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The Challenge Grow at 10% for 3 decades Ease of doing business

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2 The Challenge Grow at 10% for 3 decades Ease of doing business
Making India a part of the global supply chain Young India – skilling the nation and creating opportunities Making India an hub for R&D Making India a centre for large scale manufacturing Urbanisation – a unique opportunity

3 Make in India initiative
Pillars of a new resurgent India New Processes New R&D New Design New Mindset New Infrastructure New Innovation New Sectors

4 Ease of doing business Make India the easiest and simplest place to do business Eliminate paperwork, processes, procedures, rules & acts Use technology to leapfrog Converge & integrate departments

5 Steps for Ease of Doing Business
Convert from manual to online Eliminate touch points with applicants Prepare checklists, adhere to them Prepare timelines, punish delays

6 Steps for Ease of Doing Business
Share information across platforms Eliminate unnecessary steps and requirements Merge processes wherever possible Promote self-compliance, self-certification

7 Initiatives taken by Government for Defence Sector
Large number of products taken off from licensing list Licensing requirement removed for dual use items Time period for implementing licence extended Validity of security clearance extended Partial commencement of production to be treated as commencement for all products Simplified forms, online application through eBiz

8 Initiatives taken on Labour reform
Unified portal (Shram Suvidha) for registration of Units for LIN, reporting of inspections , submission of returns and Grievance redressal launched Employer registration with ESIC and EPFO made online Payments for ESIC and EPFO made online with 56 accredited banks Combined return for 8 labour laws

9 Initiatives taken for Companies
Amendment in the Companies Act, introduced to- Eliminate requirement of minimum paid-up capital Eliminate requirement of common seal Elimination of declaration of Commencement of Business

10 Initiatives taken for Companies
Incorporation of company made a single step process by merging options for name availability and allotment of DIN Single process for incorporation of company, allotment of PAN & TAN and registration with ESIC & EPFO

11 Other Reforms Documents required for import and export reduced to three from 10 and 7 respectively Online single window for clearance of imported goods initiated: Message exchange with FSSAI & Plant Quarantine Customs Clearance Facilitation Committee at ports to ensure expeditious clearance of goods

12 Initiatives taken by States
Maharashtra Simplification of process for new electric connection: reducing 4 processes and 46 days Integration of VAT and Professional Tax registration process: Single ID for both taxes Online registration of shops & establishments Commercial divisions created in High Court

13 Initiatives taken by States
NCT of Delhi Real-time allotment of TIN for VAT registration Online application for construction permits for residential and industrial buildings: Elimination of multiple interaction for applicants Online registration of shops & establishments Commercial divisions created in High Court

14 eBiz- Integration of Services & Payment
Issue of Industrial License Filing of Industrial Entrepreneurs Memorandum Employer Registration with ESIC MCA Name Availability Issue of Director Identification Number (MCA) MCA-Certificate Of Incorporation MCA-Certificate for Commencement of Business

15 eBiz- Integration of Services & Payment
Reporting of Advance Foreign Remittance to RBI Reporting of FC-GPR Issue of Permanent Account Number Allotment of Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number Employer Registration with EPFO Importer Exporter Code License for Possession and Sale or Possession and Use of Explosives

16 Radical Reforms- Ease of doing business
No minimum capital. No common seal. No declaration of commencement of business Online & real-time registration with ESIC & EPFO, P AN & T AN Combined returns under 8 labour laws Documents for exports and imports reduced from 1 1 to 3. Delicensing of defence – 56 % of defence items taken out of licensing requirement NRI investments be treated as Indian investments

17 Making India part of the global supply chain
Liberalized FDI Regime: Railways - 100% Construction - 100% Medical Devices - 100% Defence - 49% Insurance and pension funds - 49%

18 India today is one of the most open economies of the world
Liberalized Foreign Direct Investment Regime India today is one of the most open economies of the world 100% FDI permitted in Telecom Sector 100% FDI permitted in Asset Reconstruction Companies 100% FDI in single-brand retail 100% FDI in Pharmaceuticals sector

