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As of : 16.00 March 5 th 2010 ASEAN Regional Forum Disaster Relief Exercise 2011 (ARF-DiREx 2011) Manado, Indonesia: Prepared scenario.

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1 As of : 16.00 March 5 th 2010 ASEAN Regional Forum Disaster Relief Exercise 2011 (ARF-DiREx 2011) Manado, Indonesia: Prepared scenario

2 As of : 16.00 March 5 th 2010 1.Targets of exercise 2 1-1. International Coordination -To enhance confidence and mutual understanding among ARF participating countries -To test civil-led military-supported DR operations and civil-military coordination -To develop cooperation and interoperability among ARF nations civilian (including civil society organizations) and military agencies at the strategic, operational and tactical level

3 As of : 16.00 March 5 th 2010 -To advance the ARF participants ability to rapidly provide coordinated and effective disaster relief -To give recommendation and strategic input for ARF cooperation on disaster relief in the Region. -To facilitate a balance in various national, regional and international protocols on disaster relief. 3

4 As of : 16.00 March 5 th 2010 1-2.National Capacity Building a.To test or prepare a readiness system and national mechanism on disaster relief that includes foreign assistance in Indonesia. b.To improve the coordination and cooperation mechanism inter agency under (BNPB) National Body of Disaster. c.To improve the capacity building of Indonesias disaster relief team, especially in Multinational DR operation. 4

5 As of : 16.00 March 5 th 2010 d. To build an inter-departmental synergy in the operational level on big scale of DR. - A management on inter departmental disaster relief. - On schedule and smooth aid distribution. - Minimizing disaster victims. - Increasing peoples participation and role on DR e.To create a DR management mechanism involving multinational countries. - Foreign military assets on disaster relief management. - Custom, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) permit procedure.

6 As of : 16.00 March 5 th 2010 Area : Wori District, North Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi, Indonesia Disaster: 7.5 Richter Scale Earthquake occurred for 56 seconds, the epicenter was located 25 km west of Manado at a depth of 20 km, and the tsunami occurred 12 minutes after the earthquake. Despite being equipped with an early detection tool, the city of Manado which is located at the seashore and surrounded by mountains in the vicinity was immediately shut down by the natural disaster. 6 2. Scenario

7 As of : 16.00 March 5 th 2010 Within a very short period after the earthquake, various facilities, infrastructure, housing and public service and government facilities collapsed. Approximately 12 minutes after the earthquake, tsunami aftershocks occurred although not too big and only hit the coastal areas with a radius of about 50km and reaching 1000 meters from the shoreline. But the damages caused by this disaster is devastating, it crippled the economy and hampered the public services.

8 As of : 16.00 March 5 th 2010 An hour after the incident, President immediately lead a cabinet meeting, and coordinate all the departments to mobilize all the resources available to assist the disaster response in the city of Manado. In line with the decision made in the meeting, all the relevant departments, led by the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), are monitoring and updating recent data related to the impact of disasters and deploying teams on the same day.

9 As of : 16.00 March 5 th 2010 1 (one) day after monitoring was conducted by deploying the disaster management teams, the number of casualties and the damages caused by the natural disaster was estimated as follows: Deaths & Casualties Deaths : 1500 Missing : 3500 Severely injured : 1000 Minor injuries : 5000 Internally Displaced Persons: 21000 adults and 3000 children Housing Damages Destroyed : 15000 Severely damaged : 20000 Minor damages: 30000 Public Facilities and Infrastructure Damages - 3 hospital buildings, 2 community health centers, 21 school buildings, 1 bridge is severely damaged, and 10 small bridges are moderately damaged. - 1 Water storage facility is severely damaged and 3 main electrical relay stations are damaged. - 55 Km of roads along the city are damaged. -Airport and Port in Manado are affected but usable for operation. -10 fishing boats were overturned and 100 fishermen have been missing since xx of March. National roads are partly blocked by landslides and collapse of bridges. Impact of Earthquake and Tsunami 9

