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Society of Exploration Geophysicists University and Student Programs Melissa Brown, Univ. & Stud. Programs Coordinator Univ.

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1 Society of Exploration Geophysicists University and Student Programs Melissa Brown, Univ. & Stud. Programs Coordinator Univ. & Stud. Programs Advisor Candice Chinsethagid, Univ. & Stud. Programs Manager

2 YOUR Chapter Resources FREE Annual Meeting Registration FREE Distinguished and Honorary Lecturers Projects of Special Merit Field Camps Scholarships for your students Continuing Education and DISC Courses FREE Student Chapter Book Program Geoscientists Without Borders ® Challenge Bowl the Anomaly Newsletter NEW!!

3 SEG Membership Benefits FREE, INSTANT access to the SEG Digital Library which includes: G EOPHYSICS, 1936 to present T HE L EADING E DGE, 1982 to present SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts Robert E. Sherriffs Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics, fourth edition Reference Publication Discounts (on average 35% savings) Annual Meeting Discount Active Faculty Advisors who can demonstrate need can receive complimentary registration for the Annual Meeting (thats over a $600 savings!!) Professional Development Discounts and FREE online access to Honorary and Distinguished Lectures

4 Other SEG Membership Benefits Networking Employment Post resumes on SEGs website and at the Career Placement Area at the Annual Meeting Research and Innovation SEAM Summer Research Workshop SEG Research Committee For more information: or membership@seg.org

5 SEG Student Chapter Benefits Monthly print issues of TLE for your chapter library Bimonthly issues of GEOPHYSICS for your chapter library Student Chapter Book Program Annual DISC course on DVD SEG Annual Meeting Expanded Abstracts on CD- ROM Projects of Merit SEG Distinguished and Honorary Lecturer visits Geoscientists Without Borders ® SEG/Chevron Student Leadership Symposium NEW!! Free!!!

6 Continuing Education Short Courses Taught by industry experts Cover topics from the fundamentals to the leading edge of geophysics Small classes ensure plenty of time for hands on instruction

7 Continuing Education Short Courses Public courses held in Houston, New Orleans, California, and Pittsburgh, and at the SEG Annual Meeting Course fee for SEG members: $895 (2-day course) Professors can take a 2-day course for $300!! For more info and to view scheduled courses at:

8 SEG On-line Education Opportunities Online Courses Distinguished Instructor Short Course Honorary Lecture Program Distinguished Lecture Program SEG Annual Meeting Recordings These offerings support and enhance your individual efforts to expand and reinforce your knowledge. For more information:

9 SEG/EAGE DISC The Distinguished Instructor Short Course (DISC) is presented in partnership with the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) A one-day course taught by a prominent geophysicist on a current topic of interest Find more information at

10 2010 DISC Tour Colin Sayer, Schlumberger Geophysics Under Stress: Geomechanical Applications of Seismic and Borehole Acoustic Waves For more information and upcoming tour dates: 2011 DISC Tour Julien Meunier, CGGVeritas Seismic Acquisition from Yesterday to Tomorrow The 2011 DISC tour schedule will be posted by mid-October, so be sure to check the website for tour dates and locations.

11 Distinguished Lecturer (DL) Fall 2010 Rumblings from the Laboratory: Past, Present, and Future, by Carl Sondergeld, University of Oklahoma - For tour dates and locations FREE FOR STUDENTS CHAPTERS! This program is an active effort to promote geophysics, stimulate general scientific and professional interest, expand technical horizons, and provide a connection to SEG activities and practices.

12 Distinguished Lecturer (DL) - Spring 2011 Virtual source method for imaging and monitoring below complex overburden, by Andrey Bakulin, Saudi Aramco - For tour dates and locations FREE FOR STUDENTS CHAPTERS! The HL program encourages students by providing the opportunity to discuss scientific and career issues with a leading expert.

13 Honorary Lecturer Program Central and South America Europe Middle East & South Africa North America Pacific South South & East Asia - For information on lecturers, topics, tours, dates and locations NEW! FREE FOR STUDENTS CHAPTERS! The HL program encourages students by providing the opportunity to discuss scientific and career issues with a leading expert.

14 The SEAM mission is to advance the science and technology of applied geophysics through a cooperative industry effort focused on subsurface model construction and generation of synthetic data sets for geophysical problems of importance to the resource extraction industry. Data sets, after an initial two years of confidentiality, will enter the public domain.

15 The primary goals of SEAM are to: Design and generate synthetic model 3D and 2D seismic data Share the high cost effort of substantial model design and generation Provide a forum to discuss geophysical problems of interest Advance the art of modeling and computation Provide data sets for industry benchmarks and educational purposes

16 SEG/Chevron Student Leadership Symposium Annual Meeting Travel Grant Opportunity All Active Student Chapter Officers are Eligible Leadership Skills Development & Professional Leadership Coaching Team Building Experience SEG Executive Committee Discussion Groups Travel Grant to Participate in SEG Annual Meeting For more info: DEADLINE: January 2011

17 SEG/Chevron Student Leadership Symposium What happened in San Antonio was something unique, something new ; a long expected change in the preparing for the future…. All that I can say is that Im glad that I was there, that I was a part of this change…..I lived dream moments, I had tons of fun (as I never dream I would again), I made great friends and opened new gates for new opportunities. – Cezar Iacob (Romania)

18 Student Education Program The SEG/ExxonMobil Student Education Program (SEP) prepares students for the breadth and challenges of an oil industry career 2 day course on the subject of multi-disciplinary subsurface integration for E&P Graduate students are eligible ExxonMobil provides course materials, instructors, and team exercises.

19 Student Education Program Travel Grant Opportunities North America: Held in conjunction with SEG Annual Meeting International: Held in conjunction with SEG affiliated meetings Accepted applicants will be assigned to participate in the SEP occurring in their geographical region For more info:

20 Geoscientists Without Borders ® A new program established to connect universities with communities in need through projects using applied geophysics to benefit people and the environment around the world Funded by a $1million grant from Schlumberger "We have a significant contribution to make as geophysicists. ~Craig Beasley Be a part of making the world a better place

21 Program Opportunities Fund humanitarian projects that aid communities in need Excite students to exercise their passion for geophysics and philanthropy Raise the awareness of the benefits of geophysics technology Encourage cooperation amongst groups (SEG Student Chapters, University Programs, and other science-related groups) For more info: or withoutbor withoutbor

22 Field Camps/ Projects of Special Merit Provides critical funding, up to $10,000 for projects that further the professional development, student support, and youth outreach goals of the SEG Foundation Applicants from around the world are encouraged to apply for that financial boost they have needed to get their projects off the ground Applications for 2011 are now being accepted. The deadline for applications is February, 2011. For more information:

23 Challenge Bowl An international contest testing students breadth and depth of knowledge about the field of geoscience. Winners of regional competitions compete in the global play-offs at the SEG Annual Meeting. Meet recruiters Network with industry professionals Gain industry exposure For more info: I had the opportunity to meet future geoscientists from distinct countries and exchange experiences with professionals that allow our communities to continue their development. Oziel Gonzalez-Verdejo - Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico

24 Scholarships Todays scholars are tomorrows industry leaders. Since 1956 $5,674,534 awarded 4,122 scholarships awarded 2011 Deadline: March 1 For more info:

25 the Anomaly Newsletter Quarterly newsletter for SEG Faculty Advisors and students Student Chapter events Important Program Information Upcoming deadlines for grants, scholarships, field camps Society information

26 Get Plugged In Opportunities to get involved Committee on University and Student Programs (CUSP) Research Committee Travel Grant Committee Continuing Education Committee For more info and a list of all SEG Committees:

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