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LTC and the Employer LTC Advisory July 2006. Todays Employer Workplace The aging of America is, predictably, having an impact on business The child care.

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1 LTC and the Employer LTC Advisory July 2006

2 Todays Employer Workplace The aging of America is, predictably, having an impact on business The child care needs of the 1980s are being replaced with elder care demands of the new millennium

3 UNAVOIDABLE! Nearly 29 million people involved in caregiving in this country are employed, including 35 percent of Boomers. * The U.S. Department of Labor predicts that by 2008, 54 percent of the workforce will be involved in caring for an older person. * Source: AARP Bulletin, 2006

4 Lost Productivity Workers caring for elderly relatives cost their employers as much as $30 billion* annually in lost productivity – an expense likely to grow as the population continues to age. *Source: Puget Sound Business Journal, 2004

5 CONSEQUENCES Employees caregiving responsibilities ultimately impact the bottom line, and this could be more important than the concern over that employees own disability Family Medical Leave Act

6 PRESENTEE-ISM This is the term for employees who show up for work, but spend an excessive amount of time on the phone – checking on their dependent adults and/or their caregivers.

7 EMPLOYER CONCERNS Disability of the employee Disability of an employees family member

8 EMPLOYEE CONCERNS 71 percent of full-time employees worry about having enough money to pay bills during a period of income loss. Source: MetLife study, 2004

9 Progress To Date Workers rate health insurance the most important employee benefit they receive by a margin of 5 to 1. LTC is sixth on the list. LTC has a 1 percent penetration rate in the worksite market. Source: Employee Benefit Research Institute

10 RESOLVING THESE ISSUES Most Americans access health insurance benefits through the workplace. Health insurance covers short- term medical costs. What they now need is help with long-term care medical costs.

11 LTC SOLUTIONS Long-term care can be offered as a new employee benefit for employees. This would take care of their unreimbursed long-term care expenses if the need arises. Money from HSA funds can be used to pay some or all of the premium

12 LTC SOLUTIONS Long-term care insurance can also be offered to: employees spouse – parents and grandparents – In-laws

13 LTC SOLUTIONS By covering the employees family members, there is a chance to dramatically reduce or eliminate the amount of time an employee spends on caregiving.

14 LTC SOLUTIONS Employees and their family and extended family members can purchase products through either group or individual long-term care insurance policies.

15 LTC SOLUTIONS Should the employer contribute money to a LTC insurance plan?

16 LTC SOLUTIONS REMEMBER! Many employees make career decisions based on the relative strength of the employee benefit package.

17 LTC SOLUTIONS Employers can pick and choose who they wish to cover for LTC They can single out key employees for whom they may contribute premiums for the LTC coverage There are limited pay options to increase attractiveness

18 LTC SOLUTIONS FOR EXAMPLE: The 10-pay premium option means that the employer can make an offer to the key employees that if they stay on for ten years, they will receive a paid-up long-term care insurance policy in exchange for their loyalty.

19 LTC SOLUTIONS This 10-pay LTC premium option, combined with a 401(k) plan means the employer can offer key employees both wealth accumulation and wealth protection for retirement.

20 FOR THE EMPLOYER: They are not required to contribute premiums on behalf of employees. If they do pay premiums, the cost is fully tax-deductible. Coverage can be extended to family members, and can save on employees time as a result Larger firms may be offered guaranteed issue coverage Source: Society for Human Resources Management

21 Using LTC Insurance Employees can often design their own LTC insurance coverage Employers assist employees in helping to solve one of their future potential problems: providing caregiving for family members

22 Premium contributions are tax deductible if paid on behalf of employees. C-Corporations can fully deduct any contributions to tax-qualified LTC insurance policies made on behalf of officers, owners, employees, retirees, spouses and dependents TAX ADVANTAGES

23 Tax Advantages S-Corporations, Partnerships, and self-employed persons can fully deduct any contributions to tax- qualified LTC insurance policies made on behalf of their employees.

24 Tax Advantages Partners, sole proprietors and more than 2% S-Corporation owners can deduct premiums for their own coverage – BUT – it is limited to a maximum deduction based on age.

25 2008 S-Corp Owner, Partner, Sole Proprietor Deductions Maximum eligible premium deduction in 2006: Eligible Premium Attained Age Deduction 40 or less $ 310 41-50 $ 580 51-60 $1,150 61-70 $3,080 70+ $ 3,850

26 TAX ADVANTAGES The premium paid on behalf of any employee for a tax-qualified long-term care insurance plan is not includable in income by the employee. Benefits under a tax-qualified plan are received income-tax free to the claimant.

27 Funding Solutions Group or Individual Tax-qualified plans Plan design: – Daily benefit – Elimination period – Benefit period – Inflation option

28 INDIVIDUAL LTCI Voluntary Underwritten Tailored-design Executive carve-out

29 Group LTC Insurance Simplified or Guaranteed Issue underwriting depending on size of business Little or no participation requirements Product features very similar to individual coverage

30 LTC IN EMPLOYER MARKET Adding long-term care insurance to an employee benefit portfolio can help the employer gain an edge in a tight labor market.

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