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2 Social monitoring & Intelligence
Agree on Dengue SMM Objectives 1. Signal detection 2. Measure and evaluate impact 3. Targeting, calibrating 4. Develop public engagement strategies Agree on Matrix of services and deliverables

3 Extracting insights from streams of data: Social monitoring & intelligence
Human analysis (drill down): subject | tone | buzz | crisis | measure & evaluate Human analysis (influencers): Influencer ID & mapping | hubs of influence | Social networks Human analysis (to refine algorithms): Sentiment | topic | buzz | Active surveillance (events): News | rumours | issues | controversies | outbreaks Monitoring (indicators): Volume | channel | sentiment | topic | region | language

4 VaxiTrends Social Barometer beta (

5 Vaxitrends social barometer What are we listening to?
Active (& passive) monitoring of social streams of data 50,000 online sources news aggregators (such as Google News, Yahoo News, Moreover), specific RSS feeds (WHO, OIE, others), subscriptions (GPHIN, ProMED, etc), expert-curated discussions such as ProMED and validated official reports. Local offline news sources as well Soon to include TWITTER System monitors, mines, filters, classifies (algorithm & eyes), visualizes and evaluates vaccination intelligence. Automated and human analyses to extract insights on: vaccination volume | channels, topics | geospatial information | influencers | networks | sentiment | buzz | crisis events

6 Social media monitoring
Discussions on vaccination by sentiment over time (June 2011 to Oct ) in all sources (i.e. news, blogs, social media, forums) worldwide 2’ [24’]

7 Social media monitoring: Vaxitrends Social Barometer
News Feed/Tag cloud Temp ºC (topics; volume, time) Pressure kPa (volume, sentiment, time)

8 The vaccination conversation on Twitter (sept 2012 – nov 2012)
Social media analysis The vaccination conversation on Twitter (sept 2012 – nov 2012) Play with a host of visualisations at:

9 Formative research & practice → Behaviour change
Listening Monitoring & Evaluation MEASURE Best practices Piloting & Practice Formative research Outcomes research, implementation Strategies for behaviour change/stabilisation Social, psychological & demographic predictors

10 An iterative cycle Passive and active listening to conversations, news, and events Understand & Measure. Monitor, analyze & track conversations Dialogue with lay public, patients, HCPs and policy makers; track comments for insights

11 Social intelligence for public engagement strategies
Who, to whom, what, where, when? Differences by region? Sources: social media sites, blogs, forums, news, search engines, etc. Hubs of influence What are most-discussed topics? What sentiments, and why? How is information shared? Content generators, senders, receivers? What can we learn about barriers to vaccination uptake? Who should we, our partners be connecting with to achieve greatest impact? What is the best way to connect with them? Tactics by audience? How can we use these metrics to measure success and refine strategy? Using Social Intelligence to Develop a Public Engagement Strategy – Helena Harnik

12 Tracking attitudes to vaccination
“As no standard tool for assessment of immunisation decision-making exists, studies conducted to date measure different factors in different ways, resulting in a disparate body of data. The development and application of a valid instrument is vital to our understanding of immunisation decision-making across populations and contexts.”1 HCP recommendation is major determinant of vaccination acceptance in most contexts Most HCPs are not aware of their key role nor equipped to perform it 1. Brown KF, et al. Factors underlying parental decisions about combination childhood vaccinations including MMR: A systematic review. Vaccine (2010), doi: /j.vaccine

13 Measuring the problem -1 A standardised tool
VaxiTrends Attitudinal Barometer Standardised, psychometrically validated Identify, understand and track predictors of adult vaccination Across geographies, over time Social, psychological & demographic predictors US UK France Germany Brazil China India Understanding and knowing our customer

14 Measuring the problem - 2 An innovative tool
The first standardised instrument for adult vaccination acceptance: Broad but specific Adults – excluding pregnant women and HCP 2 routine vaccines (influenza & tetanus) Longitudinal data (season/non-season) Multinational (6 high and mid-income countries) Systematic approach Systematic review Multinational qualitative study Robust piloting (500 observations) Psychometrically validated tool Survey items measure what they are supposed to measure Reliable across time and populations VaxiTrends Attitudinal Barometer Inform interventions Track changes in attitudes over time Measure impact AIMS: To develop and validate a tool that robustly captures social, psychological and demographic predictors of adult seasonal influenza vaccines and tetanus boosters across geographies and overtime To better predict adult vaccines uptake and to contribute to improving immunisation policy and communication strategies to enable individuals to make informed choices. Review of the literature Determinants of uptake Existing validated measures Qualitative study In-depth exploration of journey to vaccination 20 f2f interviews with adults / 6 tel interviews with HCP Quantitative study Representative sample – N= Psychometrically validated instrument (barometer) Trust

15 Listen better: Social media monitoring
Discussions on vaccination by sentiment over time (June 2011 to Oct ) in all sources (i.e. news, blogs, social media, forums) worldwide Week Sept 10-16 Attitudes 2’ [24’]

16 Info hubs can help if socially integrated: Vaccines Today

17 Some final thoughts Sentiment analysis: should refer to what may change behaviour X ‘Vaccines save lots of lives’ √ ‘Every one of the Brumbies rugby team got their shot this year (descriptive norm plus champions)’ 80% of doctors in Wade county got their flu shot last season. What about you? (descriptive norm) Please test the Social Barometer and feedback to me – tell what you would use. Using tools like this should change our own behaviours – listen more, understand more We can put voices into the conversation, and help those that are already there


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