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Columbus Health Department Community Themes and Strengths Webcast May 24, 2005.

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1 Columbus Health Department Community Themes and Strengths Webcast May 24, 2005

2 Columbus Health Department

3 City of Columbus Population Demographics White: 70% (496,500) Black or African American: 26% (185,200) Asian: 4.0% (28,000) Hispanic or Latino: 2.5% (17,500) 33 Planning Areas 13 Area Commissions

4 Columbus Health Department MAPP Sub-Population Focus Hispanic/Latino Community 3 Geographic Areas- West, North, East Spanish Speaking (Diverse Groups) New Immigrants, Undocumented North Central Area Commission 85% Black, 12% White (8,800 pop.) 10 Neighborhoods Resident Interest

5 Columbus Health Department Techniques Utilized Latino: Focus Groups (6) North Central: Surveys and Interviews (90) Both: Asset Assessments (leaders)

6 Columbus Health Department Latino Focus Groups Spanish 2 per Geographic Area 3 Male; 3 Female Groups Churches or Community Centers, Sun. Evenings Friends Incentives ($25 certificates)

7 Columbus Health Department Latino Focus Group Questions Strengths of the community? Needs of the community? Biggest concerns? Which needs are most important? Where do you go for health care? Health information?

8 Columbus Health Department North Central Process Environmental Air Quality MAPP Invitation Expansion- Quality of Life in NC Community Themes and Strengths Assets and Deficits

9 Columbus Health Department How to Guide Assets Familiarity with your community and organizations in the community Businesses Community Organizations Actions Groups Community Resources

10 Columbus Health Department Assets Cont. Acquaintance with key individuals Presidents/group leaders Community Leaders Recreation Centers University Housing Organization

11 Columbus Health Department Themes and Strengths Surveys North Central Community Cook Out (20) Open Ended Self Administered Face to Face Interviews (70) Pilot Tested One on One Closed Ended

12 Columbus Health Department Community Assessment Interviews MAPP Model Questions Resident Input (many drafts) Quality of Life, Health Care, Demographics, and Environmental Issues Vista Americorp, University Students Confidential Analysis

13 Columbus Health Department Survey Tips Extra copy for respondent Clearly define Community Have retired and self employed as categories Greater confidentiality for sensitive questions (alcohol use, income)

14 Columbus Health Department Results Latino Focus Groups Diverse Population (Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia, Columbia) Health=Work Immigration Issues NC Community Interviews Good to Fair Health Fair Quality of Life Fair Environment

15 Columbus Health Department Results cont. NC Major Health Issues Hypertension (69%) Diabetes (50%) Heart Disease (25%)

16 Columbus Health Department Contact Information Mike Smeltzer Columbus Health Department 240 Parsons Ave. Columbus, OH 43215 Ph: 614-645-6751 Email:

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