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Sierra Club Green Home Webinar for Sierra Club Chapters May 27-28, 2009.

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1 Sierra Club Green Home Webinar for Sierra Club Chapters May 27-28, 2009

2 Background on Sierra Club Green Home Sierra Club Green Home (SCGH) is a distributed destination website designed to educate Americans on how to make their homes more energy efficient, environmentally sustainable and healthy. SCGH helps consumers green their homes, regardless of budget, by providing them access to thousands of Providers offering green products and services vetted for authenticity through the SCGH GreenCheck process. SCGH hopes to encourage consumers throughout the world to embrace sustainable practices using an accessibly green approach. SCGH makes going green accessible for the everyday American. SCGH has actionable education on 125 subject areas related to the home environment, written by Jennifer Roberts and Joan Hamilton. Sierra Club Green Home2

3 Features of Site National Green Provider Database – SCGH GreenCheck offers consumers peace of mind that the companies and brands theyre doing business with are making legitimate and mindful efforts to offer products or services that are more sustainable than what is commonly available. Any Providers listed on that mislead our visitors will be exposed by SCGHs users and promptly removed from the site. Recycling Database (searchable by zip code) Home Health Meter Solar Calculator (provides post-incentive costs by zip code) Carbon Calculator Energy Star house Low Carbon Diet Tool Healthy Paint Tool (Coming Soon) Sierra Club Green Home3

4 SCGH: Considerations for the future – More interactive tools and videos Submission of Green Home videos on chapter level would be helpful – Further development of Green Providers database Would love to spread awareness amongst Sierra Club chapters about the database to get their feedback and input of potential providers. – User-friendly access to incentives, rebates, and tax credits for Home Energy Efficiency and Water Efficiency upgrades, searchable on our site by zip code or city name. Sierra Club Green Home4

5 Benefits of Database of Incentives: Consumer awareness on existing incentives, prompts action to reduce energy and water consumption Platform Format provides clarity for consumer – Accessible paperwork – Avoids scanning government webpages where rebate information is often buried Allows cities to showcase their green initiatives for the home Breadth of quality education and tools centralized with incentives More user-friendly and understandable than Most of all, increasing HOME sustainability for the every man Sierra Club Green Home5

6 Public Outreach SCGH critically acclaimed, continuing to get great press: – See NYT article See NYT article – See Interior Design article See Interior Design article – See Yahoo Finance article See Yahoo Finance article Pursuant to rolling out this database or city platform, big marketing/PR push. SEO campaign to connect key green home words to Sierra Club Green Home site. 6

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