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Alan Daugherty University of Kentucky

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1 Alan Daugherty University of Kentucky

2 American Heart Association Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology Council Membership Renewal Council Preference

3 ATVB Early Career Committee Muredach Reilly Chair Kathryn Moore Vice Chair

4 Unknown Science Famous Science Gateway to Scientific Networking

5 What is the Purpose of a Poster Presentation? 1.Communicate the science. 2.Obtain feedback. 3.Advertise the presenters knowledge and talent. 4.Promote networking.

6 What Makes an Excellent Poster Presentation? Opinions differ!

7 Genetic Deletion of Protein x Decreases Vascular Disease A.N. Author, Highly Esteemed University, Center of the Universe, A Country LOGO IntroductionProtein is expressed Deficiency of X inhibits a response Summary Design Mice deficiency in X have high blood pressure Cellular effects of X deficiency Conclusion

8 Common Problems of Poster Design 1.Too much information - – everything should be readable from 4 feet. 2.Erratic organization 3.Not a clear delivery of the take home point.

9 The Initial Contact 1.Make sure your name tag is visible. 2.Introduce yourself to a person who looks at your poster. 3.For Early Career Investigators, give your stage of career

10 Demeanor

11 Presenting Your Poster Tell a Story!! 1.The aim of the study 2.The sequence of how I performed experiments to address the aim. 3.I conclude….

12 How Long Should I Present My Poster? 2- 3 minutes Be prepared to respond to questions, but get back on track

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