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Modular Item and EANCOM Pere Rosell – GS1 Spain GSMP Event Lille.

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1 Modular Item and EANCOM Pere Rosell – GS1 Spain GSMP Event Lille

2 Current Item model + Extensions

3 New Changes introduced: - Context Methodology - More flexibility to add new attributes and enhance the data model - Moving from classes and data structure to a dictionary - Validation is not performed anymore at XML parsing level but at application level Modular item

4 Modular Item example

5 Question: How do we want to proceed with PRICAT message? EANCOM has proven to speed up implementation of GDSN in EANCOM-Traditional countries EANCOM is widely use to upload and download information from the DPs. DPs offer EANCOM as an additional format. Two options: Option 1: Continue the same approach that we have today in all EANCOM2GDSN mappings. Analyse new data added and map it into EANCOM. Option 2: Move PRICAT message to a more flexible approach, creating the Modular Item PRICAT.

6 Option1 vs Options2 Pros Option1Pros Option2 -Aligned with current GDSN2EANCOM methodology -Not disruptive with current implementations, easier for users to understand how to implement it. -Aligned with the new GDSN approach -All the pros already stated for Modular item: flexible, scalable, … -More resource-effective from a standards development perspective -Easier for DPs to convert from EANCOM to GS1 XML in any process Cons Option1Cons Option2 -GS1 continues the Edifact engineering to accommodate all the new attributes. -The model is getting more and more complex -EANCOM and GSDN XML follow different paths -More time to provide new versions -Non-backwards compatibility -New approach for users and MOs: training and documentation is important. -Current PRICAT message can not accommodate this structure (at least I did not see how)

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