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Ecma/TC46/2009/063 Ecma/GA/2009/091 Ecma TC46 – Open XML Paper Specification (OpenXPS) Ann McCarthy – Lexmark International, Inc., TC46 Chair Fumihito.

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1 Ecma/TC46/2009/063 Ecma/GA/2009/091 Ecma TC46 – Open XML Paper Specification (OpenXPS) Ann McCarthy – Lexmark International, Inc., TC46 Chair Fumihito Akiyama – Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc., TC46 Vice Chair Ecma General Assembly – Budapest – 16 th June, 2009

2 Industry TrendsIndustry Trends TC46 ObjectivesTC46 Objectives TC46 AccomplishmentsTC46 Accomplishments Overview of OpenXPSOverview of OpenXPS Agenda

3 Increasingly complex documents Documents are assembled from multiple applications Digital colour components rely on multi-vendor system-wide colour fidelity Blended overlaid content layers (transparency / alpha blending) Print related costs are significant for Fortune 500 Benefit from an efficient bridge between electronic form and paper – a simple enough to validate, complete enough as both an electronic record and paper Peripherals becoming more intelligent Participate on networks without a host Hardware costs drive the need for an efficient print format Increasing use of 3D in displays, printing, document exchange Standardized 3D object format is available to be included in electronic paper format Industry Trends

4 Document Life Cycle Authoring Distribution Either or both Writing & Editing Archiving Approvals Output & Distribution Review & Comments Concept & Design The distinct needs of the authoring & distribution stages

5 Document Life Cycle Requirements Authoring document formats Information content is the primary value Full editability and round-trip capability must be retained Document format intimately tied to document usage to maximise retention of semantics Often advantageous to allow re-flow for reading devices with different form factors, e.g., computer screens, mobile devices and printed output Distribution document formats Information content and appearance are both valuable Appearance must often be guaranteed between screen and printed views Confidence in fidelity and trustworthiness is more important than editability Document format not tied to semantics, allowing broader application in more use cases Format should be self-contained

6 Using XML for file formats … Simplifies low-level file creation and reading A wide variety of tool-sets are available Increases choice of applications because of lower cost of entry for vendors Increases robustness Schema validation allows more frequent and more complete testing of created files Allows easy diagnosis of faults in document workflows Schema validation can be enhanced by grammar-specific test tools Enables cross-application functionality XML is now widely used in information transfer XSL-T (and other tools) can be used to translate between different grammars Data can therefore be extracted or inserted into XML documents Standardising XML grammars moves innovation to user- visible issues Differentiation no longer focused on file format handling, but on real user benefits in application functionality

7 TC46 Objectives Program of work addressing the industry trends: 1. Produce a standard for an XML-based electronic paper format and XML- based page description language based on existing implementations of the format called the XML Paper Specification, including: Produce a fully documented and unambiguous standard for an XML- based electronic paper format and page description language Produce appropriate W3C XML Schemas to enable automatic verification of files written to the standard 2. Assume responsibility for the ongoing maintenance and evolution of the OpenXPS Ecma International Standard 3.Develop standards while keeping compatibility with applications, devices, tools and platforms implementations based on prior XML Paper Specifications in mind 4.Evaluate and consider proposals for complementary or related additional technologies 5.Establish and maintain liaisons with other Ecma TCs and with other Standards Setting Organizations (SSOs) as appropriate to facilitate and promulgate the work of the TC 6. Evaluate and consider contributing the Ecma standard to an ISO and/or IEC TC for approval and adoption

8 TC46 Terms of Reference Scope: The goal of the Technical Committee is to produce a formal standard for an XML-based electronic paper format and XML-based page description language which is consistent with existing implementations of the format called the XML Paper Specification (XPS) The Technical Committee will use the format called the XML Paper Specification (XPS) as a starting point with the aim to provide a standard, secure, and highly trustworthy format that enables a wide set of applications, devices, tools and platforms to implement compatible paginated-document workflows An additional goal will be to enable the interoperability of independently created software and hardware systems that produce, consume or otherwise process OpenXPS content The Technical Committee will be responsible for the ongoing maintenance and evolution of the standard

