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Social Networking How to Become an Online Extrovert April 2010.

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1 Social Networking How to Become an Online Extrovert April 2010

2 Agenda Why use Social Networking? Facebook Twitter YouTube Four Square Homework for everyone!

3 Why Use Social Networking? Free medium for reaching out to our activists and other people who identify as green Reach out to people who are not on our e-mail lists Update grassroots quickly when needed Cross post action alerts, event announcements, blog posts, volunteer opportunities, and successes on different sites reaching out to potentially different audiences

4 Why Use Facebook? If Facebook were a country, it would be the fourth largest behind the China, India and the US Posting News-- Club related and relevant articles, video clips, e-newsletters, and blog posts Promoting Events Posting Photos from local SC Activities Sharing Action Alerts- grows your e-mail list

5 Types of Facebook Pages Profile Pages: Personal Facebook Use Friends, Family, Colleagues Fan Pages: very viral, recommended by most experts for nonprofits for external branding National Sierra Club has a fan page with 53,000 number of fans Groups: more personal, direct messaging to group members 1 MILLION Strong AGAINST the Arizona Immigration Law SB10701 MILLION Strong AGAINST the Arizona Immigration Law SB1070- 418,463 members

6 Who is on Facebook? Cumberland Chapter -- frequently posts links to action alerts and events. Cascade Chapter -- 1-2 links posted almost daily Lone Star Chapter -- super active. Posts are about events, news articles, Sierra Club jobs. Tons of fan "likes" and comments. Hawaii Chapter -- very active page. Posts about events and articles. Lots of fan "likes" and comments. Oregon Chapter -- nice blend of news, events, and photos

7 Oregon Chapter Wall

8 Oregon Chapter Photo Albums

9 Oregon Chapter Event

10 Use Video to Recruit for Events and Trainings Using a web cam, The Loma Prieta Chapter created a video inviting activists to attend a training. Facebook Friends of the Chapter were tagged in the video to get their attention.

11 Convio/ Facebook Connection In your P.S. or e-newsletter invite activists to join your Facebook fan page or group Post your action or event on the national Sierra Club Fan page Post your action alerts and event announcements on your Facebook Page

12 Facebook: Getting Started Initial Startup: Setting up a personal page (1-2 hours) Setting up a Group (1-2 hours) Setting up a Fan Page (1-2 hours) Follow up Commitment varies Can be shared among multiple staff, and a great use of a strong intern or dedicated volunteer. 10 minutes per day, but consistent effort needed Not as content intensive as a blog, so most Facebook updates take minutes to upload. The challenge is to train yourself to remember to upload content when you come across it.

13 Facebook: Getting Started How do I Get Started? What Resources Are Out There to Help? Sierra Club s Facebook Analysis me=Sierra_Club_Facebook_Analysis me=Sierra_Club_Facebook_Analysis Sierra Club s Top Ten Facebook Tips (plus 5 extra) e-communities/facebook/Default.aspx e-communities/facebook/Default.aspx

14 What is Twitter? Twitter is a free social networking and micro- blogging service 12 million users, 52% over age of 35 Enables users to send and read messages known as tweets Tweets are text-based posts up to 140 characters Displayed on an authors profile and Delivered to authors followers

15 Who is on Twitter KS_SierraClub SierraClubIL SierraClubMN ORSierraClub Sierra_Club Sierra_Magazine SierraClubCA CarlPope SierraClubLive

16 Why Use Twitter? Share action alerts with people who might not otherwise receive them Direct people to your blog, Facebook page, YouTube video, e-newsletter, photo stream, etc Share news articles related to your issue Invite people to events Tweet live from events like public hearings and press conferences to create a buzz

17 Twitter Rules 140 Characters to work with Keep it relevant to your followers interests Create an schedule for your tweets- should post at least once a day Include key words about your organization and issues in your profile description Upload an image to your account

18 Recruiting Followers Use popular key words in each tweet Visit to see which words are most popular in real time Pro: Your post comes up when someone is looking for #globalwarming Con: Depending upon the popularity of the key word, your tweet can get lost in the shuffle Retweet other peoples posts. They will likely start following you after you do this. Follow other people or organizations Include photos and links in your tweets

19 Twitter Best Practices Retweets or RT: Proper netiquette dictates you site your source. Here are three ways to share new information with your followers:

20 Twitter Best Practices Hash (#) Tags Placing # before a key word brings it up in peoples real time searches for a specific topic The more interesting and timely your tweet is, the more likely they will check you out and start following you.

