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APC Road Show: Orlando, FL Zarnaaz Bashir Program Manager.

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2 APC Road Show: Orlando, FL Zarnaaz Bashir Program Manager

3 NACCHOs Mission NACCHO is the national organization representing local health departments. NACCHO works to support efforts that protect and improve the health of all people and all communities by promoting national policy, developing resources and programs, seeking health equity and supporting effective local public health practice and systems.

4 Who are the APCs? Seven funded local health departments that respond to emerging issues in preparedness and produce innovative tools, technical assistance, and training that other LHDs need to respond to public health emergencies.

5 The APCs Cambridge Public Health Department (MA) Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services (MD) Santa Clara County Public Health Department (CA) Public Health – Seattle and King County (WA) Tarrant County Public Health (TX) Twin Cities Metro (MN) Western New York Public Health Alliance (rural)

6 The APCs:

7 Why is this important? Meets a LHD need Precludes unnecessary time and resources spent on duplication of work Improved health outcomes

8 Where are we now? ~90 tools available

9 AREAS OF FOCUS Planning, training, and/or exercising on… Vulnerable populations Biosurveillance Radiological response Environmental health/food safety Rural health Mutual aid Personal preparedness Dispensing issues Volunteers Pan flu preparedness Risk communication Mass fatality

10 Technical assistance & training Mentoring APC training conferences Regional meetings Satellite broadcast/webinars Presentations

11 Where are we going? Aligning our work with CDCs priorities State partners, ASTHO, SACCHOs ASPH, PERRCs, CPHPs Marketing Evaluation Gap analysis & research

12 Success factors Provide you with tools and training to help enhance your agencys preparedness capabilities and capacities Provide you with a clear understanding of the APC Program Provide us with an understanding of preparedness needs for rural health departments

13 Who are you?

14 Jurisdiction Served

15 Attendance at Summit

16 Familiarity with APCs

17 Use of APC resources

18 Attendance at APC training

19 Your priorities

20 Group exercise 1.What public health preparedness challenges do you face in your community? 2.What are you hoping to learn from this conference?

21 Agenda DAY 1 APC Overviews Concurrent Session I Lunch Concurrent Session II Roundtable Discussions Wrap up

22 Agenda Day 2 Breakfast Concurrent session III Wrap-up and Evaluation

23 Your packets Resource catalog Advocate material Travel reimbursement form Evaluation


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