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Persuade Indiana Legislators to Go Green We will begin shortly.

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1 Persuade Indiana Legislators to Go Green We will begin shortly.

2 What we will cover today State Update: What will the Indiana General Assembly propose and enact related to energy and the environment this year? How you may stay informed and influence policy

3 2013 Sierra Club Indiana Legislative Priorities Repeal and/or limitations to states involvement in purchasing generated gas to sell on the open market so as to protect natural gas ratepayers from having to cover any losses Oppose restrictions to customer-owned PV and third party aggregation Protect energy efficiency programs and activities Support proposals that assist renewable energy sources and restrict risky investments in coal and nuclear plants Protect DSM programs and activities which reduce consumer energy demand through various forms of incentives and education Support measures that protect water quality and minimize air emissions from fracking activities Support public referendum for additional transit funding Support initiatives that allow governmental entities and/or commercial property owners to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements using low-interest bonds or other financial instruments Support legislation to protect water quality from nutrient loading, including nitrogen and phosphorus Support legislation that protects water resources availability, management and distribution

4 Inside the Limestone with Rep. Ryan Dvorak Serving sixth term as State Representative for Indianas 8th House District, which covers portions of South Bend, northern St. Joseph County, and northeastern LaPorte County. Serves as Assistant Democratic Leader, and is a member of the Committees on Judiciary, Courts & Criminal Code, Environmental Affairs, and Natural Resources Recognized as the leading legislative expert on renewable energy policy, authoring groundbreaking legislation on net metering, renewable energy standards, and enforcing accountability for utility companies.

5 In Your Statehouse The Long Session January – April Biennial budget (HB 1001) July 2013-June 2015, $30 Billion Supermajorities in both chambers House 69 R – 31 D Senate 37 R – 13 D Nearly half <2 years experience

6 Hot issues Jobs, jobs, jobs Budget – Proposed changes to income tax rates on individuals and businesses, deductions, credits – Federal budget cuts on Indiana Energy – Leucadia coal gasification plant – Utility transmission issues Environment – Water resources

7 Governor Pences Proposed Budget 1 percent funding increase for K-12 education each year, with the second year being tied to performance outcomes of each school district An increase of $6 million over the next two years for teacher excellence grants to increase pay of high performing teachers Fully funded full day kindergarten for all Hoosier children Creation of and investment in Indiana Works Councils to promote workforce development An increase of $35 million for Department of Child Services (DCS) Fully funded Medicaid forecast over the next two years Cuts State income taxes by 10%, phased in over the next two years

8 Energy Leucadia/SNG (SB 480, SB 510, HB 1515) Repeal and/or limitations to states involvement in purchasing generated gas to sell on the open market so as to protect natural gas ratepayers from having to cover any losses Utility Transmission (SB 560) Eliminates regulatory protections for consumers; shifts most costs and risk of operating a monopoly utility company to captive ratepayers and away from voluntary investors; allows utilities to raise rates virtually automatically and further reduces regulatory oversight. If SB 560 become law, monopoly utility profits will become excessive as they will have little incentive to control costs while the more expensive, risky and obsolete technologies will continue to be chosen over cheaper, cleaner and less risky alternatives

9 Transportation Public mass transportation (HB 1011) Applies to 10 counties in central Indiana (Boone, Delaware, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Madison, Marion, Morgan, Shelby); gives local elected officials in those counties the option of letting voters decide via referendum whether to increase the county economic development income tax by up to 0.3 percent and to dedicate those new funds to support a Metropolitan Transit District in the adopting counties.

10 Water Distribution of water resources (HB 1345) Requires DNR to: (1) identify and describe aquifers directly connected to the Wabash River, White River, and Ohio River basins (basins); (2) maintain a data base with the basins' information gathered; (3) submit a status report of the basins' information gathered to the water resources study committee (committee); and (4) develop water conservation measures related to the basins consistent with those measures developed for the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River basin. Requires the committee to: (1) study issues concerning water distribution systems relevant to the basins; and (2) examine and identify measures necessary to develop a plan to create a stable grid linking existing water distribution systems.

11 How you can make a difference Call or Email:, Guest editorials /letters Help find and prepare individuals to testify Attend Third House Sessions Educate your friends and neighbors Map your relationships (Kevin Bacon style) Promote and interact at every opportunity

12 Non-Profit Range of Activities 12 Advocacy includes the range of activities used in order to influence legislation, administrative rules or policies. Monitoring Coalition work Education Grassroots organizing Direct lobbying Watch bills Lend organization name to coalition Hold forums Mobilize stakeholders and clients Contact Legislators, Agencies and Governor

13 Getting started Learn the basics about advocacy Understand the connection between programs and public policies Non-profits should Identify key board and committee volunteers who are willing to help advocate Sign a letter to the editor / guest column or be interviewed by the media Attend meetings with you

14 Referenced Websites Indiana General Assembly Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter

15 Helpful Websites - The Library of Congress – U.S. Senate – U.S. House of Representatives - Indiana Lobby Registration Commission - Executive Branch Lobbying – The Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest – Alliance for Justice – Independent Sector look up IRS Nonprofit Charity Division – Click on Public Policy and Updates – Watch for upcoming trainings in your region

16 Contact info Sierra Club Legislative Issues Grant Smith Chair, Legislative Committee David Maidenberg Director, Hoosier Chapter 1100 W 42nd Street, Suite #140 Indianapolis IN 46208 (317) 822-3750 \\ Mark St. John Principal St. John & Associates 317-684.0684 office 317-847.5452 mobile

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