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Consumer behaviour and media platforms: the technology is there but will they use it?' ippr oxford media convention affiliated to the 19th january 2006.

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1 consumer behaviour and media platforms: the technology is there but will they use it?' ippr oxford media convention affiliated to the 19th january 2006 andrew canter, managing director dedicated to jake frank canter 29.10.05

2 for your business esy

3 digital has opened the door to enabling technology 1.lower entry costs 2.consumer demand 3.rapid advancement

4 for your business digital tv has shown the fastest growth rate penetration of colour tv, internet, digital tv, vcr, mobile phone, video games, and video cameras source: industry estimates/the future foundation/ understanding & solutions number of years

5 for your business the cost of tv has changed £5,000 1990s under £1,000 2000s

6 for your business millions of consumers are already using this technology 1 million 5 million 1.7 million 1 million (185k in 1 st Week) fastest selling in uk history 2 million source: tgi/mpg/mda/bbc/icm direct/ contentworx forecasts 2 million 500k units

7 for your business the ipod generation 2005 jan: ipod shuffle 1gb £75 aug: 5 th gen. 60gb music, photos 15,000 songs sep: ipod nano 2gb £139 oct: ipod video £299 now £279 2006 iphone? £? 2001 5gb music £325 now £50 1999 basic mp3 player £100 now £10 *Cost: * n.b. all costs are estimates source: apple/contentworx forecasts 2002 mar: 10gb jul: 20gb pc compat. dec: 3 rd gen. new buttons/ layout 10, 15, 30gb 5gb Major price cut £150 now £30 2003 7,500 songs itunes music store-download june: 1 mill sep: 1.4 mill dec: 40gb version replaced 10gb with 15gb same price £250 now £100 2004 mini ipod £50 4gb hard drive jun: 4 th gen. £75 price cut + new software nov: ipod photo refine i/face, add capacity, slimmed down, added features £225 now £150

8 for your business £22 billion

9 for your business a new breed of entertainment company?

10 for your business the bbc are investing heavily in new technology

11 for your business entertainment is now an interactive experience

12 for your business we are witnessing real convergence

13 for your business dont just take our word for it!

14 for your business viewers migrate away from tv set the report set out to look at the following four key areas:- 1. ad-avoidance – e.g. what do consumers like best about their pvrs? 2. viewer migration – e.g. what devices were they using to watch tv programmes and how long were they spending on those devices? 3. on-demand – e.g. would they want to pay, if so how much for the convenience of this type of this service? 4. attitudes towards branded content funded by advertisers – e.g. would they be willing to watch this type of involving 'advertising' content? would they be prepared to pay to avoid advertising? source: ICM direct/contentworx

15 for your business key findings xaround 2.0 million watch tv via broadband xskipping through ad-break at 30 times normal speed best feature of sky+ xalmost one-third (29%) of viewing tv programmes takes place away from tv set, amongst certain age groups xmajority (52%) of those watching tv via broadband, spent over 30 mins per day xthose viewing via mobile, most (22%) spent up to 10 mins per day xvast majority (61%) of younger age groups (18-24) are willing to watch content funded by advertisers xalmost a quarter (23%) are prepared to pay to avoid watching ads in the future source: ICM direct/contentworx

16 for your business new model earlier adopters Source: contentworx old model early adopters late adopters mass market trickle down effect

17 for your business partnerships are critical

18 for your business a new lease of life

19 for your business style v function

20 for your business technology enriches our lives source: letters page, prima magazine

21 for your business this is revolution, not evolution

22 than you affiliated to the

23 for your business appendix

24 for your business who are we? xname: andrew canter xposition: managing director, contentworx limited xpreviously: xtyne tees tv – london sales team - 1986-1988 xyoung & rubicam – 1988-1996 (board director) xmedia planning group – 1996-2004 (head of client services) xexperience of working with the following clients: coi, colgate palmolive, mirror group newspapers, courage, quaker, british gas, united airlines, ericsson, psa, orange, ask jeeves, intel, tui, iNG direct, esure, polaroid xindustry contributions: chaired the annual warc seminar on tv planning & buying. lectures in media at bournemouth university and west herts college. he is also a member of the advisory committee for advertising practices (acap) at west herts college. has appeared on bbc news 24, cnbc and bloomberg and is regularly quoted in the national press and trade publications on key industry issues xin real life: as a qualified photographer, he is passionate about taking photographs. his other passion is horology and collecting clocks. he is an avid watford football club fan and shareholder

25 for your business notice: proprietary and confidential - all of the content in this document (text, figures, lists, financial information, graphics, design, diagrams, as well as other graphic elements and/or audio and videos), whichever is the format used (paper or electronic), is confidential and proprietary to contentworx limited. this document includes ideas and information based on the knowledge, experience, intellectual, creative effort of contentworx limited. for these reasons, this material shall not be used, reproduced, copied, disclosed, transmitted, transformed, commercialised or communicated, in whole or in part, neither to third parties or to the public, without the express and written consent of contentworx limited." - thank you contentworx limited all rights reserved affiliated to the

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