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Creative Archive Oxford Media Convention 19.01.06.

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1 Creative Archive Oxford Media Convention 19.01.06




5 Free access to selected content for learning, for creativity and for pleasure. From home, members of the public will be able to: search for legally cleared TV and radio content – from extracts to whole programmes preview and download modify and create their own versions share with others – and with the BBC – on a non-commercial basis Creative Archive the proposition Unique concept - few precedents - major challenges

6 BBC pilot campaigns August 2005Oct 2006 Radio 1 superstar vj News newsmaker Science and Nature postcards from planet earth Where I Live LearnExpress (Schools)

7 Vision a Creative Archive for the nation, drawing on moving images, stills and sound content from a range of public and commercial sources Founding members: BBC Channel 4 Bfi OU Teachers TV Community Channel

8 If we can develop a public library system which respects IP, and rewards authors, why cant we be similarly imaginative with a national creative archive? Perhaps we need public lending rights for content creators. Broadcasters, rights holders and archives need to work together to develop bold schemes and new thinking.

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