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Water –Our scarce Resource CPAA Conference April 4-6 2011 Peter Lehner Director CPAA.

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1 Water –Our scarce Resource CPAA Conference April 4-6 2011 Peter Lehner Director CPAA

2 Look from Space

3 My Goal The begin a conversation while we still have a choice. Get YOU thinking about WATER


5 How much do we really have?





10 Shocking?


12 Begin to realize the scarcity of the resource Bags of mostly water

13 Value of Water Water contributed between 7 to 23 Billions worth of Value to the economy in Canada in 2008 Our cost for that was ZERO

14 Stats for private consumption in Canada On average 200 to 400 liter per person per day

15 How can we save Water efficient toilets Efficient showers Efficient faucets Washing Machines Fix leaks Become aware- meter the Water And finally GRAYWATER

16 Gray-Water What is it How does it work Why should I bother Items to look out for

17 Gray water is ? Gray water is wastewater from your washing machine, bathroom sink, bathtub, and shower. Kitchen sink and dishwasher water is not to be considered Grey water Water from your toilet is Blackwater

18 How does it work? Residential Systems discharge the bathwater into an approved system- then use the graywater to flush the toilet


20 Why should YOU bother? It is the LARGEST potential source of water savings for your residence Make a powerful contribution towards using this precious resource and not wasting it

21 Items to look out for! Your system has to have a way to discharge into a sewer system in case of plugging or other problems It has to be separated from Water for Human Consumption It has to meet local building and/ or plumbing codes

22 The WORLD is acting For Example: United States of America Australia European Union

23 USA More then 20 States recognize the NEED and have passed Graywater Laws or they are in the process of doing so They could be used as templates for local legislation

24 Australia now Though initially driven by the constraints of drought, some of the graywater schemes will help meet water supply needs well into the future.

25 European Union They are well on their way to create a Common Gray-Water Policy

26 Where is Canada Where is Alberta How can you get involved Municipal Level Provincial Level Federal Jurisdiction?

27 Domestic Successes Use and adopt proven strategies Control Cost Make a real impact on consumption Maintain our quality of life


29 Living Machines

30 Jorg Ostrowski Architect with 34 years experience Focussed on Environmental Design Passion for Environmental Protection Walk the Talk








38 Quayside Village Vancouver BC

39 Details 20 residential Units Showcase Adapt and apply CMHC Toronto Healthy House Technology in Multi-Unit residential development

40 Technology-Cost-Savings Use Gray-Water from all sources Use for flushing only Capital Cost for the Equipment was 115 000$ and 100 $ per month Water demand reduction of 40% Waste water flow reduction of 40%

41 Graywater I invite you to review the facts and figures All material and documentation will be on the CPAA.Biz website Lets begin a conversation


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