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The optimal fresh chain

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1 The optimal fresh chain

2 FrEsteem 16 Growers > 300 Hectares Tomatoes
Cooperative growers association: 16 Growers > 300 Hectares Tomatoes 31 Growers > 140 Hectares Peppers Packing station > Optimal fresh chain > 100 % traceability Certificates > Globalgap, BRC, IFS and Tesco Nurture


4 Royal Pride Holland Products: Cherry on the vine tomatoes
Cocktail on the vine tomatoes Vine tomatoes Surface: 43.5 hectares Packing: Greenpack Sales: Terra Natura International Additional Details: 2008 > Royal Pride Holland was awarded the title of agricultural entrepreneurs of the year and is also listed in the SME sector top 100.

5 Royal Pride Holland Lighting: All varieties available
Year-round (30 hectares) Year-round: High stable quality Maximum taste

6 GS1 - databar - METRO: MADE TO TRADE - Benefits: Reduced costs
Optimized logistic processes Improved data interchange (EDI) Optimized commercial process

7 Social Responsibility

8 The “Dutch tomatoes” - project
From farm to fork Grower Packhouse Transport Consumer

9 The “Dutch tomatoes” - project
Biological crop protection use Crop data Harvest forecast Scouting on enemies Quality control Grower

10 The “Dutch tomatoes” - project
Grower announced new lot via computer Grower creates pallet label Packhouse

11 The “Dutch tomatoes” - project
Transport arranged by Greenpack Lot arrived at Greenpack

12 The “Dutch tomatoes” - project
QC at Greenpack QC information returns to grower Packhouse

13 The “Dutch tomatoes” - project
Order in system assigned to a production line Product on transport to production line Packhouse

14 The “Dutch tomatoes” - project
Specs and packaging are known in the order Packhouse

15 The “Dutch tomatoes” - project
Specs and packaging are known in the order Packhouse

16 The “Dutch tomatoes” - project
After packing pallet number is generated by the system Packhouse

17 The “Dutch tomatoes” - project
Full traceability back to the grower by: Name client Details label (Product + L-code + GLN/GGN) Pallet label (Product + L-code + GLN/GGN) Metro Sweet Pearl 10x250g L-38-05 GGN GLN Packhouse

18 The “Dutch tomatoes” - project
QC on ready product Shelf life test Packhouse

19 The “Dutch tomatoes” - project
After QC product is assigned to loading place Packhouse

20 The “Dutch tomatoes” - project
Order will be loaded by using delivery note Registration of loading date, transporter, dock board , order picker Packhouse

21 The “Dutch tomatoes” - project
Transport documents have to be signed Transport to depot client by external specialist Packhouse

The “Dutch tomatoes” - project From farm to fork by data bar Grower Consumer Maximum freshness in store by use of BBD Advanced consumer information at POS: e.g. country of origin, allergens (marketing activities) SATISFIED CONSUMER - RETAILER - GROWER

23 Thank you for your attention!
Ton den Boer - Sales manager Germany Tel.:

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