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Cool Cities Campaign Overview Glen Brand Cool Cities Campaign Director.

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1 Cool Cities Campaign Overview Glen Brand Cool Cities Campaign Director

2 Breaking the GW Impasse Change the national political landscape by building a consensus from the ground up. We can do this by engaging citizens, organizations and local decision-makers, and by demonstrating that clean energy solutions are feasible, fiscally sound, and politically popular.

3 Cool Cities Strategy Phase 1: Building the Grassroots Base Phase 2: Implementing Clean Energy Solutions Phase 3: Forming New Generation of Citizen and Political Leadership Phase 4: Creating Demand for State and National Action

4 What are Cool Cities? Local Communities Making a Commitment to Solve Global Warming Putting Proven Smart Energy Solutions to Work Sierra Clubs major grassroots organizing vehicle on global warming

5 Smart Energy Solutions at Work Cities Are Already Succeeding with Smart Energy Solutions Reducing Global Warming and Air Pollution Cutting Energy Use & Lowering Energy Bills Saving Tax Dollars

6 Local Smart Energy Solutions Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy Green Vehicles Land Use/Transportation

7 Right now, 522 cities from 50 states, representing 66 million people, have committed to the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement (7% below 1990 levels by 2012)

8 Cool Cities Comes in all Sizes and Places From North Pole, AK to Key West Over half (278 cities) are cities with populations under 50k 96 cities with populations under 10k

9 N.E. Leadership 229 cities (43%) in N.E. region states NJ (62) NY (21) MA (19) CT (13) PA (11) ME (9) NH (7) RI (3) VT (1)

10 Major Campaign Accomplishments Over 100 Cities Sign Mayors Agreement Over 150 Active Local Campaigns 50 Cities Implemented Smart Energy Solutions (Energy Efficiency, Cleaner Vehicles, Renewal Power)

11 Partnerships (Unions, LWV, Faith Groups, Businesses, Schools, HFH, USGBC, ICLEI, Climate Group, etc) Cool Cities Activist Trainings Online Community of Cool Activists Recruited Mayors as State/National Advocates

12 Upcoming Cool Cities Projects Major Renovation of Cool Cities website June-July launch Club-Wide Cool Cities Volunteer Mobilization

13 Cool Cities Projects Cool Counties Initiative Mid-July launch at NACO convention in Richmond, King Co. (Seattle), Miami-Dade, Nassau, Alameda, Fairfax and Arlington, Dane and others

14 Cool Cities Projects Comprehensive Mayor Climate Protection Guide Partnership between Sierra Club, ICLEI, U.S. Green Building Council, PG&E, Alameda County and the Cities of Seattle, SF, Denver, Albuquerque, Dallas, KC, Grand Rapids and Portland.

15 Cool Cities Projects Co-hosting June 12 webcast for Local Government Staff Staff presentations on the Climate Action Plans of Kansas City and Keene, NH

16 Cool Cities Projects Mayoral Gatherings in NH, IA, NJ, and WA Organizing Mayor News event at US Conference Mayors June meeting in L.A. More Activist Trainings New Resources about CAPs, Best Practices and Smart Growth/Transportation

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