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Acquisition and Design Committee

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1 Acquisition and Design Committee
Chuck Meeder - Co-Chair Adam Seitchik - Co-Chair Tim Brice Robert Bloor Roger Sollie Laurent Lemaistre Nick Moldoveanu

2 Committee Objectives Responsible for designing acquisition strategies for simulated seismic datasets and for integration between all Technical Committees. Technical exchange Testing Design recommendations Dataset recommendations

3 Model with Salt 1 2 3 4 40 km 35km 3D View

4 Testing Exploding Reflector from Oligocene – 3D view 1 2 3 4

5 Testing Basement Target Max Travel Time 1 2 3 4 16.7 s 16.2 s
-20 km offset km 12 s 9 s -20 km offset 3 4 14.7 s 20 s 18 s 16 s 14 s 11 s

6 Testing Migration Aperture - Top Oligocene

7 Testing Different shooting directions selected from a 150 m x 150 m source grid

8 Basic recording patch 40 km 35km

9 Acquisition Parameter
Frequency max <= 30Hz min >= 1Hz Source – receiver offset +/- 9.9 km Migration ½ aperture 10 km Calculation aperture 30 km (+/- 15km offset from CMP/CDP) Record length 16 seconds Sample interval 8 ms Receiver interval 30 m grid Shot Spacing m grid Shot area whole model 35 x 40 km Source and receiver depth 15 m Recording grid dimensions 19,800 meters x 19,800 meters Number of recorded channels 661 x 661 = 436,921 Fold inline x 66 xline = 4,356

10 Classic Datasets Objectives: Easily accessible datasets
Compact but complete Datasets that will be standards for analysis by many investigators Allow for a wide range of investigations Wide azimuth imaging tests Wide azimuth processing and acquisition tests and development Various WAZ designs presently being used WAZ vs NAZ General processing and imaging with quality numerical data

11 Classic Datasets 3 Classic datasets with all receivers
Nine NS shot lines across center of model; pressure and vertical component of velocity 9*267 shots ~ 17 TB uncompressed; 150 m shot spacing Nine NS shot lines across center of model; absorbing upper surface; pressure vertical component of velocity Full azimuth sparse 3D shot coverage 2793 shots; 600 m spacing; approved; ~10 TB uncompressed 4 Wide-Azimuth datasets extracted from full survey Wide azimuth NS push-pull ~4.1 TB uncompressed Wide azimuth NS interleaf; pull only ~1.7 TB uncompressed Wide azimuth EW push-pull Wide azimuth EW interleaf pull only 4 Narrow-Azimuth datasets extracted from Full survey Narrow Azimuth NS push-pull ~1.2 TB uncompressed Narrow Azimuth NS pull ~0.5 TB uncompressed Narrow azimuth EW push-pull Narrow azimuth EW pull

12 Acquisition Examples Full Azimuth Sparse 3D dataset Shot spacing
X: 600 m Y: 600 m Start XY (3025,3050) End XY (31825,36650) All receivers (57 shots) (49 shots)

13 Acquisition Examples Wide Azimuth NS Push-Pull dataset Shot spacing
X: 600 m Y: 150 m Start XY (3025,3050) End XY (31825,37100) Receivers 70 cables 120 m separation 30 m group interval 11172 total shots 46270 traces/shot (max)

14 Status

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