9 Martin Bailey – Global Graphics, TC46 Chair June 2007 – March 2009 Takashi Hashizume – Fuji Xerox, TC46 Vice Chair June 2007 – March 2009 TC46 OpenXPS Contributors Autodesk, Inc Brother Industries, Ltd Canon, Inc Ecma International Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. Global Graphics Software Ltd Hewlett Packard Company Konica Minolta Business Technologies Lexmark International, Inc Microsoft Corporation Monotype Imaging Océ Technologies B.V. Pagemark Technology, Inc. Panasonic Communications QualityLogic, Inc Ricoh Company, Ltd Software Imaging Ltd Toshiba TEC Corporation Xerox Corporation Zoran Corporation

10 TC46 Accomplishments Open development process with feedback channel, published drafts, and liaisons Remain consistent with the Scope and Terms of Reference of TC46 (tc46-2007-015.ppt) Liaison relationships ISO/IEC JTC1 SC29, SC28, SC34 Ecma TC45 ISO TC130, TC171 International Color Consortium (ICC) ITU-T Study Group 16 Work process statistics 24 months >450 pages 21 contributing companies ~30 meetings of TC46 and ad hoc subcommittees, 8 of those face-to-face 231 total issues addressed, 180 of those technical ~130 committee documents ~300MB email Published the Ecma JFIF Technical Report as TC46/2009/044


12 Overview of OpenXPS A standard for a document & print-stream format Bridges electronic and physical paper Addresses scanning, sharing, publication, printing & archiving phases of document lifecycle Accurately represents the physical page Content doesnt change Layout is fixed Format contains all resources Trustworthy by design Simple implementation Platform independent

13 OpenXPS Addresses Industry Trends TrendKey OpenXPS Features Increasingly complex documents assembled from diverse applications Complete graphics model, defined colour, clarified for consistent rendering Increasing financial and environmental costs of unmanaged printing Bridge between physical and electronic paper supports workflows that use streaming More intelligent document peripherals are moving to become 1 st class citizens in a document workflow A format that enables rich document handling efficiently without requiring programmatic resources Increasing use of 3D models and 3D prototyping, expanding the need for an electronic format to physical output bridge from 2D to 3D Optional extension for 3D content uses X3D Specification Web3D, streamable and XML based, conforming to the X3D Interoperability conformance level: ISO/IEC FCD 19775-1r1:200x, ISO/IEC 19776-1:2005, or ISO/IEC 19776-3:2007

14 OpenXPS is based on a number of other standard (de facto or de jure) technologies: Open Packaging Conventions & Markup Compatibility (ECMA-376) ZIP (Physical Package as defined in OPC) Simplifies aggregation of XML and binary content OpenType and Unicode Open Font Format (ISO/IEC 14496-22:2007) The Unicode Standard, Version 4.0 Unicode Character Database, Revision 4.0.0 International Color Consortium (ICC) colour profiles Colour transform data format, ICC.1:2001-04, ISO 15076-1 Standardized colour encodings IEC 61966-2-1, IEC 61966-2-2 TIFF, PNG, JPEG Widely used image formats, supporting a variety of colour spaces, bit depths and compression algorithms (lossless and lossy) JPEG XR Standardized in ITU-T Rec. T.832 and ISO/IEC 29199-2 OpenXPS is Based on Standards

15 OpenXPS Implementation Benefits Defined for trustworthy document communication and high fidelity reproduction Validation against defined XML schema (no DTD) Non-programmatic No subsetting (one format, not a family of formats with different requirements subsets (profiles)) Feature set limited to electronic paper (2D and 3D) Rely on pre-existing standards and broadly-based specifications Developers can utilize hardened codec Workflow interoperability support Clear delineation of producer and consumer responsibilities Enables both streaming and random access Widely used image formats, supporting a variety of defined colour spaces, bit depths and compression algorithms (lossless and lossy) Intentionally IP royalty free, OpenXPS trademarked by Ecma Easy progression from existing XPS implementations XPS and OpenXPS content can be easily distinguished Existing XPS consuming implementations can be updated to support OpenXPS content with only minor modifications

16 Minimal Incremental Development Tool Costs OpenXPS use of standard components enables use of a broad range of existing tools, including open source: XML ZIP OpenType/Open Font Format fonts ICC colour management TIFF, PNG, JPEG Tools written chiefly in C, C++ and/or Java Minimal cross-platform portability issues Tools for OPC rapidly emerging Developers supporting ECMA-376

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