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Introducing the new LABINS Interactive Map

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1 Introducing the new LABINS Interactive Map

2 Faster! Better!

3 The same features as before, plus a few extra goodies

4 Choose a basemap (street, aerial, or topo – or make your own combination using the slider bar)

5 Map Navigation is Easy Auto-pan In 8 directions Previous Next
Auto-zooms Manual pan Manual zooms

6 Zoom to many features – even coordinates

7 Search databases using text queries
Choose the data type From this list Fill in as much or as Little information as You want to search on. (All selections are ANDed, so more Criteria can produce Fewer results.) Text fields only require The first few letters and are NOT case sensitive

8 Zoom to results by clicking the highlighted record

9 Select by Polygon Searches for all Data layers listed. Each search is
Added to the Previous search.

10 Click the highlighted record to zoom

11 Identify things on the map
Choose regular Drill-Down for CCR, NGS, and other LABINS data Choose the second option for Hi-Res images, GLO links, and other

12 Sample of regular drill-down
Note – many Types of data Are returned

13 What about Downloading Hi-Res Imagery?
Turn on the grid for your State Plane Zone (not required, but helps you see what you are doing) 2. Click the map (inside the grid you want) 3. Click the resulting link to the file 4. Repeat steps 2-3 for all grids that you want

14 Download your data from here

15 Map Layers Works like all Other map layer lists

16 The goodies Measure Tools – draw and measure on the map
Print – just prints Swipe Spotlight – a feature from ArcMap. Tell us if you find it useful! Street View – see next slide

17 Street View! Choose Street View Click the map and results
open in a new window. That’s how easy it is!

18 Questions? URL will be posted on the front page of LABINS soon
Contact Stephen Hodge


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