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MAPP for SACCHOs SACCHO Meeting, January 16-17, 2007.

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1 MAPP for SACCHOs SACCHO Meeting, January 16-17, 2007

2 What is MAPP? A community-wide strategic planning tool for improving public health. A method to help communities prioritize public health issues, identify resources for addressing them, and take action.

3 MAPP Overview

4 The MAPP Assessments

5 MAPP Overview

6 Three Keys to MAPP Strategic Thinking Community Driven Process Focus on the Local Public Health System

7 The MAPP Paradigm Shift

8 Benefits Anticipates and manages change. Increases visibility of public health. Creates advocates for public health. Builds stronger partnerships. Builds public health leadership. Creates a stronger public health infrastructure.

9 MAPP Connections Can help to address Healthy People 2010 objectives. Essential Services framework ensures a comprehensive picture of public health Supports LHDs efforts in working towards an Operational Definition of a Functioning Local Health Department

10 State-Wide Implementation through SACCHOs State wide trainings Peer Mentoring Data comparisons SACCHO Leadership How? Why?

11 Example: NJ State convenes partnership coordinators meetings for cross learning Invite experts to help inform local processes Exemplary activities highlighted among peers. Conduit between locals and national organizations

12 MAPP Contacts Julia Joh Elligers, MPH Senior Analyst, NACCHO (202) 783-5550, Ext. 245 Heidi Deutsch, MA, MSDM Program Manager, NACCHO (202) 783-5550, Ext. 252

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