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Vulnerable Populations Tools Developed by Montgomery County APC.

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1 Vulnerable Populations Tools Developed by Montgomery County APC

2 Presentation Objectives Define vulnerable populations Describe two tools that will assist in preparing vulnerable populations –Case Management Tool for Aging and Disabled - Checklist –Latino Health Promoter Curriculum - TTT

3 Definition of Vulnerable Populations Determined by your own population within your community and what populations will be most at-risk during an emergency event.

4 Examples of Vulnerable Populations Limited English Proficiency Economically disadvantaged Isolated from the community Physically or mentally challenged Pregnant Women Children Homeless Persons with chronic conditions Seniors Minority groups

5 Case Management Tool Purpose: Part of community engagement model, introduce emergency preparedness into the workforce Pilot tested through collaborative effort with SMEs in Aging and Disability Program.

6 Engage County and Community Programs County Programs –Aging and Disability –Community Health Nurses-Pregnant women and families with young children –Foster Care –Health Clinics (HIV, STD, TB) –Case Management Services Community Programs –Faith Community Nurses –Home Health Agencies –Home Visiting Programs –Rehabilitation Centers –Case Management Programs

7 Case Management Tool Modification/Use-original files available upon request Intended to be copied and placed into case management records Available for free through Montgomery APCs webpage.

8 Latino Health Promoter Curriculum Purpose: To train promotores de salud in Public Health Emergency Preparedness 3-Day training Developed based upon focus group studies to educate gatekeepers to promote emergency preparedness in daily work with Latino Community

9 Background Scarce information on emergency preparedness (EP) knowledge and attitudes in Latinos Racial/ethnic minorities more vulnerable to disasters Need to develop culturally and linguistically competent (EP) interventions

10 Objectives of the Montgomery APC/LHI Project nCompile information/assess Latinos knowledge, perceptions of risk, and preferred and actual sources of information on EP. nDevelop culturally appropriate EP materials to be replicated and used in other jurisdictions nDevelop and test an EP intervention among low-income Latinos-through a mini-pilot project

11 Factors Contributing to Success of Using Latino Health Promoters Carefully designed culturally & linguistically competent intervention Limited number of key messages Collaboration with trusted agencies Incentives? Skills, talents, enthusiasm, experience of promoters Community trust in promoters

12 Health Promoter Curriculum Basic information on public health emergencies and actions to take to prepare for an emergency Outreach, community engagement techniques, and use of educational materials Outlines specific knowledge and skills learning objectives, training content and methods Includes simple record keeping tool

13 Have a Conversation

14 Make a Plan

15 Prepare a Kit

16 Conclusion Training curriculum & accompanying materials facilitate replication in other sites. Careful attention to building relationships with community & nurturing promoters

17 Activity 9: Preparing for Emergencies RULES: Form two teams 30 seconds to state how the object is related to emergency preparedness Must state if this an essential item or not Incorrect answers allow the other team to answer Points are awarded to the team that can correctly answer the two questions


19 Mario in Florida:



22 Montgomery County Public Schools Emergency Preparedness Plans



25 For Emergencies call: 911














39 Latino Health Promoter Curriculum Modification/Use-Can be implemented with any Health Promoter or outreach program that works with the Latino community. Available for free through Montgomery APCs webpage

40 Contact Information us: Visit our website:

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