19 Make in India - impact on FDI (Oct - Apr)

20 FDI inflows in India – top sectors (2014-15)

21 Engagement figures Over investor queries addressed through the Make in India portal 21000 visitors on the e-BiZ portal Subscriber base of 5000 on the e-BiZ portal 3.5 million fans on FB 558,000 followers on Twitter

22 Creating new world class infrastructure
Delhi – Mumbai industrial corridor Amritsar – Kolkata industrial corridor Chennai – Bengaluru industrialcorridor Bengaluru – Mumbai industrial corridor Chennai – Vizag industrial corridor

23 Delhi- Mumbai lndustrial Corridor

24 Chennai- Bengaluru Industrial Corridor

25 Bengaluru- Mumbai Industrial Corridor

26 Chennai- Vizag Industrial Corridor

27 Converging Industrial corridors
National Industrial corridor development authority (NICDA) being created

28 New Mindset - Red Tape to Red Carpet
24x7 online service to investors across the world Response query mechanism Proactive intervention with all state governments Follow-up with all Government of India departments Japan+ and Korea+ special desks

29 100 smart cities Transforming lives, transforming India
Urban India will contribute 75% of GDP by 2030 700 million Indians to get in the process of urbanisation Creating an innovative, sustainable India Urbanisation - a unique opportunity

30 Using technology to leapfrog - JAM
Jan dhan – 160 million new household accounts Aadhar – 1 billion aadhar enrolments, Unique identity movement Mobile – 900 million cell phone users (370 mn in rural areas) India using mobile technology, unique identity & bank accounts.

31 Indian Economy - what the world says:
Baseline Profitability Index, (Reported in Foreign Policy Journal) India ranked 1st among 110 countries in 2015 as compared to 6th in 2014. World Bank Group: Global Economic Prospects, January, 2015 India to be world's fastest growing big economy by 2017. OECD India is the only country among top economies to increase its pace of growth.

32 Indian Economy - what the world says:
UNCTAD News, World Investment Report, 2015 India climbs 6 places from 15th to 9th to join the league of world's top 10 countries by FDI inflows. Frost and Sullivan, USA Award for Make in India, 2015 Economic Development Innovation Award for Policy and Programme Implementation Excellence.

33 Skill India - key challenge
Demographic Dividend – 62% of population in Working Age Group 104 Million to be skill trained by 2022 New dynamic Skill Development & Entrepreneurship Policy National Occupation Standards laid down by Sector Skill Councils NSDC is building scalable, for-profit vocational training institutions across India

34 New initiatives Digital India - Transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and Clean Ganga - Focuses on building toilets, especially for women and make India the cleanest country

35 India at the heart of frugal engineering
Low cost but not low tech! Renault KWID will do much better than any other car because it has Indian Genes – Carlos Ghosn, chairman & ceo Renault General electric’s Mac 400 electro cardio graph (ECG) Machine {1500$ instead of 10000$ for its predecessor. Cost of ECG just 1$} Heart surgery costs between 2000$ & 5000& as compared to $ in US Jaipur foot for US $45 and jaipur knee for US $ top inventions of the world – Time magazine Mangalyaan – Mars orbiter mission US 73 Million – 1/10th the cost of any previous Mars mission.

36 India - design & innovation
A large consumer market Large B2B market, one of the largest business to govt markets India - an innovation lab for companies combining technology, design, innovation

37 India - a vibrant nation of startups
Fastest and third largest ecosystem in the world Technology product, digital & manufacturing startups projected for rapid growth 10 fold increase in access to capital through VC’s, angel investment and seed funding Nation of job creators rather than job seekers India is in the midst of a startup boom

38 India - an R&D powerhouse
Leading offshore destination for engineering and R&D services Talent, technology & emerging market imperative during R&D growth. Resurgence in the number of R&D centers, almost 10,000 companies employing 5,00,000 Indians.

