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DESY Participation in an External Experiment Joachim Mnich PRC Meeting 26.05.2005.

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1 DESY Participation in an External Experiment Joachim Mnich PRC Meeting 26.05.2005

2 - External experiment is part of DESY base programme as proposed to HGF to bridge the period between end of HERA and the start of the ILC - Initial discussions at DESY in 2003 two options were discussed 1. neutrino experiment 2. LHC programme - (Re-)formation of a Strategy Group Representatives from DESY and German universities - Meetings in 2005 February 28th (incl. public presentations) March 31st + input from outside the strategy group DESY Participation in an External Experiment

3 Why LHC? - Very broad and rich physics programme at the LHC - LHC flagship of high energy physics for one to two decades most crucial results for the evolution of physics - Large physics overlap with HERA and LHC physics - Natural development of DESY expertise in HEP experimentation similar detectors, collaborations, data analysis, computing,... - Collaboration with German universities (HEP groups) HERA  LHC  ILC Conclusion of Strategy Group General and broad consensus reached: - DESY should participate in the LHC programme - Recommendation to participate in the large multi-purpose experiments at the LHC: ATLAS, CMS

4 protons Atlas The Large Hadron Collider LHC Physics at the LHC - High energy: 14 TeV - High luminosity: 10 33  10 34 /cm 2 /s - First collisions in 2007 - Initial physics runs 2008 Large cross sections and event rates:  1 tt-pair per second  1 Higgs boson per minute at 10 33 /cm 2 /s

5 Two Examples for the LHC Physics Reach SM Higgs boson discovery Physics beyond the SM Reach extends to multi-TeV range Atlas SUSY, EDM, new vector bosons, heavy neutrinos, technicolour, compositness, lepto-quarks,...

6 ILC LHC HERA A DESY participation at the LHC: The bridge from HERA to the ILC Final Meeting March 21-24 DESY, Hamburg Both workshops will continue... - Natural continuation of HERA programme - Ideal preparation for physics at the ILC - Synergy also for DESY theory group Workshops demonstrate physics overlap

7 Collaboration with German University Groups - Bonn - Dortmund - Freiburg - Heidelberg - Mainz - Mannheim - LMU München - MPI München - Siegen - Wuppertal - Aachen - Hamburg - Karlsruhe ATLAS CMS Most German HEP groups are strongly involved in the LHC experiments:

8 Twofold DESY engagement: 1.Provide Tier-II analysis centres for ATLAS and CMS 2. Experimental group (physics analysis & detector contribution) in ATLAS or CMS Very positive reaction - from both experiments - and the German groups - Resources to be fit into frame given by ongoing HEP programmes HERA and ILC - Intention is a long-term engagement possibly extending to concurrent participation in LHC and ILC physics - DESY contributions should be visible Scope and Plans of the DESY Participation at the LHC

9 Tier-II Analysis Centres Computing of the LHC experiments is based on Grid technology LCG project: LHC Computing Grid Tier 0: first data processing at CERN Tier 1: data re-processing  10 worldwide Tier 2: data selection, analysis & MC production  1-3 per country & expt. (Europe) Tier 3: physics analysis & MC production at universities T0 T1 T2 Legnaro IC London CIEMAT Madrid FZK Karlsruhe RAL Oxford IN2P3 Lyon CNAF Bologna PIC Barcelona T1 FNAL Chicago T2 Uni Florida DESY

10 Competence: existing Grid infrastructure at DESY - HERA experiments - ILC studies extensively use LCG Prospects: keep & develop at DESY competence in - treatment of large data volumes - operation of complex computing architectures - participation in world wide computing devolopments - Ideal preparation for ILC Long-term strategic orientation from HERA to ILC analysis centre - Matches DESY charge to provide support to the German HEP community DESY is ideally suited as Tier II for german universities Tier-II Analysis Centres

11 Status Tier-II Analysis Centres - Prototyp infrastructure being set up in collaboration with Uni HH (CMS) - Discussions with both experiments started - Participation of DESY in LCG service challenges planned (June/July) - exercise Grid tools on large data samples - moving data between Tiers - distributed analysis

12 Participation in ATLAS or CMS? Status and plans: DESY group  nominated to - collect information from both experiments on possible contributions - evaluate the differences in these possibilities between the two experiments e.g. in terms of prospects of successful impact from DESY - not supposed to become the LHC group - not supposed to negotiate with the collaboration Contact to experiments established In discussions with German groups - received very positive reactions - CERN visit next week to discuss with experiments  K. Borras, P. Kostka, A. Meyer, J. Mnich, D. Pitzl, C. Youngman, P. Zerwas

13 - DESY contributions to physics analysis interesting topics where DESY participation is needed/welcome match with DESY interest & expertise, incl. theory group synergy between Tier-II analysis centre and DESY analysis group - Possible DESY contributions to baseline detectors for 2007/2008 planned upgrades and replacements and their time lines includes hardware and software contributions - Collaboration with German unversity groups evaluate overlap in physics interest where could DESY provide valuable support to German groups (besides Tier-II) Items of discussion Final decision ATLAS versus CMS will be based on - Input from group - Interest of DESY scientists - General considerations

14 Detector contributions under discussion Examples based on first reactions of experiments: - Data Acquisition & High Level Trigger reconstruction & selection software close to physics detector control synergy with ILC detector - Detector commissioning important activity of experiments in 2005-2008 special expertise at DESY - Forward detectors interest at DESY & open issues at the experiments - Detector upgrades/replacements vertex detectors (pixel) very forward (420 m) - around 2015: very high luminosity 10 35 /cm 2 /s (SLHC) new tracker, DAQ upgrades,...

15 Broad consensus for a DESY participation in the LHC LHC is physics at the high energy frontier - ideal continuation of HERA and - ideal preparation of the ILC physics programme All German HEP institutes participate in LHC experiments - DESY could provide valuable support for universities e.g. computing Tier-II ideal opportunity to position DESY as an ILC analysis centre Visible DESY contributions to LHC experiments still possible and very welcome by the experiments - Discussion with the experiment and the German LHC groups started Summary

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