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AAPI Online: History, Development, and Demonstration.

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1 AAPI Online: History, Development, and Demonstration

2 Agenda for Presentation AAPI Online: History, Development, and Demonstration Introduction of presenters History of the AAPI Online: Greg Keilin and Jeanette Hsu Liaison International: George Haddad, Deb Erdner, James Ford AAPI Online Demonstration: Karen Taylor, Gene DAngelo w/ technical support from Liaison International (Deb Erdner; James Ford)

3 Liaison International presenters George Haddad, President and CEO Deb Erdner, Director of Application Services James Ford, Manager of Application Services

4 APPIC AAPI Online Committee Karen M. Taylor, Ph.D. AAPI Online Coordinator Arnie Abels, Ph.D. Gene DAngelo, Ph.D., ABPP Jeanette Hsu, Ph.D. Greg Keilin, Ph.D. Teri Simoneau, Ph.D. Jason Williams, Psy.D.

5 Primary Online Portals: Applicant PortalCurrent AAPI Part 1 DCT PortalCurrent AAPI Part 2 Selection Portal/Internship TD portal

6 Items Included in a Standard Application Cover letter Essays Transcripts Letters of Recommendation AAPI (former Part 1) DCT verification (former Part 2)

7 Instructions and FAQs Each part of the AAPI Online has an instruction section. The information currently available in the Instructions and Clarifying Documents for the AAPI will be integrated into these instruction sections Additional instructions regarding the procedures necessary for the online aspect of the application will also be included

8 Applicant Portal Applicant and educational information Summary of Practicum experiences Cover Letter Essays Curriculum Vitae References Application Certification Internship Program Designations

9 Applicant and Educational Info Contact Information Personal Information Professional Conduct Previous Colleges Attended Current Graduate Program Information Summary of Doctoral Training Certifications, Publications, Presentations

10 Summary of Practicum Experiences Intervention Experience Psychological Assessment Experience Supervision Received Additional Information about Practicum Experiences Support Activities

11 Supervision Received Supervision by Licensed Psychologist Supervision by Licensed Allied Mental Health Professional Other Supervision (e.g., supervision by advanced graduate student supervised by licensed psychologist…. Please specify type of license and mental health discipline of supervisor in comment box below)

12 Additional Information about Practicum Experiences Treatment Settings (Intervention and Assessment Hours) Group Therapy Experience Theoretical Orientation Managed Care Experience Intervention and Assessment Experience with Diverse Clients

13 Support Activities The two questions on the current AAPI were combined into a single item: Please indicate the primary experiences that comprise your support hour activities. Also include any activities or experiences that are unusual or unique to your program that you would like to highlight, if any:

14 Cover Letters Site specific content suggested Applicant can designate to which site, which cover letter will be sent Removed 500 word count limit (hush!)

15 Essays 4 Essays in current AAPI (autobiographical, theoretical orientation, diversity, research) 500 word limit Can specify to which internship program would like which essays to be sent

16 Curriculum Vitae Applicants will be able to upload their vita An instruction comment will be available that parallels the current Instructions document that states what is typically included in a CV.

17 References Applicants will provide contact information for a minimum of 3 references Space is available for adding additional references Once the applicant has designated references, the reference will be contacted with information about how to submit their letter

18 Application Certification This is the current Section 5 and is the same document as last year

19 Internship Program Designations In this section, the applicant will indicate to which internship programs they would like their application sent

20 Selection Portal: Internship TD portal My Applicants Search parameters: First name Last Name Citizenship Status Intervention Experience By Doctoral and Terminal Masters by Intervention and Assessment and Total Doctoral + Masters 9 variables (Doctoral Intervention, Doctoral Assessment, Doctoral Supervision, Terminal Masters Intervention, Terminal Masters Assessment, Terminal Masters Supervision, Summary of Doctoral and Masters Intervention, Sum of Doctoral and Masters Assessment, Sum of Doctoral and Masters Supervision)

21 Search Parameters, Cont. Current University Name Accreditation Status of Doctoral Program Practicum Treatment Setting (yes/no) Number of Integrated Reports Child and Adolescent Adult

22 Search Parameters, cont. Dissertation Status Number of Presentations Number of Publications

23 Search Parameters, cont. Local Status: A parameter set by individual internship program Results of Search will display on webpage TDs will receive a list of completed applicants and can set up a database for their own data analysis

24 AAPI Online Launch Dates Applicant Portal: July 9, 2009 Selection/Internship TD portal: July 23, 2009approximately 2 weeks after Applicant portal launch

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