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NAHU First Timers Meeting Presented by: Susan Rider.

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1 NAHU First Timers Meeting Presented by: Susan Rider

2 A Look at NAHUs various Committees, Working Groups & Task Force Groups

3 NAHU Committees Membership-Heather HarteMembership-Heather Harte Professional Development- Anne SperlingProfessional Development- Anne Sperling Chapter Relations-Ginger AshtonChapter Relations-Ginger Ashton Awards-Marilyn StengerAwards-Marilyn Stenger LPRT-Eva Jean FomalontLPRT-Eva Jean Fomalont

4 NAHU Committees Legislative-Susan Rash HUPAC-John Nelson Media Relations-Carolyn Goodwin Industry Relations-Mel Schlesinger

5 NAHU Advisory Groups Disability Income- part of mbrshp cmte Long Term Care-part of leg cmte Worksite Marketing-part of mbrshp cmte Medicare/Senior- part of leg cmte New Agents Advisory Group-Ashley Wynkoop

6 Town Hall Meeting Used to discuss any amendments Used to meet the candidates Used to bring other issues/concerns to the table for the NAHU BOD Tuesday- 2 hour Health Care Reform Update by Janet Trautwein NAHU Executive VP and CEO

7 Delegate Information- What are we voting for? Candidates for the 2010-2011 NAHU Board of Trustees President-Elect - Mel A. Schlesinger Vice President - Bruce D. Benton Treasurer - Thomas M. Harte Secretary - Linda M. Erlenbach, Jesse A. Patton Region 2 Vice President - James R. Stenger Region 4 Vice President - Kathryn A. Beals Region 6 Vice President - Michael A. Rivera Region 8 Vice President - Donald W. Goldmann

8 Delegate Information- What are we voting for? NAHU MEMBERSHIP DUES INCREASE Preparing for the Future of the Health Insurance Industry

9 Delegate Information- What are we voting for? Proposed Amendment #1: ARTICLE IX – Committees Section 2. The Standing Committees shall be: –A. Legislative Council –B. Membership Council –C. Nominations Committee –D. Elections Committee –E. Harold R. Gordon Award Committee –F. FINANCE & AUDIT COMMITTEE (The Finance & Audit Committee reviews NAHUs budget on a regular basis and the Board of Trustees recommends that this committee be a permanent part of the organization. The Finance & Audit Committee members shall include the NAHU Treasurer, Vice President, (3) Regional Vice Presidents, a Member at Large, NAHUs CFO and CEO/EVP.)

10 Delegate Information- What are we voting for? Proposed Amendment #2: ARTICLE X – Nominations and Election Section I. Nominations C. A member's name may be presented to the Nominations Committee or the NAHU Board of Trustees, for consideration as a nominee by any member of the Nomination Committee, or by written notice from any state and local association accompanied by a statement signed by the nominee that he/she is willing and able to serve if nominated and elected AND A COMPLETED CANDIDATE SURVEY. In the event that no members are nominated for a position, the Board of Trustees may nominate a candidate. Nominations may not be made by individual members, except as allowed in Section D below. (The Board of Trustee recommends all Board of Trustee candidates, both elected and appointed positions, complete a Candidate Survey so the association can have an equitable way to compare candidates as well as a snapshot view of every board member. The proposed Candidate Survey is available below.)

11 General Sessions Keynote Speakers –Cary Mullen- Todays General Session –Lindsay Resnick- Mondays General Session

12 Professional Development Day Breakout sessions by industry experts –Pick and choose those that you feel are best for you and your day-to-day business. –Typically these are posted; post- convention to the secure NAHU website.

13 NAAG Charity Walk Monday Morning- Meet in hotel lobby, leaving at 6 a.m. Route will be distributed when you arrive. Brain Injury Association of Illinois is our charity. –Get your chapters, states to donate even $1-2 dollars…every bit helps!

14 NAAG Social Monday, June 28, 9:00 p.m. Rockit Bar & Grill 22 W. Hubbard For 20-40 year olds attending convention Reservation under Susan Rider Drinks are on your own

15 Lets NAAG

16 Creation and Purpose Statement The purpose of the New Agents Advisory Group is to recruit, retain, educate, and support new and young agents; meeting their needs to ensure success in the industry.

17 NAAG Committee Liz Gutierrez – Chair- NC Janet Trautwein – Staff- DC Illana Maze – Staff- DC Kathryn Gaglione – Staff DC Bruce Benton – NAHU Secretary- CA Chad Gay – AL Ashley Wynkoop – FL Ryan Thorn – UT Dave Benson- CA Jason Powers- KS Susan Rider-IN Sherri Reed- IL Whittney Butler – AR Rob Kreager – NY Lou Reginelli – NAHU Education Chair Marilyn Leonard – NAHU Education Vice-Chair

18 Charity Walk at Capital Conference and Annual Convention

19 Strategies for the NAAG Influence industry to attract new talent Engage Generation Y into the insurance industry Increase number of companies who recruit young agents Estimated $65K to train a new agent Bridge the gap between the old and the new agents Provide transitional training for new agents Involve new agents in legislative projects Promote new agent participation in HUPAC

20 Strategies for the NAAG Provide a strong mentoring program using past NAHU Leadership Use technology to provide communication venues for new agents Create networking opportunities Publicly recognize exceptional new agents Serve as a resource for State and Local chapters Provide educational opportunities


22 B2B Blog Exchange

23 We want to help you grow your business, provide guidance and support and assist you in acquiring broad based expertise in what is truly our noble industry.

24 Are You Linked in?

25 Conclusion... Get new and young agents involved in your local chapters Create programs that will attract newer agents to your chapter We want these agents to succeed

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