21 Twitter Best Practices Hash (#) Tags… Continued Creating a Buzz in Illinois When EPA held a major clean air hearing in Chicago, volunteers and staff organized to tweet during the hearing, intentionally using #bigpolluters in each post. This created a real time buzz among each persons followers and drew attention to the hearing. Reporters are among their followers.

22 Twitter Best Practices Good Tweet Provides Context; Links to Article; Uses #key word; Exciting! What words will be exchanged? Room for Improvement Tweet No context; Link could be spam

23 Twitter Best Practices Shorten web addresses: allows you to create an account to track who on Twitter is retweeting your post A long web link like =158&mode=view is shortened to and allows you to use more characters to write an interesting post =158&mode=view

24 Convio/Twitter Connection Invite people to follow you on Twitter Ask people to tweet your action alert or event announements Post your event/action on the Sierra_Club account Tweet your own alerts, events, and e- newsletters

25 Twitter Pros and Cons The Pros: Free and easy to use Great for rapid information sharing, can be viral Can help promote web content Great communication tool with local press Authorizing multiple staff/volunteers spreads the workload Can be integrated with Facebook Status Updates #tags are used to create a following and promote a certain topic within the community The Cons: Takes time to learn the lingo and build network Success is dependent on frequent tweeting Does not replace blogs or Facebook pages Horrible fundraising tool Posts have short shelf life

26 Twitter: Getting Started Whats the time commitment? Initial Startup: ½ hour (establishing account, find folks to follow) Learning the system and the lingo (plan to spend a few hours reading some tutorials and reviewing the tweets of others). Maintenance: Tweeting takes only minutes a day, but youll have to train yourself to maintain your account frequently. How do I get Started? Sierra Club Resources _Club_Twitter_Tips _Club_Twitter_Tips

27 Why Use YouTube? Second Largest Search Engine in the World Central place to store your videos Provides html code to embed video on your website or in Convio e-mails Autoshare with Facebook and Twitter Can upload a video or record from a web cam

28 YouTube: Getting Started Create your own channel eature=PlayList&p=0A90FA6500803CE7&playne xt_from=PL eature=PlayList&p=0A90FA6500803CE7&playne xt_from=PL Use popular key words so people find you Upload videos from events, volunteer and staff interviews, etc Videos can be no longer than 10 minutes

29 Sierra Club Channel

30 YouTube: Getting Started Whats the time commitment? Initial Startup: 1 hour (establishing account, creating your channels look) Time required to upload video varies Maintenance: Upload quality videos as frequently as you make them How do I get Started? Sierra Club Resources ame=Sierra_Club_Twitter_Tips ame=Sierra_Club_Twitter_Tips

31 Four Square

32 Four Square 275,00 Members, available in major cities Allows you to find your friends and your friends to find you at events and businesses People check-in by phone Users can leave a comment for their friends Links to Twitter and Facebook account to let friends outside your Four Square network know your location Offers rewards to people who visit the most places or frequent places most often Earn points by checking into a venue Become Mayor by visiting a venue the most often Earn Badges for repeated checkins to a type of location Brunch badge: 4 Saturday / Sunday checkins before 1pm

33 Four Square Uses Post volunteer opportunities and allow people to check in via Four Square Invite people to events Direct people to a local business that may be running a fundraising special for you Direct people to a green local business

34 Four Square Tools Four Squared Guide: Introduction to Four Square based-social-app-foursquare-works-2010-1#when- you-first-boot-up-the-app-you-see-a-list-of-your- friends-and-what-theyre-up-to-1 How to use Four Square for Event Planning practical-guide-to-creating-foursquare-events/ practical-guide-to-creating-foursquare-events/

35 Homework- Beginners Create accounts for the sites you think would be most useful for your work Take some time to explore the site- I recommend Facebook as your launching point Visit the Chapter facebook and twitter accounts to get a sense of how people use these resources Revisit this presentation to find ideas that will advance your campaign

36 Homework- Advanced Create accounts for the additional sites you think would be most useful for your work Take some time to explore the new site Visit Chapter and National Sierra Club featured in presentation for ideas Update your Facebook account and Twitter feeds with alerts, articles, etc Test Four Squared for an event

37 Homework- You Own Social Networking! Create a Social Media Outreach Calendar Example: Illinois Sierra Club Blog: 1 blog post a week, more as needed Facebook: 2 to 3 posts/ week with timely pictures and video (pull from YouTube when available) Twitter: 1 to 3 tweets/day, with at least one interactive link (article, video, action, etc) YouTube: 1 to 2 edited videos/month

38 Social Networking Questions? Marie Bergen- Eastern Region Stacey Kawakami- Central Region Ashley Allison- Chapter Colleen Sarna- Clean Energy Solutions Cara Longpre- Social Networking Guru

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