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Town of Chevy Chase Climate Protection Committee.

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1 Town of Chevy Chase Climate Protection Committee

2 Town Characteristics Affecting GHGs: Overview Nearly all residential: no industry, no commercial 3 institutions: CCES, Leland Center, 4-H Center 4-H Center CCES Leland Center

3 More Town Characteristics 2,726 population (2,758 in 2007) 1,021 homes High household income – high consumption Elected town mayor and supportive council Highly educated and active population Many residents environmentally aware Monthly town newsletter Official town email list with 750 addresses Neighbors email list (approx 250 addresses)

4 Some Actions Taken Distributed CFLs to almost ½ households Sponsored numerous talks on Global Warming and related topics Energized town residents to support State legislation (Clean Cars, Greenhouse Gas Reduction) Surveyed residents on energy use and developed a base assessment Negotiated reduced prices on home energy audits and held a demo audit

5 More Actions Held a hands on weatherstripping workshop Developed a Climate Action Plan (including actions to upgrade and encourage energy efficiency, use of renewables, improved street lighting, walking, biking and car pooling). Held a month long walking challenge to encourage residents to walk more and drive less. Created a Climate Corps of college and high school students to help residents identify places where they can save energy and money through easy behavior changes.

6 Get more information Documents on the site (Chevy Chase Challenge i.e. the plan; a power point on the greenhouse gas assessment; etc) Check it out

7 Step Up to the Challenge Event To demonstrate that our proximity to Bethesda offers many opportunities to substitute walking for driving: for running errands for eating out for entertaining for using mass transit To encourage residents to think of walking for a purpose as part of their exercise program

8 Step Up to the Challenge Activities Kickoff event to brief contestants – included free pedometers; Tour de Bethesda; prize drawing Month long walking – contestants track steps taken, destinations, vehicle miles Ending event with prizes for: – Most steps taken – Most destinations walked to – Most family members participating – Farthest destination – Fewest Vehicle Miles traveled during the month

9 Tasks to develop Step Up Select pedometer Create materials: Info on Chevy Chase Challenge Contest rules Contestant diary Map for Tour de Bethesda Solicit prizes from Bethesda merchants Develop flyer and pass out at town events Phone residents to join the challenge Advertise in newsletter and on list serves Decide on final prizes and purchase them Notify media

10 Step Up Results 82 sign ups 62 show up 35 complete Good Publicity – interest from surrounding communities Good feedback from participants Increasing momentum toward critical mass

11 Gazette Coverage of Kick Off

12 Achievement Diary

13 Earth Day Event

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