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Ending child poverty across the UK Jason Strelitz IPPR Associate / Health Inequalities Post 2010 Review.

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1 Ending child poverty across the UK Jason Strelitz IPPR Associate / Health Inequalities Post 2010 Review

2 % below 60% median income, AHC, Source: HBAI 2008




6 The UK Government has set targets that child poverty will be halved by 2010 when compared with 1997, and eradicated by 2020. The Welsh Assembly Government wishes to play its full part in meeting that target. This Strategy sets out our contribution. Rhodri Morgan, A Fair Future for our children, 2005 The Scottish Government remains committed to doing all it can, within the devolved powers available to it, to contribute to the UK Government target of halving child poverty by 2010 as well as ending child poverty by 2020. Stewart Maxwell, Parliamentary Answer 2009 Jeffrey Donaldson, OFMDFM, Oct 08 Our commitment to tackling child poverty is outlined in our Programme for Government…..The actions of the UK Government will have a direct impact on levels of child poverty in Northern Ireland. The Executive here is committed to doing all it can to work towards achieving those targets

7 I will set out our historic aim that ours is the first generation to end child poverty for ever, and it will take a generation. It is a 20 year mission but I believe it can be done. Tony Blair, 1999

8 Work for those who can, support for those who cannot The leitmotif of Government anti- poverty policy leaves what for devolved Governments?

9 Not reserved Social security, including in work support Employment Law including minimum wage, parental leave policy Welfare to work policy Individual childcare support Child Maintenance (except NI) Equalities Policy (except NI) Elements of financial inclusion policy

10 Scope for differences in devolved jurisdictions Tweaks and nuance or A different approach?

11 Improving life opportunities for disadvantaged children Financial inclusion initiatives Take up of financial support Duty on public bodies

12 Rights to action – Seven Core Aims have a flying start in life have a comprehensive range of education and learning opportunities enjoy the best possible health and are free form abuse, victimisation and exploitation; have access to play, leisure, sporting and cultural activities are listened to, treated with respect, and have their race and cultural identity recognised have a safe home and a community which supports physical and emotional wellbeing are not disadvantaged by poverty

13 Commitments to targets Lifetime Opportunities & Programme for Government Focus on severe child poverty Awaiting revised strategy

14 Achieving our Potential, published Nov 08 Places child poverty in inequality framework – can we be more like Norway? Pressure on tax and benefits Activist public sector Language of stigma/discrimination Integrated with local government

15 …[To] increase overall income and the proportion of income earned by the three lowest income deciles as a group by 2017. Target in Achieving our Potential

16 Whats happening in England? Greater local focus child poverty indicator for local area agreements child poverty pilots Regional Focus North East Regional Child Poverty Strategy London child poverty commission leading London programmes

17 Across all 4 nations The targets, to halve child poverty by 2010 and eradicate it by 2020 A narrative of work as the best route out, and education as a long term driver A focus on wide set of domains, including narrowing inequalities in health and education An increasing emphasis on local action

18 Across the devolved nations An increasing willingness to call on Government at Whitehall to deliver on key drivers More focus on locally deliverable targets A different language Focus on some specific issues – rural poverty, participation and community engagement

19 Welfare Reform Bill half-baked, SNP says The Times, December 3, 2008 Crackdown on addicts 'blocked by SNP' The Scotsman, 25 January 2009 Serious concerns have been expressed about the UK government's welfare reform proposals by the Welsh Assembly…Government First Minister Rhodri Morgan has suggested that a "one size fits all" approach is not appropriate, and that what may work somewhere like London would not be suitable in some Welsh communities. BBC Online, 10 December 2008

20 Questions? What will be the impact of the child poverty legislation? How does it highlight tensions in the strategy? How will conflicts be resolved such as welfare reform? Is there good comparative evidence there or coming on the efficacy of different policies approaches? Do differences in language lead to differences in policy?

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