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Australias Universalisation Efforts in the Asia Region Leisa Gibson, Acting Mine Action Coordinator, AusAID.

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1 Australias Universalisation Efforts in the Asia Region Leisa Gibson, Acting Mine Action Coordinator, AusAID

2 The Mine Ban Convention 1997 The Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on their Destruction (the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention) 156 States Party Latest countries to join: Palau, Montenegro, Indonesia, Kuwait and Iraq

3 Nairobi Action Plan 2004 Nairobi summit on a Mine-Free World Five year review conference Universal adherence will remain an important object of cooperation among States Parties.

4 Actions in the Nairobi Action Plan Calls on States Parties to Accede and ratify the Convention Address universalisation challenges Accord particular importance to regions where adherence remains low i.e. Middle east, Asia and CIS Promote adherence in bilateral and multilateral fora Promote universal observance by reducing stockpiles, production and transfer by both state and non-state actors Encourage universalisation efforts by international non- government organisations: UN, ICRC and ICBL

5 Australias commitment to mine action globally Australia was one of the original signatories to the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention in 1997. In 1995, pledged A$100m of mine action assistance over 10 years – realised ahead of time. In 2005, renewed our efforts by committing A$75m over 5 years.

6 Australias Mine Action Strategy Pledge supported by a mine action strategy, focussing on mine/ERW-affected countries in the Asian region. Addresses anti-personnel landmines and all forms of ERW. All pillars of mine action – de-mining, mine risk education, survivor assistance, universalisation and stockpile destruction.

7 What do we look for in partners? Clear articulation of mine action goals and objectives. Clear, specific and realistic national mine action plan with timelines and concrete steps towards goals with which we can align. Good governance and strong leadership - encourages donor harmonisation and attracts funding commitments.

8 Australias Global Support to Convention Universalisation Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Development (GICHD) Implementation Support Unit Victim Assistance Support Process Convention Sponsorship Program Operations (focus on Asia-Pacific) Landmine Monitor Regional universalisation workshops and advocacy (ICBL)

9 Australia Regional Support to Convention Universalisation Actively promote universalisation in international fora. Action Plan as part of 7MSP Presidency Vanuatu Workshop on Universalisation in the Pacific region. Co-funded Bali Workshop this year.

10 Why is Mine Action important to the Asia Pacific Region? The region with highest casualty rates: 2510 casualties of a world total of 5751in 2007(probably underreported). More than double next region of Sub Saharan Africa. Combined, six States may hold more than 160 million stockpiled antipersonnel mines. States Non Party are engaging with Convention fora. Region underrepresented in the Convention.

11 The Mine Ban Convention in the ASEAN Region Of the 11 Member and Candidate States, 7 are parties to the Convention. Three states have reported and completed stockpile destruction programs. Two States Party in ASEAN are a part of the 24 States Party with significant survivor assistance needs. All States Party have submitted initial transparency reporting and six more states have reporting due in April 2008.

12 Intercessional Meeting 2-6 June Geneva. Practical focus on implementation. Both States Party and non Party encouraged to attend.

13 Resources GICHD ISU ICBL Landmine Monitor ICRC /htmlall/mines?OpenDocument /htmlall/mines?OpenDocument ARF Members

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