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Secure Energy for America

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1 Secure Energy for America
DW-2001: Geophysical Modeling for Studying Acquisition and Processing Methods in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico UDW Forum June 22 & 23, 2010 Secure Energy for America

2 Goals Reduce GOM exploration and development risk
Relevant and challenging simulated datasets improve survey acquisition design imaging and processing research joint inversion studies Advance state-of-the art in numerical simulation Industry forum for subsalt geophysical issues

3 Scope of Work Build on success of SEAM Phase I “Subsalt”
Extend earth model for Vs and resistivity Acoustic Absorbing Upper Surface (AUS) simulation Non-seismic simulations: Gravity Electromagnetic and Magnetotelluric Elastic simulation Anisotropic TTI simulation

4 Salt Model 60 GOM Blocks 15 km deep

5 Model Overview Structural Features Stratigraphic Features
complex salt body with rugose top, root, overhangs 9 horizons that extend across the entire model 12 radial faults arrayed under salt near to salt root 1 overturned sediment raft proximate to salt root 2 internal sutures in salt and a heterogeneous salt cap Stratigraphic Features 13 turbidite fan and braided channel reservoirs fine layering - 10m x 10m x 10m grid cells geophysical parameters derived from rock properties

6 Simulation rooted in Rock Properties
Vshale, Porosity, Fluids, Sat, Pressure, … Geophysical Parameters Vp, Vs, Dn, Cij, Q, Resistivity Seismic Waves P, S, qP,S, atten/disp; EM response, Gravity AVO reflectivity inversion for elastic parameters Elasticity inversion for rock/reservoir properties Elastic parameter modeling from Rock properties Geophysical modeling from parameters Interest groups on this end: Imagers, Tomographers, Processors Interest group on this end: Reservoir characterization and Monitoring Modified from Joe Stefani; Chevron

7 Vp Model Profile

8 Turbidite Reservoirs Example of turbidite fans in Pleistocene, Middle Miocene and Lower Miocene. Color indicates sand to shale ratio.

9 Braided Channel Reservoirs
~ 11 km long by ~3 km wide Example of braided channels in Pliocene and Upper Miocene. Statistical features of the channels (length, width, thickness, sinuosity, Vshale) from real world measurements From Joe Stefani; Chevron ~ 11 km long by ~3 km wide

10 Absorbing Upper Surface Simulation
No free-surface multiples 9,000 acoustic shots: grid and 4km wide swath Up to 450,000 traces per shot Simulation complete – awaiting QC Applications: Direct evaluation of imaging algorithms Evaluation of de-multiple algorithms* * when combined with Phase I acoustic free surface dataset

11 AUS Acquisition Plan 600 m grid – 2793 shots 4 km swath – 6209 shots
~ 11 km long by ~3 km wide White = reservoir thickness ~ 11 km long by ~3 km wide

12 Free Surface and AUS Comparison
~ 11 km long by ~3 km wide ~ 11 km long by ~3 km wide

13 Quality Assurance with Benchmark Code
~ 11 km long by ~3 km wide ~ 11 km long by ~3 km wide

14 Non-Seismic Simulations
Gravity (full tensor) complete Earth model extended for resistivity parameters Rv and Rh relative to bedding CSEM 3D simulation Lawrence Berkeley National Lab for benchmark acquisition parameters established vendor bid request in preparation Magnetotelluric simulation

15 Gravity Simulation Free-air anomalies at 150 m level
Txx Txy Txz Tyy Tyz Gz Free-air anomalies at 150 m level background density 2.2 g/cm3 From Neda Bundalo; Marathon Tzz

16 EM Parameters Rh and Rv ~ 11 km long by ~3 km wide

17 CSEM Acquisition Plan 5 azimuth source lines on each receiver side
3D acquisition 5 azimuth source lines on each receiver side 10 km line offset ~ 11 km long by ~3 km wide From Michael Frenkel; EMGS ~ 11 km long by ~3 km wide

18 Elastic Simulation Vs parameterization near complete Compute intensive
Acquisition trade-offs under evaluation Sandia National Lab contracted for benchmarks Vendor capability under development SEAM project providing incentive

19 Vs derived from Log and Petrophysical Data

20 Vs Model ~ 11 km long by ~3 km wide ~ 11 km long by ~3 km wide

21 Vs to Vp Comparison ~ 11 km long by ~3 km wide

22 TTI Anisotropic Simulation
NEW! TTI – Tilted Transverse Isotropy Immediate industry need Contract extension nearly finalized TTI parameterization of SEAM earth model Up to 10,000 TTI acoustic shots Delivery, August 2011

23 23 Industry Participants
~ 11 km long by ~3 km wide ~ 11 km long by ~3 km wide

24 DW-2001 Update ~ 11 km long by ~3 km wide RPSEA UDW Forum
June 22, 2010 Peter Pangman Office: ~ 11 km long by ~3 km wide

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