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Welcome to the Living Healthy 2009 Fall Retreat. Welcome and Introductions Review Packet Overview of Program YTD Evaluations and Whats New Other Evidence-Based.

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1 Welcome to the Living Healthy 2009 Fall Retreat

2 Welcome and Introductions Review Packet Overview of Program YTD Evaluations and Whats New Other Evidence-Based Initiatives FY10 Goals Fidelity Brainstorm with Debi Lunch Questions and Answers Closing

3 Third and final grant year 25 workshops YTD 297 total participants Average 11-12 participants per class 6 Master Trainers 39 Leaders All 9 counties in region represented Early Spring leader training TBA

4 Held at a wide variety of sites such as churches, congregate nutrition sites, senior centers, community/civic or recreation centers, retirement communities (CCRC) None held yet at an assisted living facility, college, hospital or medical center, Parks and Rec, workplace Scheduled for: Myers Park Clinic

5 Overwhelmingly positive with approximately 95% rating the class a 4 or 5 in all categories No complaints about the length of the class Leaders get high praise! 99% would recommend the class to a friend or family member

6 Lowest ratings regarding location or site Room wasnt comfortable or conducive to the class success Noise level and distractions Many stated that their health didnt always let them complete all the sessions

7 This healthy living class has made changes in my life. The instructors were very information and helpful They were very caring about all of our problems. I know now that I am not the only one with problems. I look at things differently now… Very well presented and well research.


9 Master Trainers Next Leader Certification Early Spring 2010 Title III-D Health Promotion Disease Prevention Funds 35% NC EBHP requirement Brochures Two WOM Cards New NC Forms – Sign In Sheet and PIF Form Agency Agreement DSMP

10 EBP stands for evidence-based program EBHP stands for evidence-based health programs Proven effective in helping older adults reduce their risk of chronic disease and disability Based upon rigorously conducted research (randomized trial) and published Develop and tested with older adults Replicable in community-based settings

11 The health and well-being of older adults will be improved only if we work from a broad perspective. Comprehensive planning and partnerships at all levels are required. Harassing individuals about their bad habits has very little impact. Changes at the individual level will come with improvements at the organizational, community and policy levels.

12 Diabetes Self-Management Program (DSMP) Required a new license and newly certified Master Trainers Developed at Stanford University and follows the same format as CDSMP About 50-60% new content specific to diabetes Same book and CD but mostly new charts Cross training for CDSMP leaders complete in 1-2 days

13 What we know about diabetes……. In 2008, North Carolina ranked 17th highest for adult diabetes prevalence among all states in the U.S. An estimated 643,000 North Carolinians or 9.3% had diagnosed diabetes in 2008. Another 232,000 were estimated to have undiagnosed diabetes. There were an estimated 376,000 adults with pre-diabetes in the state. Altogether, an estimated 1.25 million adults in North Carolina had some form of hyperglycemia (high blood sugar levels) in 2008.

14 A Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns About Falls License 2 Master Trainers Includes data analysis and reports twice yearly Leaders called coaches Inexpensive

15 What we know about falls… 1/2 to 2/3 of falls occur around the home A majority of falls occur during routine activities Falls usually arent caused by just one issue. Its a combination of things coming together. A large portion of falls are preventable!

16 Designed to reduce the fear of falling and increase the activity levels of older adults who have concerns about falls. Relies heavily on cognitive restructuring which turns negative thoughts into positive thoughts, defines barriers or obstacles and identifies strategies to over come them Designed to benefit community-dwelling older adults who are concerned about falls, have sustained a fall in the past and who may be restricting activities because of concerns about falling. They should be interested in improving flexibility, balance and strength and are 60 or older, ambulatory and able to problem-solve.

17 During 8 two-hour classes taught by two coaches, participants learn: To view falls and fear of falling as controllable To set realistic goals for increasing activity To change their environment to reduce fall risk factors To promote exercise and to increase strength and balance

18 Arthritis Foundation AFEP – Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program specifically for people with arthritis and is taught by trained leader Arthritis Foundation Aquatics Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi For more information contact the Arthritis Foundation at Local contact: Arthritis Foundation, Carolinas Chapter Phone: 704-529-5166 or 1-800-883-8806

19 Fit and Strong A multiple component physical activity and behavior change intervention that meets for one and a half hours three times per week for eight weeks (24 sessions total) for older adults with lower extremity osteoarthritis. Instructor is a Certified Exercise Instructor (e.g., ACSM, ACE, YMCA, etc.) Equipment costs

20 Enhance Wellness Enhance Fitness Active Choices Active Living Everyday Strong for Life Wise Women Healthy IDEAS – Depression PEARLS - Prevention and Management of Alcohol Problems in Older Adults

21 Another Leader class in early Spring 2010 DSMP Cross training class by Summer 2010 Representation in each county for both classes and leaders Maintain fidelity of program including class visits Sustainability after the grant Reach underserved and unique areas

22 Participant Recruitment Handling Difficult Situations Program Sustainability

23 Fidelity is part of implementation Fidelity is being faithful to the elements of the program, in the way that it was intended to be delivered by maintaining the essential core components of the program and delivering the program consistently across leaders and sites

24 Program success and results rely on the ability to provide a consistent, quality product Will be conducting workshop fidelity visits Review leader Job Description Review MOA No adaptations and no exceptions – call if you have a question.

25 TEACH by the manual! TEACH regularly to maintain your skills and keep up with supplemental training to increase mastery of the material Crowd control means EVERYONE in the workshop benefits


27 Any questions? Whats working well? Whats working not so well? What do you need?

28 Thanks for being here today and for all you have done to make the Living healthy program such a big success!

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