39 Fostering innovation Strong TRIPS compliant policy framework
Ease of Access: world-class IT enabled patent offices Internationally acclaimed systems for International Searching and Preliminary Examination of patent applications. Madrid system for international registration of trademarks

40 Snapshot of core research by MNC R&D centers in India
GE Composite material design Electromagnetic analytics Nondestructive evaluation technology Honeywell Next generation magnetic sensors Image analysis and computer vision Intelligent vehicle technologies General Motors Smart system modeling Vehicle structure and safety Chemical reaction modeling Source: Zinov Research & Analysis

41 Snapshot of core research by MNC R&D centers in India
Philips Healthcare systems and technologies Energy and lighting Consumer lifestyle technologies EADS High performance computing Avionics Structures Siemens Decentralised energy systems Embedded systems S.M.A.R.T.* technologies Source: Zinov Research & Analysis

42 Snapshot of core research by MNC R&D centers in India
Abrasives/adhesives Coatings NVH materials ABB Manufacturing technologies Communication technologies Robotics Source: Zinov Research & Analysis

43 Auto-components: Over 35 IPOs of Global OEMs & Tier 1 procuring from India Automobiles: India’s car market potential: 6+ Millions units annually by 2020 Aviation: 9th largest civil aviation market in the world Biotechnology: Amongst top 12 biotech destinations in the world; 3rd in the Asia-Pacific region. Chemicals: 3rd largest in Asia & 6th largest by output in the world.

44 Up to 49% FDI is now allowed under the government route and
Defence: Up to 49% FDI is now allowed under the government route and beyond 49% with the approval of cabinet committee .Construction: Approx. USD 650 billion required for urban infrastructure over the next 20 years Electrical Machinery: The industry has grown close to USD 25 billion. It contributes 1.4% to the nation’s GDP and 10% to the manufacturing growth. Electronic Systems Expected demand to reach USD 400 Billion by 2020, aided by government schemes Food Processing: National Food Processing Policy aims to increase the level of food processing from 10% in 2010 to 25% in 2025.

45 The IT-BPM sector constitutes 8.1% of the
country’s GDP and contributes significantly to public welfare Leather: Total production value of US$11 bn with great potential for exports and a huge domestic market Media and Entertainment: The industry is expected to register a CAGR of 14.2%, reaching INR Billion in 2018 Mining: India has vast minerals potential with mining leases granted for longer durations of 20 to 30 years Oil and Gas: Threefold increase in energy demand expected in India by 2035 to 1,516 mn tonnes of Oil Equivalent from 563 mn Tonnes of Oil Equivalent in 2012.

46 Pharmaceuticals: Expected to rank among top 3 pharmaceutical markets in terms of incremental growth by 2020. Ports: Special Economic Zones are being developed in close proximity to several ports – comprising coal-based power plants, steel plants and oil refineries Railways: 100% FDI under the auto route in the railway infrastructure segment Roads and Highways: Extensive road network of 4.86 mn kms: 2nd largest in the world Renewable Energy: India stands fifth in the world in the overall renewable energy capacity installation with an installed capacity of 33,792MW

47 India has the second-largest manufacturing capacity globally. Space:
Textiles: India has the second-largest manufacturing capacity globally. Space: India is a world leader in low cost space exploration and Indian space program stands out as the most cost effective in the world Thermal Power: 4 ultra mega power projects awarded and five more ultra mega power projects), under the plug and play model will be set up with total investments of ₹1 trillion Tourism: Foreign tourist arrivals to India has risen 7.1% to 7.5 million in 2014. Wellness: The sector is growing at 20% from year to year and is projected to amount to INR 162 Billion in 2014

48 For Queries, Assistance, Hand – Holding contact:
Mr. Siddhartha Anand Investor Facilitation Cell, Invest India


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