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Seismic field storage medium recommendations (Nov 6, 2012 Las Vegas)

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1 Seismic field storage medium recommendations (Nov 6, 2012 Las Vegas)
Group headed by Nils Aatland Peder Berentzen

2 Invitation (1+ year ago)

3 SEG 2011 IBM Presentation (Jim Karp, Senior Development Engineer, IBM Data Protection and Retention) Oracle Presentation (Robert Raymond, Senior Manager, Oracle Tape Engineering)

4 Status (seismic industry)
> 1000 IBM TS1120 drives (worldwide – offshore , only) > JA cartridges in our industry ( ) (+ data processing, data management, Petrobanks, Oil Companies, ….) T Effective December 28, 2012, IBM will withdraw from marketing TS1120. On or after the effective date of withdrawal, you can no longer order this product directly from IBM . IBM TS1150 GA (General Availabilty): months from now?

5 IBM 3592 The IBM 3592 is a series of tape drives and corresponding magnetic tape data storage media formats. The first drive, having the IBM product number 3592, was introduced under the nickname Jaguar. The next drive was the TS1120, also having the nickname Jaguar. As of Nov, 2012, the latest and current drive is the TS1140. As of Nov, 2012, 4 drive generations and about 10 tape media products, see next slide. The 3592 line of tape drives and media is not compatible with the IBM 3590 series of drives, which it superseded.

6 IBM 3592 drives and media IBM3592 ("Generation 1")
TS1120 ("Generation 2") TS1130 ("Generation 3") TS1140 ("Generation 4") Tape length (m) 3592 J1A drive TS1120 drive TS1130 drive TS1140 drive 3592 JJ/JR cartridge 246 m 60 GB 100 GB 128 GB n/a 3592 JA/JW cartridge 610 m 300 GB 500 GB 640 GB 640 GB read only 3592 JB/JX cartridge 825 m 700 GB 1 TB 1.6TB 3592 JC/JY cartridge 880 m 4TB 3592 JK (short JC) cartridge 146 m 500GB

7 3592 drive emulations TS1120 CE OFFLINE CONFIG/INSTALL DRV OPTIONS
DRV EMULATION EO5 (Default) J1A EMULATION J1A=3592 generation 1, e.g. previous version TS1130 EO6 (Default) E05 EMULATION NOT AVAILABLE?

8 Next standard in the seismic industry

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