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Engineering Competitions

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1 Engineering Competitions
by Lucien Romagnoli Vice-President for External Services

2 Aim What is an engineering competition? Several types of events
European BEST Engineering Competition Concept Promotion of stakeholders Social Responsibility Media

3 What is an engineering competition?
Project-based learning and challenging 4 categories: Team Design Case Study Debate Negotiation Input from companies and universities

4 Types of Events Season BEST Engineering Competitions
Comparable to courses 22 students 10 events each year European BEST Engineering Competition

5 EBEC 2009 – the project 3 levels 2 categories 3500 students
18 countries Competitions Engineering National Local Engineering 51 Universities 3 levels 2 categories Case Study Team Design 3500 students United Nations 80 finalists Common engineering

6 EBEC 2009

7 Local, National and Regional Engineering Competitions
Local Engineering Competition  75 LBGs  reaching local students National and Regional Engineering Competitions  13 semi-finals  specific selection


9 Promotion – Why? Best engineering students of Europe Exclusive final
Very popular on local level Follow up from universities Attractive for public Interesting for media

10 Media 6 times on television Several newspapers and radio
Magazines and newspapers in participating countries

11 Cooperation with companies
Deliver Case Study for 1 or 2 days Interaction with participants Official Opening: 150 people Closing Day: 150 people Contact info CVs  Recruitment and promotion


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