BV Deutsche Woolworth GmbH & Co. OHG DHL Exel Supply Chain Dohle Handelsgruppe Service GmbH & Co. KG Douglas Informatik & Service GmbH Dr. August Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG EDEKA Zentrale AG & Co. KG EDIMEDIEN Edinet EDS Itellium GmbH E. LECLERC - GALEC - Fachhochschule Erfurt FaCo Beheer BV FLEURY MICHON SA FNAC S.A. Foodstuffs South Island Limited FROMAGERIES BEL PRODUCTION FRANCE Friesland Foods Western Europe GALERIES LAFAYETTE SA GENDI GENFA GEODIS GfD Gesellschaft für Datenverarbeitung mbH Glaxo Smith Kline GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare B.V. GROUPE DANONE HACHETTE LIVRE SA HEINEKEN ENTREPRISE Henkel België Henkel KGaA Image Net Industria de Alimentos Zenu INTERMARCHE STIME Interpharm B.V. Karstadt Warenhaus GmbH Kimberly-Clark Koninklijke Fruitmasters Groep Kraft Foods Deutschland GmbH KRAFT FOODS FRANCE John Restrepo y CIA Laurus Nederland N.V. Kellog's LEROY MERLIN SA LEVER FABERGE FRANCE L'OREAL Haarkosmetik und Parfümerien GmbH & Co. KG Markant Handels und Service GmbH Masterfoods Veghel McCormick Canada McKesson Canada Merck KGaA Metcash Trading Limited Metro Cash & Carry Nederland B.V. METRO CASH & CARRY FRANCE Metro Group Buying GmbH MGB Metro Group Buying Mitre 10 NZ Ltd MONOPRIX Nedac Sorbo Groep BV Nestle Canada Nestle Austrailia Ltd Nestlé Deutschland AG NESTLE FRANCE SAS Nordmilch AG Open Market OSRAM GmbH PASTACORP - LUSTUCRU Philips Lighting B.V. Philip Morris GmbH Petro-Canada POINT P DEVELOPPEMENT Prebel S.A. Procter & Gamble PROCTER & GAMBLE SAS Procter & Gamble Nederland B.V. Procter & Gamble Service GmbH Progressive Enterprises Ltd QuelleNeckermann Versandservice Rapid Labels REWE Group Rewe Zentral AG Sara Lee Household & Body Care Nederland Schuitema BV SINFOS GmbH SODEXHO FRANCE SAS SPONTEX STEF TFE Super Cheap Auto SYSTEME U CENTRALE NATIONALE Tchibo GmbH Technische Unie B.V. Tecnofarma Unilever Andina Unilever Canada Unilever Deutschland GmbH Unilever Nederland Foods BV UNITED BISCUITS FRANCE Vendex KBB IT Services B.V. Villa Maria Estate Wal-Mart Brasil Woolworths Limited Wyeth

13 © 2009 GS1 How Does LCN Work? Participants MO LCN Liaisons Structure and run their local community of users work through the Global Agenda items with the LCN Users LCN Members Representing User Companies Participate in local meetings Provide feedback via the Global Agenda Survey Core Members Engage in Standards Development Request feedback from LCN Members GSMP Process Group Manages LCN GSMP Staff Supports LCN 13

14 © 2009 GS1 How Does LCN Work? Global Agenda Survey Global Agenda Survey the global collaborative dialogue is aligned on one central agenda the Global Agenda identifies key business issues local users provide feedback on SPECIFIC business issues LCN validates business requirements and work group outputs by weighing against global feedback Updated monthly with active GSMP Change Request summaries and relevant review questions 14 Core LCN Gives Feedback Votes Generates Requirements Provides input to the standard

15 © 2009 GS1 How Does LCN Work? More Useful Tools 15 LCN Community Room: Membership lists – by MO Orientation Folder Welcome Letters Link to the GSMP User Manual Link to the LCN Webpages Archived Survey Results Archived Global Agendas MO Folders – for use by individual MOs LCN Web site With public access to current Global Agenda and Survey results LCN Sessions at GSMP events LCN Buddies (contact information on LCN website)

16 How Does an MO Get Involved? Readiness Criteria

17 © 2009 GS1 How Does an MO Get Involved? An MO decides to join the network starting the process selects the LCN Liaison Staff The LCN Liaison is fully responsible for all interaction with their membership and fully supports the MOs LCN Members provides its members with an up-to-date summary of the work-in- progress of draft standards (Global Agenda) ensures their Members give the BRGs and WGs feedback using the on-line survey feedback form 17

18 © 2009 GS1 How Does an MO Get Involved? Readiness Criteria To become a member of LCN an MO must be directly involved in GSMP have strong GSMP and GS1 System knowledge have access to GSMP BRADs, BMSs, TSDs have strong business process expertise have a community of engaged MO Users have the ability to translate from English if necessary follow a philosophy of collaboration between LCN Liaisons and LCN Members devote sufficient resource time to execute the process and provide leadership to LCN members 18

19 Joining LCN Start-Up Monthly

20 © 2009 GS1 Joining LCN Start-Up The MO provides GSMP Staff with LCN Liaison contact information The LCN Liaison determines how the local LCN should be established ie. Level of activity, frequency, physical meetings populates its local LCN with users Submits the on-line form or spreadsheet member form to GSMP Staff reviews the Global Agenda schedule and arranges LCN member meetings 20

21 © 2009 GS1 Joining LCN Monthly The LCN Liaison attends Global Agenda meetings informs members on Global Agenda questions for resolution informs members on core work activity using the Global Agenda liaises with Business Requirements Groups and Work Groups when there are divergences in responses 21

22 © 2009 GS1 Joining LCN For details go to GSMP User Manual: al.html Contact: Melanie Kudela LCN Buddy Contact: any LCN Liaison listed on the LCN website 22

23 Contact Details GS1 Global Office Avenue Louise 326, bte 10 B-1050 Brussels, Belgium T + 32 2 788 78 00 W

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