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BEST Summer School Entrepreneurship Marc Goldchstein.

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1 BEST Summer School Entrepreneurship Marc Goldchstein

2 2 technological entrepreneurship train business engineers in technology and entrepreneurship. train technological engineers in business management and entrepreneurship focus on specific technological sectors cross fertilisation focus on practice strategic partnership with different departments/research groups biotope for technological entrepreneurship

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5 BEST summer school Objectives –Provide you with insights into the different aspects related to technological entrepreneurship –So you know what you dont (yet) know Topics –Understanding industry dynamics Business ecosystems Innovation and industry life cycles Strategies –Entrepreneurship and Intellectual property rights Finance Marketing Teams Business plans –Entrepeneurship in Biotech Photonics –Innovation game 5

6 Our experience with BEST Very professional –Reliable –Everything in time, no last minute stuff –Flexible and reactive if needed –We feel comfortable to put them in touch with our sponsors Good group of students –Active, interested Why we did it? –It is our core business –Minimal effort Existing material –Good context to experiment with novelties New course elements New interactive sessions We enjoyed it very much and are willing to repeat it 6

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