10 As of : 16.00 March 5 th 2010 INDONESIAN MAP 10

11 As of : 16.00 March 5 th 2010 11

12 As of : 16.00 March 5 th 2010 MANADO MAP 12

13 As of : 16.00 March 5 th 2010 3.Possible Elements of exercise (1)Exercise at Command and Control Holding coordination meeting between OSOCC, National Post Command(NPC) led by BNPB (or Regional Post Command led by BPBD) and assisting countries teams during the exercise. Holding table top exercise with participation of command staffs from OSOCC, NPC and assisting countries teams. 13

14 As of : 16.00 March 5 th 2010 (2) Field exercise The indicative areas of exercise taken by assisting countries teams on site according to disaster scenario. The activities are: Evacuation and Identification Search and Rescue Maritime rescue Logistical Distribution Transportation including air lift Recovery and reconstruction Mapping service, Communication, Public information Hospitalization Medical care Sanitation Displaced person relocation Shelter Water Supply Community/Field Kitchen 14

15 As of : 16.00 March 5 th 2010 (3) Follow-Up - Holding review meeting for the evaluation of each activity including coordination of entry and departure procedures 15

16 As of : 16.00 March 5 th 2010 16 4.Exercise Structure Assisting States and Organizations RDC CMOC ASEAN Sec. (AHA Center) Civilian TeamA Indonesia District Military Civilian Team B Civilian Team C Military Team A Military Team B Military Team C Coordination Cooperation 16 BNPB;Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management LEMA; Local Emergency Management Agency UNDAC;UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination OSOCC; On-site Operations Coordination Centre RDC; Reception Departure Centre CMOC; Civil-Military Operation Centre National Military Regional Post Command led by BPBD / LEMA OSOCC National Post Command led by BNPB Inter-Ministerial Coordination UNOCHA (UNDAC, INSARAC, etc.)

17 As of : 16.00 March 5 th 2010 5.Tentative schedule of activities 17 xx March -Day 1- Government of Indonesia declares the state of emergency and establishes National Emergency Taskforce. The government appeals assistance to the international society and establishes RPC at Manado city hall for coordinating assistance from foreign countries. NPC sends a disaster assessment and coordination team to Sulawesi Island in cooperation with ASEAN Sec. and UNOCHA. OSOCC and Reception Departure Centre (RDC) are established. Foreign countries teams arrive at Manado.

18 As of : 16.00 March 5 th 2010 xx March -Day 2- Preparatory session of exercise Coordination meeting held at RPC with participation of OSOCC, NPC, RPC and foreign countries assisting teams (Opening ceremony) Tabletop exercise starts. xx March -Day 3- Field Tabletop exercise cont. Coordination meeting, which is held for the purpose of feedback on each teams activities and coordination of activities. exercise starts. 18

19 As of : 16.00 March 5 th 2010 xx March -Day 4- Field Exercise cont. Tabletop Exercise cont. Coordination meeting xx March -Day 5- Field Exercise ends. Tabletop Exercise ends. xx March -Day 6- Wrap-up Follow-up Meeting (executive future meeting) xx March -Day 7- Each team departs getting support from Indonesian Government. 19

20 As of : 16.00 March 5 th 2010 NOVDEC 09 JAN 10 FEBMARAPRMAYJUNJULAUGSEPOCTNOVDEC 10 JAN 11 FEBMAR 11 BILAT MEETING EXC PLANNING Informal PC/SS FINAL PREPARATION 2 nd SITE SURVEY SITE SURVEY EXC PLANNING FPC/SS ARF DiREx 6 ARF DiREx TIME SCHEDULE (incl. Bilateral Schedule) 20 IPC/SS between 19-24 April 2010 Between 10-16 May 2010 Bilateral wk of 5/17 Back to Back w/SOM (TBC)

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