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Hanoi Plan of Action to implement the ARF Vision Statement.

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1 Hanoi Plan of Action to implement the ARF Vision Statement

2 16 th ARF Ministerial Meeting At the 16 th ARF in Thailand 2009, the ARF Ministers considered and adopted an ARF Vision Statement, charting a vision for the ARF by 2020 and its place in the region. They tasked Senior Officials to develop a plan of action to realize the goals and objectives set out in the ARF Vision Statement, for consideration at the 17 th ARF in 2010, and to keep it under regular review.

3 Timeline November 2009: timeline and outline at the ISG November 2009 – February 2010: inputs from participants Late February 2010: First Draft distribution Late March 2010: First consolidated Draft Early May 2010: Second consolidated Draft Late May 2010: ARF SOM to review July 2010: ARF 17 to adopt the Plan of Action

4 Approaches Avoid Conceptual Debate Action-oriented paper Consultation and Cooperation

5 References ARF Vision Statement (2009) ARF Improving Working Method (2009) APSC Blueprint (2007) ARF Work Plans (DR, CTTC, PD, NPT&D) ARF Review Paper (2008) ARF Stocking Paper (2002) ARF Concept and Principles of PD(2001) ARF Concept Paper 1995

6 Hanoi POA Outline Introduction I. Areas of Cooperation 1. Disaster Relief 2. Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crimes 3. Maritime Security 4. Non proliferation and Disarmament 5. Peacekeeping Operations 6. Defence Dialogue II. Moving from Phrase I (CBMs) to Phase II (PD) 1. Consolidation of CBMs 2. Implementation of PD Activities/Measures

7 Hanoi POA Outline III. Institutional Enhancement 1. Strenthen the ARF Unit 2. Enhance the Role of the ARF Chair 3. Activate the Friends of the ARF Chair 4. Promote the Role of the ASEAN Secretary General 5. Enhance the Role of the ARF EEPs 6. Expand the ARF Fund 7. Develop fruitful ARF partnership and networks 8. Work with regional and international security organisations 9. Work with Track II organisations IV. Implementation and Review

8 Counter Terrorism and TC 2. Counter Terrorism - Transnational Crime (as in consolidated draft 19.3.2010) By 2020, ARF will provide an effective network for regional law enforcement and military agencies to build regional capacity, share information, and individually and collectively respond in a timely manner to this threat. 1. Support the work of the ARF ISM on CTTC as a framework to address regional terrorism and transnational crime. 2. Support the early ratification and implementation of the ASEAN Convention on Counter Terrorism (ACCT). 3. Encourage ARF Participants to accede, ratify, and implement relevant international instruments and participate actively in international counter terrorism and transnational crime fora. 4. Support the development of national legal frameworks in the field of counter terrorism and transnational crimes. 5. Explore the establishment of an ARF Task Force to provide mutual legal assistance, as requested, in combating transnational security threats. 6. Consider the establishment of an ARF information-sharing center that utilizes and deepens existing regional mechanisms and centers specializing in information-sharing and capacity-building. 7. Encourage technological cooperation among Participants through technology transfers and mutual assistance in enhancing the technological capabilities of developing countries. 8. Support the development of initiatives aimed at addressing the underlying conditions that terrorists and perpetrators of transnational crimes exploit. 9. Develop programs and activities aimed at the promotion of a culture of peace, respect for diversity and pluralism, and inter-faith and intra-faith dialogue within the ARF region. 10. Hold concrete CTTC activities such as seminars, workshops, and exercises, as and when appropriate, with the consent of ARF Participants.

9 Contact: ASEAN Department Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam Fax: +84 3 843 5758

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